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I've just been out to get the towels off line to find this fluttering about in the security light. Pretty sure Painted lady overnighting in garden phone camera so colour balance is 😯

At least 15 monarch caterpillars chowing down on my milkweed. I may not have enough milkweed! In the wide shot the plant they are on is bottom middle... with 15 it’s likely every green leaf you see will be gone within about a couple weeks.

Walking at the beach and something magical and beautiful happened we stopped and watched as 3 blue/lilac butterflies danced at our feet. Sometimes nature is so perfect. Maybe even a little message sent from above that all will be alright! 🦋

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Gynandromorph No.2 - 8x8" acrylic on canvas... I think these special male/female butterflies are going to be permanent part of my art practice.

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[8/7/19] Scarlet Mormon Butterfly (M), Papilio deiphobus rumanzovia.

One of my favorite tropical butterflies I saw on my trip.

Maybe a year or two ago I was in Germany. We played some songs and stuff with the orchestra and my friends and I sang in German, something about a butterfly. It was the last day there and I was pretty tired. We have just preformed our song and I was sitting with audience, and this woman walked up to me, probably expecting me to talk fluent in German. She asked me something which I can not remember. I had to let her know I did not talk German. So in a bad accent I said

‘I don’t speak’ after she walked away a bit confused I realised what I had said. I knew I could have said ’I don’t speak German’ but did I!? NO. I have to act like a fool about with people

Thank u for reading this mess

Butterfly Kismet

        Morning of March 1, 2004. Monday.

        Dream #: 13,587-05. Reading time: 20 sec.


        I attempt to read handwriting that looks like poetry on a brick wall, but it does not seem to form specific words. I eventually decide to phase through the wall.

        The setting becomes the dining room of the Loomis Street house. Marilyn (half-sister on my mother’s side) seems to be playing Kismet (the commercial dice game) on her own. However, I integrate into the scene. A young Zsuzsanna appears. She has big butterfly wings. Marilyn faces north, and I sit across from her. Zsuzsanna faces west.