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can all kinds of things, This gives them the chance to learn new skills. The interesting design and easy use of our can attract children of all ages, even are attracted by these interesting magnetic tiles

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Existing manufactured home can be restored or removed. Don't let this opportunity to make 2019 the year you make the move you deserve 3BR | 1,012 Sq. Ft. |💲70,000

“And in between each snowflake, and in between each fall, I will think of nothing but you, or I will not think at all.” - Tyler Knott Gregson 📷 Emanuel Hahn

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Just because you are going through bad situations, it doesn't mean God has neglected you. You are just a testimony in the making. Don't give up yet.... LINK ON MY BIO

Wild Burger Dimensional sign starts to take shape! Who has eaten at a Wild Burger ? Share your experience !

"The first year of WePower: From tokenizing energy grids to helping businesses go green" - 

“…To our knowledge there are no great solutions for companies currently in the market to buy green energy fast, transparently and at a good price.” from “The first year of WePower: From tokenizing energy grids to helping businesses go green” by Nikolaj Martyniuk.

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LIVE now with Obliteration BV Occultist in a little bit harder HC league, about to go into Kitava, wish me luck

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I’m going to be building a DIY amplifier soon with my good friend Karen so she was teaching me a bit about how speakers work. We start our project next week and I can’t wait!
#musicdiscoverylab #diymusic #diy #lofi #gadgetlab #makerspace #amplifier #magnetshowdotheywork #induction #electricity #learning #build

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Impressions from last week’s crit with Professor Kaufmann

1:20 sections of all four different rooms (class room, cafeteria, niche and the library with the teachers’ office) were elaborated and with it the details of the roof and loadbearing structure. Professor Kaufmann provides valuable feedback on a the bamboo rafter above the class rooms. 

Depending on the availability of the bamboo, the rafter will be composed of three culms of approximately 80 millimeters in diameter each, that will be joined by steel pins. The holes for the pins should ideally be cut next to the diaphragms naturally found in bamboo as the fibre is stronger here and is less likely to split as a result of sheering loads. 

Bamboo needs to be treated with acid in order to withstand natural enemies  insects, fungi or microorganisms. Untreated bamboo rarely lasts longer than 5 years and thus becomes inviable as a building material for a permanent structure. 


Custom leather travel bag👊🏻 #leathercraft #handmadewithlove #edc #leatherpouch #wip #belts #madebyhand #handmade #workshop #biker #longwallet #harley #wallet #build #motorcycle #harleydavidson #leatherart #leathergoods #bespoke #hipster #menbag #travelblogger #travel #craft #handcraft #man #guy #men (bij HandmadebyOrtlep)

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Little Cat Lady Cottage | No CC | 20 x 15 | 55k § 

A messy little home for a sim who just loves cats

  • Packs used: Cats & Dogs, Seasons, City Living, Get Together, Parenthood and the free Holiday pack
  • It is up for download on the gallery (ID: angiepangie4)
  • I also made a speedbuild video of this house 

@sssvitlans <3 


For Sale! 15 acres! Commercial lot near an airport! #igers #Texas #realestate #realtor #acres #land #commercial #forsale #buyer #build #foundation #heights #iger #fifteen

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