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Team Island 🏝 and Team Highland ⛰ 🛣

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"It was amazing, the building team were able to take my vision and make it happen," says happy L&E client, Vanessa Taylor. Read about her refurbishment and see more pictures here:

Calling in alternative on an unfinished project can be costly and frustrating, so make sure you choose the right builder at the outset. Read more great feedback and details on on their listing with us at

ist stolz, das erste des Jahres 2019 zu hosten. Mit tollen , u.a. von zu . Ein guter in das neue -Jahr. 😊👍🍷🍻🥨🍬🍫

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We are pleased to announce a new project commencement, employed by Kids World Kimberworth to convert the former ‘New World’ shops which have stood derelict for many years attached to the Superbowl building in Rotherham, to a children’s nursery. The new nursery will be fully fitted out with air conditioning, full kitchen/laundry, ample toilets, service areas and spacious, external and internal play areas.  The nursery is due to open early spring, watch our news feeds for completed photos.


Pool construction on project completed last year and and it came up a treat 👍

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Just Simming - Thought for Today

Something I’ve noticed about Sims people, as in people who will admit to playing Sims, and I saw the same thing on Second Life, is that there are two or more types. There are people who primarily BUILD/DECORATE/FURNISH. Some of the Sims 1 folks actually say they don’t put Sims in their houses and lots at all. They would mess things up! Then there are those who play primarily to BEAT the game, to get all the jobs, all your monies are belong to us. Then there are folks like me, who have a strong sense of the ridiculous. Bluesage is another you might have come across. These folks play to FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS IF. Oh and there are Simmers who are primarily storytellers, much more so with the later iterations of the game - people who use each building as a stage set, and plan and play it out.

I didn’t take many screen shots from Dragon Quest Builders, and it’s not really the kind of game people normally want stills of, but there were still some things I was proud of… And some that just amused me. Lol I should take some shots of the ridiculous things I made in free play… I put way too many hours into this quaint little game and I can’t wait for the 2nd one to release.


On the grind 💥

@melbournechippychick is grinding the back of a strike plate to fit the aluminium door jamb… while wearing her Green Hip cargo’s of course!


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