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When you’re having a butch day, you go to ikea with your other friends who are feeling butch and improve your homes.

Hot off the press! It's the revised edition of the Butch Lesbians of the 50s, 60s, and 70s Coloring Book from . We adore the brand spankin' new design. Read about your butch as you tenderly color her.

Have I mentioned I'm now the proud owner of a very queer and slightly nsfw ig? Coz I am 🤗 find me with the same name as here~ Also have more with random alien gal~

Happy day 16!! Today’s flag is the butch lesbian flag. (Hi I’m Anna and idk how to look butch esp for this look but oh well she kinda tried).

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If your way of showing appreciation for butches (specifically butches of color) is to go, “step on me! Punch me! Beat me up!” Etc…..i hope u realize how ugly that sounds… ur automatically associating butch women with violence and I really shouldn’t have to make a post stating why that’s gross but this website is a mess

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1, 11, 17, 22!

1: if u want to understand me, read Secrets of the Jedi (I KNOW) and Stone Butch Blues, watch the Between Butches panel from the lesbian herstory archives, and listen to I Wanna Be Free and Oh Glory by panic!

11: my ideal day is waking up with the wifey, having some form of rice for all three meals, and lots of snuggling and cheesy dancing and probably going to a drag show

17: I think my tumblr is more angry and aggressive and ~mature~ than me tbh. i’m goofy, always performing or showing off in some way, and the type of butch who’s always like is that a little old lady??? NEW BEST FRIEND! like i come off more stoic and traumatized than I am I think

22: the things I do the most in order besides school would probably be watching law and order or b99, some kind of writing/practicing/performing pieces, tumblr, some ridiculous dancing/climbing/jumping bullshit, and singing

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Sori et tää tulee suomeks! Mutta siis, mikä on sun mielipide sanasta "rekkalesbo" koska ite tunnen sen loukkaavana, ja siinä tarkotuksessa sitä yleensä käytetään, mutta kuitenkaan meillä ei oo oikeen mitään sanaa ihmisille jotka on niinku "butch" tai siis niistä puhutaan yleensä sitte rekkalesboina...ja sitte ku niistä puhutaan sillä nimityksellä nii se harvoin on positiivista... :// Vai tiiätkö että meillä olis tälle sanalle joku vastine?

Ei mitää! Täytyy sanoo et en tätä sanaa oo oikee kuullu käytettävän (meilläpäi kaikki vaa haukku homoks tai lepakoks lol), ni mul ei oo siitä erityisen henkilökohtasta mielipidettä. Mutta joo se on aika ongelmallista ku munkaa mielest ei oo mitää parempaa sanaa joka vastais “butch” et sit varmaa on vaa turvauduttu siihe ku ei oo parempaa sanaa :/ mä yleensä vaa sanon englanniks butch mut pitäs kyl oikeesti löytää joku hyvä suomenkielinen sana ku rekkalesbo kuulostaa muutenki tosi hassult lmao

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21st-26th of June I’m in the middle of nowhere Scotland with some pals in a caravan. The place we’re staying has absolutely no wifi, and we’re probably not going to be going anywhere that does other than maybe like, the big shop like an hour away. I have some data so I might be hanging around on discord now and then, but for the most part I’m going to be completely off grid for the week, just hanging out w/ my pals and appreciating the fuck out of some trees n climbing hills.