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Listen to guest Pamela Sams share the importance for women be proactive with their . It's all about the ladies, so Wednesday, download Everything Cha-Ching on Apple Podcast and Spotify. Making your money make cents!

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Me budgeting the extra paycheck I get this month.

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in some of your posts you mention the RDNA is free, the PDF books are free, etc. Do you take offerings in rituals like a church or...? With all the ceremonial materials you have looks like it generally costs a little bit more than 'free' IDK, I guess I'm asking how your grove is budgeted, sorry if it's too personal

That’s a valid question, actually. The short answer is there is no official Grove budget; I never ask for offerings or donations. On rare occasions someone might be like “shut up and take my money” (not quite like that) which has gone to the whiskey fund. Whiskey, or the Waters-of-Life is our equivalent of sacramental wine. We I have a treasury, but it’s just a small wood box with a piece of malachite, a sachet of basil, and a dollar as some “seed money” in it. Never mind, looks like I spent it on something.

Maybe twice-ever I’ve asked a grove member if they had some whiskey they could bring if I was running low, and another member keeps a spare ritual kit in her vehicle. Lots of times my grove members will ask if I they should bring anything, so materials are sometimes given for the Grove to share, which is nice.

One of my personal rules is to never buy ritual or altar supplies with a credit card. Just debit or cash. That way “compensation closure” happens in realtime. Over the years I’ve probably spent a couple grand of my own income on altar supplies, crafting materials, tools for creative projects, paper, printers, and ink for bookbinding, cloth for my own vestments and more. I also upcycle items that end up getting used in ritual or my projects. 

In Reformed Druidry you don’t need all these things.

To a minimalist druid (and/or Grove), all you really need are the Two Basic Tenets, passable ritual improv skills, meditation, some enthusiasm, and maybe a liquid you can consecrate as the Waters-of-Life.

I try to find a balance between minimalism and aestheticism, though the former is ebbing. I do pour a lot of my own income into this. Our operating costs technically put us in the red which is not a good business model, but Oakdale Grove is not a business. It is community, it is spiritual, it is passion. I want to contribute to the legacy of modern druidism.

Who Makes the Money?! I make the money!

This week was my first yearly review in my new role. I went into it a bit nervous, as most new hires can be, but I was surprised when it came back I was getting a raise that would allow me to pay an additional $78 a month on my loans! 

I had to admit, it was really hard not to go out and immediately celebrate by buying something or taking my family out to dinner, instead I came home had home made tomato soup and a hike. I am continuing to try and divest myself from needing material things and actively recognizing that not having to pay a bank is a far worthier accomplishment then seafood ceviche. 

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I never thought I’d be in debt already.

Debt is dumb. Its ridiculous. Its depressing. It’s not even mine!

Ince again Inknow relationships are not ancotton candy and butterflies. Yet, I feel like some f the stuff I was hit with early in the relationship was more for people married for 30 years… And yes, I know everything is different from when my parents where married and younger but it still…. I’m not sure how to explain how annoyed I am.

I have a car payment, car insurance (full coverage), health insurance (Obamacare does really suck), and dental insurance, plus my half of the cell phone bill.

My fiance J however has debt. Not a ton like some of the stories I read but a good bit none the less. He still owes $10000 on the car he cosign for his acts that he has a take over payments for a. He also has a $500 medical bill and you took out a loan with his ex because they needed to buy Christmas gifts for everyone which is now down to $3000.

So now I’m stressing out. I don’t want to have a marriage that has nothing but debt and stress. I’m looking up all this budget stuff. I’ve followed The Budget Mom for a long while now and I love her. But I still am having trouble following her system. I’ve had the Dave Ramsey book for over a year and finally started reading it. It seems a lot. I’m reading all this stuff and it’s like 50/30/20 budget, cash envelopes which I can’t grasp at all.

So I am overwhelmed. The plan this far? Next month is May, we will keep track of both our expenses. Each paycheck we will see what bills it pays and what’s left over. Where we each spend the most. What we can fix.

I know it’s not gonna be an overnight fix. Its gonna take awhile to get it right. And we will probably have to change a few things. But I just want things to work out.


Like the old adage says, “ …in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes” which means that if you don’t consider taxes when planning your budget Murphy’s law will probably slap you with a $5,000 tax bill. 

I’m very lucky that my partner enjoys doing taxes and has always been very frank and open with me about the state of our debt and timeline to pay it. I withhold a large chunk of my paycheck every year in fear of the above mentioned $5k tax bill so when we received a nice chunk back (not as large as previous years mind you) we decided to pay down our car debt.  Doing this effectively cut out four months from our payment schedule with money that we didn’t even need. 

So I post this to you dear readers of the Tumblrverse don’t buy a new bag or “treat yo self” to a fancy dinner with your tax returns pay down your debt or invest a little ie. treat yo future self by getting rid of the debt now.