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Cassidy e o Kid Roy Hill, 1969 - Um western elegante e conscientemente inspirado pelas aventuras vida real dos fora-da-lei despreocupados, emparelhando# Redford e seu amigo Newman com perfeição. # #.theguardian#

To celebrate (International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia) let us fill the T with our gorgeous pictures. Remember the L

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#1943 Fg Off H '' and Sgt W , #410 carried out a night sortie to the Sea area. During the mission they attacked five locomotives and eleven freight cars.

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HARD HAT TOUR! Had to butch it up today for my tour of a new shopping and event venue in Connecticut!

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Found this stone on gumtree for £60 (I think it's a bargain) and gonna build a wall in front of the trellis, fill the cavity with soil and lots of plants and climbers. Then hopefully my honeysuckle will shine!! 💪🏼🌱

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About to head to a freelance art gig. 90% of my supplies are in a Spider-Man lunch box and a different Spider-Man travel bag. Hoo boy happy SATURDAY.

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Think I have the hots for myself as a man.... is that a syndrome?

I made for a pile of that I was designing based on . Probs not going to continue. The Rose lass is my bae.

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Comics day

Got a little catching up to do: queer creators, queer characters, and strong women. That’s what I require. Life’s too short to read about heteros and make protagonists.

Hey @staff

Remember to include lesbians and one of our flags in this years pride post! Last time you posted one you didnt include lesbians! Stop being lesbophobic. Lets see, we have the poly flag, a sexuality that often gets confused with pan, but we don’t have the lesbian flag?! This dyke is pissed. Stop with the lesbian erasure!

This guy behind my friend and I was making all these comments about how his friend was disgusting for coming out as gay

So I naturally turned to my friend and said loudly, “ya know, all homophobes are just secretly gay”

The look on his face was priceless

i was at victoria secret today because i had a free panty coupon up to 18.50 and i asked where they were located and she said “they’re the super sexy ones.” and i legit said “i have no human concept of sexy,, most the time i forget i have a physical form.” and she looked at me like “😦”,,,,,,….., ,,, i left

When people speak admiringly of a butch, what I see is someone who has taken on the best gendered characteristics of both woman and man, left a lot of the stuff born of misogyny and heterosexism behind, and walked forward into the world without apology.

S Bear Bergman, Butch is a Noun