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Loving the LEGO wall

is ultimately an killer 💀 Why do you think you can a better protocol than when they have a ton of ? Ethereum, was an absolute changer in the . However, it is sadly in many aspects

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End result of trying my hand 🖐 at a traditional method in which it turned out rather well !! At least I think so.

These students were designing ferris wheels today. I loved their creativity. They were so proud.

Wonderful luncheon today provided by Kingspan with insulated metal paneling discussed!

This peaceful 11 acre parcel, with stands of tall pine and aspen, is very private. Clearing is ready for your RV or Camper, (campers allowed 120 days per year) Call 575-377-2626 or 575-758-5852

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Arena Bonus Heroes

Budget Builds - Episode #23

Mermaid’s Home

Gallery ID: Lilleti
3 bedrooms 1 bathroom
Packs used: Island Living, Get Famous, Seasons, Cats and Dogs, City Living, Get Together, Jungle Adventure, Parenthood, Dine Out, Laundry Day, Vintage Glamour
Most of these are just decorations, mainly only need Island Living! 


Oasis Studios - CC Free

For all your story telling needs look no further! 
Oasis Studios is located in sunny Oasis Springs and has multi use recording studios which can be changed depending on the scene.

The Deets

  • lot size 50x50
  • $133,118
  • cafe on site
  • movie star trailers
  • make up and dressing area

You need to have bb.moveobjects on cheat on before placing.

download [simfileshare]


Sims 3: Build With Me!~Part 1

New Video! New Series!

Not A Stream But...

…a “cast” of me working on MMMhub (using ScreenCapture (or whatever it is called) on iPad) will be uploaded to YT in due time. I will put it on my YT channel (ugh! That sounds so gross) when I finally assemble the Website (probably on It is going to be a lot of hit and miss, it will take a while, and I am going to add music to it(?), and the comments will be turned OFF on the video when it is uploaded. I call it a “cast” and not a “stream” because everything will be recorded/edited before I upload it to YT. But it’ll be there.

In fact, I just started recording my screen just now so I can see if this file type can be uploaded to YT in the first place.

build #make #startups #solo #indie

Keep The Internet Free!


Still gotta longgg way to go!!!
Thanks @marriottbonvoy @marriotthotels for having a great #gym @ ur properties.

#CantKeepLivingLikeThisLivingLikeThis ~The Gees

#LookGoodNaked #LGN #YGB #Fitness #Health #Healthy #FortyAndFit #40andFit #Exercise #Workout #Stretch #Lifting #Build #Muscle #ChrisGees (at Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina)

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Comenzando a crear #plantillas para #wordpress con divi. Estoy aceptado comisiones para crear plantillas divi
Startin tu #build #template with #divibuilderplugin
Now I’m receiving commisions for divi templates (en Community of Madrid)

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Lofty TownHouse

Here is an unfurnished townhouse that you can put your stamp on. It features a separate entrance basement unit, attached garage and 2-3 bedrooms upstairs.

The Deets

  • lot size 30x20
  • $49678 
  • 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms in main house
  • 1 bedroom 1 bathroom in basement apartment
  • uses packs shown above (with those god awful icons)

Uses the following cc by @peacemaker-ic

unlocked vampire pack
lofte living
romantic garden expansion
austere building set
graciously georgian 

You need to have bb.moveobjects on cheat on before placing. 

download [simfileshare] or on gallery EA ID: intoxicatedsims

(you need to click allow mods to see in gallery)


🚨 🚨 🚨 📣 📣 📣

🕵#Gephyrophobia -
The #fear of crossing #bridges…
Go ‘head y'all #build some bridges…
We all can cross them #ditches -YEAH!

Check in on @et4eternity @reverbnation

#Thanks @breathuvlyfe & all who have supported this #underground movement!

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