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We are excited to announce "Chapter Launch 2020 Dallas" with guest speaker Ford Saeks. | Free registration: Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders - Open doors to Capital, Content and Community with GLO!

In the world of , there is no such thing as the word ‘QUIT’. Ambitious leaders never quit. They persist, preserve with great passion & drive towards the main vision. Never quit! ✊

Today I was fortunate to be part of the launch of Playbook for that will pave the way for action-focused recommendations that each employer can implement in the workplace for their employees. The time is now

.'s discusses the key themes in this year’s PwC Survey and the importance of combining a practical and purposeful approach with “breakthrough thinking.”

HR Anexi uses an engagement model that focuses on an individual’s contribution to the company’s success and gain personal satisfaction in the role. Visit to know more.

Looking back at all the events we hosted in 2019, what a year! We are busy securing more events for our members this year so watch this space and to become a member click the link >

Are you taking the time to motivate your team? Get quotes from well-known to inspire you for a productive 2020. via

"When leaders perform their leadership roles with seemingly little effort, observers often describe them as “natural born leaders.” In fact, there is no such thing as a ‘born leader.’"

registration has opened for the 2020 Early Education Summit (). Join us in D.C. on February 28 to talk about the economic impact of on U.S. states. and how can help change the game.

Revitalize your in 2020. Register for Friday's webinar, “Creating a Culture with Intention” at

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We had a great time with the corporation of our faculties, friends as well as the SMC blood donation Camp members. We so thankful to them that they had organized this camp. We were glad to college almost 95+ packets of blood.

“To give blood you need neither extra strength nor extra food, and you will save a life.”

“If you’re a blood donor, you’re a hero to someone, somewhere, who received your gracious gift of life.”

“A bottle of blood saved my life, was it yours.”

“Every blood donor is a life saver.”

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Releasing this teaser into the wild! This was a fantastic interview with MyJane - curated #CBD and #Cannabis delivery box. You’ll hear from Co-Founder and VP of Manifest7 Cara Raffele and MyJane President Hélène Blanchette. #ConsciousCannabiz is hosted by @CourtneyAuraFreeman and powered by @White_Buflo . Visit (link in bio) and stay tuned as we prepare for blast off 🚀 Recorded during #MJBizCon at #hausofjane 🔥 #femalefounders #consciousbusiness #consciouscommunity #consciouscannabis #consciouscbd #podcast #cannabismedia #cannabisnews #businessleaders #entrepreneurship #startuplife #shineyourlight #bethechange #wecandoit #potstars #marijuanamavericks (at Las Vegas, Nevada)

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