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Die des Aquarell- Schmetterling macht sich auch gut als Zifferblatt

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Meet Merel, our Creative Director ! ''My journey started 13 years ago as a young social designer w/a passion for cross-cultural exchange & designing experiences for learning. I'm passionate about spreading the word to make & more inclusive.''

Green veined white butterfly is one of the earliest in my garden in spring and likes visiting Alliums.

拎 More today. I happen to be at the lab at . These are some few-hours old Zebra caterpillars ( charitonius)

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❚❙ 💖 Wenzi x Jade💖❙❚

I was inspired in draw some of the ships that I have in Hazbin Hotel fandom and first we have this! >:D (However I’m planning in draw a ship of Batim fandom sooo muahahah >u>  👌💖💕)

I tried to use a kind of…. comic style?) :7 Idk xd but I like the result uwu maybe I will use it in future comic pages in color >83 

Wenzi by @snowy-secret129 UvU  👌💖 consider it one of your birthday gifts  7U7 because I thought in post them one by one or my blog will be empty XD

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