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C’est parti ! Grégory Moreau du rappelle l’historique des droits des animaux et le volet politique jusqu’à la prise de conscience de la condition animale et l’entrée des animalistes en politique. Ca va être passionnant (ensuite Vege-friendly)

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Four door solid wood lattice front cabinet in a light natural finish. There is one shelf behind each set of doors with two drawers above. Would make a great media cabinet or buffet!

Today's Lunch! Fast, Healthy & All You Can Eat Buffet... Enjoy good eats at the famous Midtown's Buffet. Darbar on 46 NYC of Manhattan - Midtown East

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This is the manifest for the container we are receiving next week. Did you know you can sign up to receive emails with us and we will email you this list when we receive a new shipment? Just private message us your email and we will sign you up.🙂

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A alegria estampada no rosto das mais novas pedagogas da Paraíba @jessica_liiira
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Meu muito obrigado por ter feito parte desse dia tão esperado por vocês!
Show com a @bailepredilecta
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Vintage Double sink vanity SOLD

For just $2250.00
TAKING ORDERS***SAMPLE WORK ONLY!! Want something similar? Please message us with your dimensions, and any specific considerations. We have a fantastic team with experience in sourcing and creating bathroom vanities. Whether it’s for your home, AIR B and B, or restaurant! **We do require a non refundable 50% deposit on all custom designed projects that allows us to purchase your piece and all needed supplies, sinks and faucets.**


All You Can Eat JAPANESE STEAK BUFFET With Amber Liu

The adventure of Buffet the “warforged monk”

(obviously there was a lot more that went on in this game, but this is specifically highlights surrounding this one character. This was also written for a friend who knows some stuff about D&D but not Eberron)

Ok, so we’re playing a campaign in Dungeons & Dragons in a world called Eberron, which is kind of steam punk meets film noir. You have the usual races and classes and also changelings and Warforged (magic robots).

My character is a changeling who is working for this Bishop, who is the bad guy in this story. I, being an asshat who is down for shenanigans, ask my DM if my changeling can take the form of a warforged. DM allows it. So I build the smallest possible warforged, which is 6-foot-something. Next I sit back and think, what seems the most logical for such a small warforged? As a changeling I can’t take the form of lots of armor, and I won’t have the high armor class that real warforged actually have without having to wear normal armor. So I make him a monk. But my base stats are all for a rogue, which is what my changeling actually is. So he’s a monk with low wisdom. Perfect. So then the next quandary: warforged do not have to eat, but my character does. How do we explain this? Well, every warforged has one thing that they obsess over. Bam, this guy’s hyper-fixation is food. Done. So logically his name is Buffet, as his quest is to find the tastiest morsels.


[A skinny warforged monk excitedly holding a cupcake and a turkey leg]

None of the players have been told that I’m a changeling, which is the point, because I’m working against them.

Character introductions and start of plot.

We’re all sold into the service of a creepy guy who wants something “bigger than a bread box” off this train, so we need to find it and steal it.

I’ve told the other players that I’ve never played 5th edition, which is true, but it’s not my first time playing D&D. So when I introduce my character, if there are any holes in my charade, the other players start filling them in for me, because they have the attitude of “oh it’s his first time playing we’ll help him out.”


So we establish and accept that Buffet can usually be found in the kitchen or dining car, eating and/or stealing food.

Intrigue and mystery begin. The other (real) warforged in our party interacts with me. I feed them cake, which they don’t understand the concept of. I jedi mind trick the staff member who notices us eating this cake that I stole that was meant for someone important. You know, totally normal monk things. Nothing to see here.

An “important” goblin dies. I’m told by the bishop that it’s his doing and I have to keep the others from finding an item that in his dead hand. Everyone is discussing what to do about this dead goblin, and the guards are outside the door. Why don’t we put him in my bag of holding? Problem solved. Why did I choose, as my one free magic item, something as common as a bag of holding? No reason. Seemed neat. Don’t worry about it.

Phase spiders attack, oh no! I’m supposed to convince them to go to the front of the train and get the weapons that were confiscated. No one sees a point because they have magic and shit. Whelp I’m gonna get the weapons then. Why does a monk care about weapons when he knows martial arts? Don’t worry about it. I get to the front of the train and convince the head of the guard to let me take “whatever weapons I need” from the stash. I proceed to take all of the weapons and just toss them into my good ol bag o holding. Something inside it rips. Oops. I get back into the car where shit’s going down, and the real warforged shoots their cannon. I get set on fire from the splash damage. The warforged sees my “face flicker”, as the DM phrased it. Nothing out of place here. Just normal warforged things.

They find a box. Maybe it’s the item we need? Let’s mess with it and see what happens. Well sleep time. Oh no nightmares. DM says about my character “while you’re asleep you have this nightmare.” Yup, nothing weird, just robot dreaming of electric sheep. The other warforged goes into my room and checks on me. “His face keeps shifting and flickering.” Huh must be one hell of a nightmare.

At this point I’m like “c'mon guys.”

Weird shit happens with ghosts. I nope the fuck out.

We need something out of the bag. I dump everything out. The goblin is skewered on a sword. What an awkward time for the guards to walk in. Let’s just move him over here.

The train is stopped because there’s a giant foot in the road. Everyone on the train except myself and one other party member is magically driven to check out this convenient circus right outside. Bishop tells me to take the box away from the party. “Hey maybe you shouldn’t take that box with you. Seems fishy. It’ll be safe in my bag. The rest of the party is playing the A plot while I take the mystery box to the bishop and then proceed to eat pineapples with the other party member in the kitchen car.

Bishop tells me to kill someone disguised as one of the party members. Next morning the whole party is dragged into what quickly proves to be kangaroo court and they try to lock us all up until the next station. Party proceeds to go full murder hobo. The conductor of the magical train gets yeeted out the window. No one can drive the train. Train gets decoupled from the engine and the artificer has his robot dog derail the engine as its final command. Well guess we should just go steal that thing now.

Final showdown against the Bishop. Party kills the first monster that’s blocking the way. The bishop has me walk over to him. Surprise I’m a traitor.



[surprised pikachu]

Needless to say when the next adventure in the campaign begins they’ve all decided they want me dead on sight.

My favorite response was “I just thought you were bad at playing D&D.”

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