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ive more or less caught tup with my current fic ideas so like… what next?? tomorrow is sunday - my writing day - and all i have left rn is a lil lwa reward fic but what after that???

would you guys …mind if i added another ch onto Just Us or would it feel too forced……?

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Details for half orc-eladrin: done

Class is going to be a monk


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did u delete your jungkook fic? 🥺

abskdjf y’all are so quick u catch everything but yeah i did bc i fucked up again and queued if for the wrong date/time 😔 it should be up tomorrow evening tho !

Katsuya's Kids - Chapter 1 - bethwithlit - モブサイコ100 | Mob Psycho 100 [Archive of Our Own]
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Vaguely connected drabbles ft. Serizawa as Shou and Tome’s dad :3


     “ wow… this is not a happy wow; not a wow of awe. it’s the unimpressed ‘wow’ of one who has fumbled and dropped a fix of caffeine all over his own shoes, perhaps even splattering the person next to him. sorryum– did I get you, too?  he’s not a morning person; not a DAY person at all, really– the curse of being a witch tied to the moon– but he tries, tries to live as any normal person would, and rise with the sun. and this is how the world repays him? soaked shoes, a wasted beverage, and perhaps a new archenemy, angered for his crimes of tainting what looks like a very expensive pair of shoes… ? one small silver lining exists: at least it’s warm… ? in this autumn chill, the fallen hot coffee actually felt a little cozy as it seeped annoyingly into his socks… anyways, this man hardly looks like the sort to see it as any kind of comfort, so he quickly backtracks a few steps to the street-stand to grab some napkins, offering them apologetically, forgetting momentarily about his OWN soiled footwear. “ ‘maybe it’ll wipe right off– ?

When you wanna make a mascot for a blog but Mako is too bae to replace.


Concept: Collins regularly sings this song to hype his man up