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No + No CashFlow= NO . HERE is how SUPERSTARS Rock it !

Des qui ne craignent pas les ? 👀🚨Des qui n'en valent pas la peine ? 💸Problèmes d'installation ? 🤔 Découvrez les réponses à ces 3 mythes sur les systèmes d'alarme ! 👇

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Un dia con mi sobrina y prima

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So! My surgery was last Wednesday, and I had double incision with nipple grafts. I didn’t get drains (I guess because my chest wasn’t too big?) which I was happy about, but now I have a seroma. I also have redness around my left nipple from what looks like internal bleeding, and yellow bruising on both sides of my chest. My left side of my chest is very sore and numb. Tonight I get my nipple bandages off, and I’m hoping the nurse can ease my conscience and tell me everything will be okay. I keep worrying about complications, and I’m not sure what’s normal or not for healing.

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!!! (@cosmicuncanny)

Simple prompts.

!!! : write a headcanon about our muses // @cosmicuncanny

[ I think The Observer and Dara both tend to feel primarily anger or rage, or, rather that most of their more intense emotions manifest into anger or rage. But, whereas Dara’s tends to be quiet and icy, The Observer’s is hot and bright. Either way, however, I think it would become relatively easy for them to understand one another, because their brains are wired in this particular way. ] 

[ So my headcanon is that they become like. Not friends, but shockingly good and efficient allies, because it becomes easy to read one another. ]

Knock, knock

Who invited you over to play?

Are you a relative or maybe a stray?

I can’t quite tell, are you human too?

You’re sniffing around like a lost little pooch.

Do you howl as you cry out at night?

I have so many questions, please be polite.

Are you sure you’re at the right address?

Sorry my tidyness resembles a mess.

Is your mom, Nature, from Rainy Day?

Do you seek a girl, Sadness, who ran away?

Please come in, talk some sense into her

She’s been buggin’ me since losing her monsieur.


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NPR News: Comcast Puts In $65 Billion Bid For 21st Century Fox

Comcast Puts In $65 Billion Bid For 21st Century Fox
Comcast is offering $65 billion for the major entertainment assets of 21st Century Fox, which is controlled by the Murdoch family. Comcast is hoping to lure the Fox properties away from Disney, with a bid it calls “superior” to Disney’s.

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