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Rumor is that even with the recent departures in the offense at Alabama Butch appears to be there to stay for now. Could you see Butch as an OC for Bama?

a meditation on being butch. uncensored version is on my insta and tumblr (dunno what twitter thinks of boobs :P)

Thicc pillow bout to get fucked

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and Ok here goes lol because everyone else is doing it. THE "HOW HARD DID AGING HIT YOU" CHALLENGE 🙌 upload your ‘first’ ever profile pic and your most recent profile right next to it 👇How much have you changed? 2016-2018

Let’s start off with some 18th century slang to tickle your tastebuds 💪🏼

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He was just there to tell Trevor not all VOLS are like the idiot that caused him to de-commit. Who also was dumb enough to to call the fake field goal! 🏈

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Please show upset. Please show Butch upset. Please show Butch upset.

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Chilling in my Bloodborne hoodie 🖤

The circle of my life:

me: lives a calm closeted life -> me: cuts my hair short and starts dressing very butch -> me: surprise I’m gay :) -> people: no way :o -> me: changes environments, gets a couple new friends maybe, graduates school or gets a new job or something -> me: gets bored, grows my hair out, starts wearing women’s section clothes again -> me: goes through a weird phase like putting my hair in a bun that makes me look like a good christian girl or only wearing maxi skirts for two weeks -> me: lives a calm semi closeted life again -> me: gets bored again, cuts my hair off short, only wears men’s button ups -> me: surprise I’m still gay :) -> people: no way :o

i made the mistake of only taking one picture of myself when we went out last night and honestly that’s tragic because i looked bomb as fuck so y’all are getting the original and the filtered version which i personally think i look arguably even hotter in so you’re welcome

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4, 13, and 15, for that oc ask ❤ any oc cause I want to hear about them all

Emilia Atwood

4. In developing their backstory, what elements of the world they live in played the most influential parts? 

Emilia is a very naive and sweet girl, the wasteland is the opposite which is why I wanted her to stay obnoxiously sweet and innocent girl despite the world around her being the opposite, she’s meant to be the opposite of the wasteland thats all

13. How far past the canon events that take place in their world have you extended their story, if at all? 

I’ve got it developed a couple months past the main canon events of fo3 after project purity is started, Emilia, Butch, and Jericho live in Megaton which is mostly just Jericho babysitting the dumbasses

15. What is something about your OC can make you laugh?

She’s super naive and very gullible so the fact that she travels around with Jericho, a money driven old raider who ends up becoming more of an uncle traveling with his five year old neice he got stuck with, is fuckin hilarious to me. Butch joins the two and now Jericho has two dumbass children he’s stuck with.

Chad and Skips belongs to my friend @palettepainter

“You two are the biggest f*cking idiots I’ve ever met.”

The air was tense as the other two figures watched the demon work. It was quite complicated to follow if you didn’t pay enough attention to what he was doing and how fast his four arms could really move. He was used to it by now though. This wasn’t his first time coming to Salutis for emergency help and it certainly won’t be the last. By now he had gotten the hang of watching his mold and bend ink to his will. His college on the other hand seemed a bit….‘new’ to this sort of thing.

The mink demon just casually stood behind the smaller toon and watched what he could with his one good eye. “Hey! Ya win some, ya lose a few hundred. Hahahaha….ow.” He winced slightly due to his body’s condition.

He scoffed. “You two seem to be the ones that lost it.” He quickly looked up to the spider leaning against the wall before back at the sketch paper on the wheeled table. He seemed to be calculating a thought. “….I’ll need to make it longer.”

“Hey, Doc….I don’t wanna be pushy or nuthin’, but I’m pretty sure my shoulder isn’t supposed ta be lower than my ribs-”

He jumped when the demon’s head did a 180 and completely twisted around to glare at him while his body continued to construct what he assumed to be a leg for his friend. He wasn’t exactly used too seeing someone’s head floating above their body.

“Butch’s wounds-,” he spat, “-are worse than yours and needs to be dealt with first. Not to mention it’s YOUR fault that I had to deal with so many patients today!”

“Hey! No one at the bar was killed.”

He snorted before twisting back around to his relief. The head thing was starting to get weird.

“No, but they could have. You did something so stupid and now you have to pay for it.”

The ink which was previously like liquid puddy was now beginning to look like the leg sketched on the paper. He watched as the one Butch introduced as Salutis Angel pushed the wheeled table aside with a squeak and went to kneel by said spider. If he had to be honest,….he did feel a bit bad about the whole incident. It had been a pretty rough day, nothing a stiff drink couldn’t handle…


There had been a 'slight’ problem.

“Oh, c'mon. My credibility was on the line, All I did was call up the guys for a quick job-”

“AND because of that the both of you were targeted.”

“I took those f*ckers with me though.~” He smirked remembering the look of terror on the ones responsible for the whole mess before they…..'checked out early.’

Salutis barked a laugh. “Yes, but that was AFTER those bombs of D.I.P went off. You’re lucky no one was seriously injured besides you two…..Or worse, Chad. I can heal, but I can’t revive the dead…..This may hurt.”

Salitis carefully began to fuse the molded leg onto the stub on Butch’s side where his old leg used to be.  It made a gooey crumpling gravel sound that made him want to cringe. Butch hissed which indicated it must’ve hurt.

It…..maaaaybe had been his fault. Though it wasn’t entirely. The d*m idiot owed him money. How was he supposed to know his father was the leader of an illegal ink smuggling joint?! How was he supposed to know the gang would be targeted?! He had to call someone because…well…He may have bitten off more than he could chew when he confronted the guy outside his home. And he may have been responsible for the explosions of DIP rigged up at the Cabaret and studios……But, hey! The Gang weren’t hurt at all and most of the toons that DID get hit only suffered minor burns the doc here quickly fixed up. Minus Butch and himself. Butch had been the one to discover the bomb under the showgirls stage and taken the full blast. Suffering some missing limbs, a broken leg, and a chunk off his back….but he was alive and soon’ll be fixed. He himself wasn’t expecting the blast at the studios (causing his missing eye and tail. As well as a dislocated shoulder and broken arm) and needless to say…

He. Was. P*SSED!!

And not because they attacked him. ( ok. maybe a little because of that.) but because the guys were targeted. If those a$$holes had a problem with him, then fine. Come fight. But DON’T drag his fam-….uh…Pals into it. These guys learnt the hard way that the Butcher Gang’s son-….member wasn’t one to be played with. Unfortunately, because of their shady reputation, he had to lay low for a while. Luckily, Butch knew a good demon doc that healed the gang up regularly when 'business’ went bad. The two had to speak out at night and move slowly to avoid any fuzz (and because of how badly Butch’s wounds were). The doc was pretty cranky to be woken up just to tend to them, but bandaged what he could until he could fix them later after the more severe ones were dealt with. He reminded Chad a lot of Angela. Except for the weird no neck floating head thing.

“Calm down, Doc. Jeez.”

“Hmph….Alright. Your leg’s all fixed. Try standing on it.”

Butch gave a glance to his newly attatched ler before he slowly leaned himself off the wall with a hiss. The new limb ended up supporting him to where he could finally ease weight off his broken leg. Salutis watching.

“How does it feel?”

“….Like my old leg n’ foot.” He turned his face sideways to take another breath of the cigar he held. Normally Salutis wouldn’t allow smoking in his clinic….but toons weren’t affected by it and Butch needed something to calm him down.

“Can you move everything?”

“….This ain’t the first time I needed a new body part.”

The demon narrowed his green eyes before standing. “I’d give you both new brains if I could. If anyone found out I’ve been helping idiot criminals-”

“Yeah, yeah.” He was starting to get annoyed at being called an idiot.

“I’m giving you both one h*ll of a bill, and I expect to be paid.” He turned and pulled the table back over to him. “I have better things to do than worry about being wakened up to deal with your sorry a$$es. I’ve already had your gang and his girlfriend-” He nodded behind him at Butch. “-call me multiple times after you two vanished. What am I supposed to tell them?!”

“Chill, will ya? It’s not like anyone got badly hurt besides us.”

Salutis froze before looking up at him with a weird look.

“…..What?” He arched a brow.

“You….really don’t know?”

“…..Know what, Doc?” He narrowed his remaining eye at him. “Are you not tellin’ me something?”

A moment of silence passed as the two demons starred at each other. Butch glanced between the two uneasy.

Salutis sighed before saying, “ Your friend was brought in with severe burns from the blast at the studios. She’s fully healed now…but she asked about you and her family.”

Chad remained frozen as he stared at the slightly smaller demon. Salutis rose a brow and turned to give Butch a look (which he only shrugged at) before looking back at him.

“You alri-?”

“Where is she, Doc?” A look of mild panic and…..fear? passed over him. “Where’s Skips?”

Salutis blinked but looked down at his work table. “In one of the upstairs rooms with Darling. I decided to keep her over night just in case. They don’t know you’re here, but I assumed you knew about her already since you both were at the same place, but I guess you were in a hurry to kill-Hey! Where do you think you’re going?”

One of his hands shot out and latched onto Chad when the mink demon gave a sudden turn around towards the door. He yelped in pain when he grabbed his dislocated shoulder and yanked him back towards the table. Chad turned his head to glare at the demon.

“I’M goin’ to see my friend. Let the f*ck go of me!” He pulled but Salutis only added another hand to his grip.

“And risk getting yourself arrested? I don’t think so. You’re still wanted for questioning by police. Someone could be watching for you. Not to mention your wounds still need to be healed.”

“Then pop the d*m thing back! I NEED to see her, Doc!”

“So you can see what your stupidity cost her?!” He jabbed a finger into his back pointing. “I heard a lot about you and all the sh*t you cause, but this takes the cake! You don’t seem to realize what COULD have happened and instead focused on what DIDN’T,” he growled through clenched fangs.

Chad stared at him but didn’t say anything.

“ Do you realize that if Butch had been just a few inches closer the blast could’ve taken off his head?! I can’t replace a head. Now shut up and-”

“And here I thought some Angel in ya.”

His head did another 180 twist to stare at the smirking spider behind them. “I do. Where do you think I got this halo from?”

Butch pointed his cigar at them. “Then give the guy a break. He f*cked up alight. But we all did some stupid sh*t. Let the a$$ go see his little lady. I’m sure he got some time before I’m done…..Unless of course you’re cold hearted.”

Salutis groaned before flipping back to Chad. “Fine, but I want you back here so I can finish. And I’m not letting you leave until I fix that shoulder.”

“Then what are ya waitin’ for? Let’s do it!”

He gave off a snort at that, but carefully placed his hands in the correct position. “Brace yourself”, was the only warning he got before he snapped up and pushed his shoulder back in one quick motion. Chad yelped but didn’t pull away until he let go, and slowly rotated his shoulder to numb the dull soreness coming from it.

“There. Now go and mind the windows. I don’t want to have to explain why I’m helping the prime suspect of a gang attack in the middle of the night.”

He smiled one sided before turning and walking towards the door. “Thanks, Doc,” he said as he opened it, “And don’t worry about it. I’m-” He smacked into the wall on the side where his eye was missing. Cursing at it before slamming the door behind him.

Salutis sighed before shaking his head. “I swear you mafia idiots will be the death of me.”

“Eh. You shouldn’t worry about him. He’s just worried about his ladyfriend.”

“Yes, but I don’t know about one thing.”

Butch cocked his head. “What?”

“Should I feel more sorry for him…..or the poor girl who has to deal with his crazy a$$.”

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I’m a femme lesbian, and 95% of the time I’m only comfortable “receiving” during sex. My partner is butch, and she’s only comfortable “giving” during sex 95% of the time. Occasionally when we both feel comfortable with it I will finger her or eat her out, but generally it’s not something I’m comfortable with. I feel like this is because I’m femme, and it’s part of my experience as a femme. I’m wondering if I can identify as a stone femme even though I’m comfortable giving occasionally?

Stone femme is when you are only comfortabele giving, so your partner would be stone, but you aren’t. The expression for someone who prefers (or only likes) recieving is either pillow princess or bottom. Other words for stone that your gf can use id touch-me-not or top. 

-mod liz