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Hey, it makes me look lol

Porque nos faltan MUCHOS, estamos creando a un nuevo espacio para mujeres en CDMX. Que vengan todxs ese viernes a Tortilla

Aiden is ready to steal your girl 👀💕 I think I never loved an OC more than her...

Butch. The Gold Watch. Pulp Fiction. This is my favourite section of QT's work. Such amazing writing and directing together. Also check out Rob Agers video on it, very dense and thorough.

'I see a line of cars and they're all painted black; With flowers and my love, both never to come back-'

Happy birthday, Robert Redford, half of my favorite movie duo. &Sundance

Happy ! Shout out to two women who were prominent back in the 80’s and 90’s and showed us there was a different way to be. Tracey Chapman and KD Lang thank you for being visible 💜

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. For a change, I have done alot of work this week....but this is what I'm most proud of achieving. Yes folks, this is where happens

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“You Belong with Me” by Taylor Swift - Diana Muniz lesbian cover

Also I want to express my love for trans fem/me lesbians

I’ve been lucky enough to talk to and to know some really great trans fem/me lesbians who’ve been amazing in helping me deal with gender and sexuality worries and I really owe y’all so much.  I haven’t forgotten that and I want to do my absolute best to make sure that I have your backs the way that some trans fem(me)s have had mine!

Also I love @lenbian so much…  The number of times I’ve been like, ‘Yeah I’m struggling with X gender/sexuality thing’ and Taylor’s been like, ‘Oh same,’ is truly astounding. That’s butch friendship babes!

It’s really comforting to know that even though I struggle with gender stuff, there are other butches who will get it

There are other butches who go by pronouns other than she/her

There are other cafab butches who want to go on T, and a number who are on T currently or who have been on T in the past

There are other cafab butches who want breast reductions; in fact there are a number of cafab butches who get rid of their tiddies entirely

There are other cafab butches who’ve wondered if they’re in fact trans men, including some who have thought for a period of time that they were trans men who like men

There are other butches who’ve felt at some point that womanhood is inaccessible to them, and who have struggled to make sense of their lesbianism as a result

There are other butches who feel very distant from womanhood but who still understand themselves as lesbians and/or as butches

There are a great many butches, cis and trans and nonbinary, who have complex relationships with gender, with their bodies and/or with sexuality

It’s really, really nice to know that no matter how much I struggle with this, there will be others who understand, and who won’t judge me for struggling, but rather, will recognise my experiences as lesbian ones and butch ones

I had the most beautiful dream last night, I didn’t want to wake up. In the dream, I met this gorgeous butch, a really sturdy looking girl with large rough hands. And she introduced herself to me and gave me that “look”, like she knew I was gay and knew I was interested in her..and then the rest of the dream was us steadily falling in love and living with each other until the day we died. I wish this dream could become reality so I could live this forever.

4 AM

I’m awake. Crunching numbers that don’t exist in my head. Too tired to get up and work. Too tired to mastubate. Too worried to sleep. So I guess I just lay here and cuddle Lumen. She appears to support my conclusion

Sometimes i think “if i was allo, id be mostly into gnc people” but then i realized how icky that sounds and, even though im gnc myself, im like Shit