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my boobs are small enough to go unnoticed if im wearing even just a slightly baggy shirt and my face is apparently androgynous enough for me to get mistaken for a boy even when im presenting femininely

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why are people so bad at describing 6s on here, seriously

yo I wasn’t even snoopin n my feelings got hurt!!!! the fuck!!!

concept : ocean’s 8 au ft. marvel ladies

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okay, thought: new phos, right? but uh oh, they've irreversibly lost a limb! but hang on, theres all these old phosphophyllite shards scattered around! itd just be more convenient to use those right, so might as well! its not like old phos's unusual inclusions could do anything, right?

“Ah, it has been so long since i have inhabited a body”

Why do I suddenly have the urge to make another millory moodboard while I’m doing homework? OOF

Me: Hmmm I’m gonna procrastinate by reading one of my manga volumes

me: How about Bort! He kind of reminds me of Jotaro here.

Flips to a random page

Oh…. um…. hmmm that reminds me… of some …. thing


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oh sorry ur sick, get better soon! but anyway, my question is probably very broad so do w it what you will -- what do you think would be the major switches or major differences from the original? apart from the switching of fates of Chara and Asriel (i hope i remember it right). Like really the few key ones?

Aww, thank you!! I’m feeling much better today, but rest is still important!!! 

I’m still debating on some of the characters, since I don’t want to switch personalities but roles, but here’s a few that I have for certain: 

- Toriel: Queen of the Underground. A kindly monster ruler who holds a strong grudge against humanity. Is there a way to appeal to her heart, or does she even have a heart to appeal to? 

- Asgore: Caretaker of Home. A big, fuzzy pushover with a love for gardening. He only wants you to be safe. 

- Undyne: Rogue Protector. Unable to join the Royal Guard, she does what she can, when she can. She hopes to one day prove herself capable of becoming a Guard member. 

- Papyrus: Captain of the Royal Guard. Eager to please, happy to help. Definitely is not secretly friends with Undyne, which isn’t even worthy of being a topic in conversation because it’s so far-fetched, why are we still talking about it? 

I’m not sure if I want to switch everyone and everything, I don’t want to stretch it too far, you know? I’m very indecisive ^^” And there’s a few things I want to change around, but I need to figure out how it’d work out. I have bits and pieces of different scenes in my head, but I need to figure out how to write/draw it properly. 

@ichorvcins   ‘d

‘  it’s a gesture. it means i’m sorry. people get coffee when they’re sorry… i can get you tea instead.  ’

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Lets get sad!! Sherry vs sanitized Darius

what if i just… actually posted my gifsets what if that happened

just three more weeks and i’m finished with uni and can start da2 

i start tafe tomorrow.. whoa

Concept: Collins regularly sings this song to hype his man up