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so yeah ok that was a cool fic

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achachahakyeon  asked:

Conception trilogy was really next level every song a bop every concept amazing. Like even the music they had in their teaser films were so good. Like truly an untouchable trilogy

i know…it rlly makes me sick i didnt know vixx existed until the closer came out like..n yeah even the concept trailers look and sound SO good and surprising and the cinematography…wow. unsurpassed!! 


i am intrigue


and then

anonymous asked:

Charlie has a dream one day that the gang is all talking animals and Dennis is Jack Bauer and Mac is Poppins and Dee is Not a Bird. Disclaimer I'm not a furry i just think Glenn voicing a cat would be the height of comedy

that’s the cutest and the most valid thing ever and i have good news for you, glenn DID voice a cat, cosmo the cat who starred in ‘old lady house’ special voiced by glenn and his meow is life changing… comedy really peaked here

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Shawn is your first boyfriend and he wants to kiss you and you are so Nervous but he clams you down with a couple kisses on the cheek and then you surprise him by kissing him first

You were excited for tonight’s date with Shawn,—you two had been seeing each other for at least the past couple months, making it around six dates—until you weren’t. Dude wanted to date you date you, which was something you were not used to at all. He brought a new aspect into your life, him being your first (first!!!) boyfriend, but you had been abstaining him of things most couples did. You hadn’t meant to, but at this point you couldn’t really do anything else. You felt bad, and now the expectation of even a kiss was towering over you as you heard the door to your apartment being knocked.

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u wouldn't hate me if I made a character sorta based on ur dragons would u????

Based off of them is fine, yeah. I don’t really mind people taking inspiration off of my stuff as long as they try to build off of it and throw in some of their ideas too. In the sense that copying me means also copying my own mistakes and plot-holes, as with any other world-builder/artist.

But by all means use them as stepping stones or a frame-work, just be sure to let your own creativity come in where it may :>

i have abt 50 unfinished short fics and its driving me up thE WALL

bro someone already took my previous username and the only post they have on their acc is hellium balloons ??

aight then

black haired moonbin is just…so superior

you ever just………………..forget to eat

ngl i didn’t like the umbrella academy comic all that much but im still SO excited for the show

Concept: Collins regularly sings this song to hype his man up