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a hotdadchatroom performance

enter hot dad named greg’s funeral.

all of his fellow hot dads attend.

hot dad daniel is standing in front of the casket, silently mourning.

his good friend, hot dad jerry approaches him.

a hot dad named jerry: it’s such a shame that greg passed away so young. he had so much he still wanted to do. may his soul rest easy in heaven.

a hot dad named daniel: it was all my fault. i could’ve of stopped him, i was right there. but i just wasn’t hot enough.

hot dad daniel sheds a single tear, the tear hits the casket, splattering all over.

hot dad jerry: it’s not your fault, you are as hot as you could be. there was nothing any of us could do. he wanted you to see it after all, maybe there is something else to this that you aren’t seeing.

hot dad daniel turns sharply to face hot dad jerry, he begins to stare at him directly in the eye, visibly upset.

hot dad daniel: greg would never do something of the sort. something was very wrong that day and you know it.

hot dad daniel begins to raise his voice. the fellow hot dads conversating around them all stop to turn. the entire room is silent, expect for daniel.

hot dad daniel: every night i lay in bed with his final words reciting in my mind constantly. i have nightmares where i proceed to “watch him go”. greg was my best friend, and to see him die right in front of my eyes, broke me to pieces. he would know it would hurt me. he wouldn’t hurt me. he would never.

hot dad daniel begins to scream at the top of his lungs. as he speaks, he cries intensely. he has lost all restraint of his own emotions.

hot dad daniel: you don’t know greg. you don’t fucking know him the way i do. i’ve known him my whole life. he saved my life back in afghanistan. i love that man like he was my brother. you could never even fathom how impactful he was to my life. i would be dead if it wasn’t for him. he wouldn’t do this to me. he wouldn’t. he is still out there i feel it. i feel him. he’s there.

hot dad jerry becomes confused and scared as he slowly backs away from daniel as he pours his emotions out. daniel is crying on the floor, spouting the phrase “he’s alive”, “i feel him”, “he feels me”. he begins to be carried out the building by staff.

the entire room is mortified by the events that just happened. they begin to gossip about what could of caused that whole ordeal.

a distinct creak echoes through the room.

a hot dad named greg: shit i overslept.

to be continued?

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🎶He’s a ride or die, I’ll ride his face forever.
Flip me over, I like all types of pressure.🎶
I saw @emilycalderone do this backflip/handstand thing and I wanted to try it. It’s not great yet, but it’s a starting point🤷🏻‍♀️
🎼: No Brainer - @ashnikko
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Look when @todrick and @tiffanyhaddish tell you to shake your ass, you just do it, okay. I don’t make the rules🤷🏻‍♀️
🎼: Dripeesha - @todrick & @tiffanyhaddish
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