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Looking to remodel your kitchen? These kitchens were remodelled and updated and it costed less than $2,000:

This is my β€œgirrlll.. have you done what it TAKES yet” face. It’s my way of asking you all: What have you done this week to move your money life forward?? .

Sticking to a can do a lot to lower debt-to-income ratio and improve your options.

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Barszcz - The Improvised Version for Broke Vegans

I’m in a Facebook group called “what broke vegans eat” where, as the name entails, we share vegan recipes for folks on a tight budget. One person there asked me for a cheap and easy recipe for a beetroot soup - barszcz -, so I thought I’d post it here too.

As I told the person in the group, I’m aware this ‘recipe’ is very vague. That’s because this is the broke version - one I make with whatever scraps I have, with no exact measurements for anything. This is just a quick guide to what you can do if you happen to have a bunch of random veggies and beetroot laying around.

  • Take beetroot as well as some other veggies (carrots, cabbage, onions, potatoes - feel free to improvise if you want, we did when the times were seriously desperate, just make sure there’s more beetroot than there is the other veggies). Peel, clean, and chop everything up, finely.
  • Start boiling the beetroot over a small gas/heat/etc. Be careful with how much water you use - you won’t be pouring any of it out as it’s the base for your soup. While you’re doing that, fry all the other veggies.
  • Once the other veggies are fried, pop them into the the boiling beetroot. Keep the heat/gas/etc. small. Boil slowly. This will take 2 - 3 hours. Stir frequently.
  • Add salt, pepper, and bay leaves to taste. If available, also add some veggie stock cubes (2 - 3, depending on how much soup you’re making).
  • Once all the veggies are soft and the soup has the desired colour of the beetroot, it’s ready to eat. Can be refrigerated and reheated several times, will be good for a few days.
  • This is traditionally eaten with mushroom-stuffed mini dumplings (called “uszka”). If you have the time and resources you can make these yourself. All you need are mushrooms (and some herbs/spices/pepper/salt, etc) for the filling, and flour and water for the dough. Alternatively you can eat the soup with pasta or noodles, or with no such additions at all. :)

Tuesday Mornings are so awesome, it irates me that more people don’t shop. Essentially, I can buy fancy crap like towels, bed sheets, and cooking oil for what I’d pay at the Dollar Tree.

Yeah, it ain’t dirt cheap, but everything is essentially on sale. And then they have items with price cuts on super sale, so you can get stuff just super-super cheap. I bought my awesome tea kettle there, and it came with a diffuse mesh.

I got two bed sheets sets with 300+ thread count for 40.00 each. They have all that domestic crap, spa towels, soap dispensers. Soaps. Cheap deodorant. Lots of cool shit I can’t find anywhere else.

I compared the prices with walmart, and I get better deals there.


They sometimes sell those tins with the super fancy butter cookies. No sewing supplies, stamps, or postcards.


And all around really pretentious snack things, candies, cookies. Stuff I don’t even know where it comes from, some alternate dimension. But it’s all super great, and fucking cheap.

And the only people I ever see in there are the Boomers. It’s right across from the college, you’d think kids would be in there getting stupid shit for their dorms and buying up those pretentious lamps. But Noooooouuuuu, they wanna go to walmart and buy this overpriced starbucks.

I have never known there to be so many varieties of coffee.

Oh, and the kitchen crap. Coffee makers, skillets, pots and pans. 500 different kinds of salts.
Nancy Pelosi warns cuts in foreign aid could jeopardize budget deal

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is warning the Trump administration that a White House proposal to cut billions of dollars in foreign aid could imperil a recent two-year budget agreement.

Before leaving for the August recess, Congress passed a massive budget deal that suspended the debt ceiling through July 2021 and decreased the likelihood of a government shutdown. But the White House more recently has been eyeing a so-called rescissions package, which would impose more than $4 billion in cuts to the United States Agency for International Development and the State Department.

In a letter dated Friday to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, Pelosi warned that such a package could be approved only by Congress, according to a legal opinion from the Government Accountability Office. She assured Mnuchin that Congress would take no such action and urged the administration to reconsider.

“I request that you work within the administration to stop this proposed rescission which GAO states is illegal, which violates the good faith of our budget negotiations, which important Republicans say is ill advised, and which overrides Congress’ most fundamental Constitutional power,” Pelosi wrote.

So I look at my past purchases of the last month and it’s all breakfast/lunch for when I go to work (everyday) and I’m just getting so pissed off at myself??

I need to buy breakfast because I have to wake up early and drive an hour to work, and I’m usually the last to get lunch so, no breakfast and I suffer.

And I buy my own lunch since I live too far from home to cook, and I have no kitchen to actually meal prep.

So I don’t have more alternatives, I just have to buy the cheapest food I can.

Chipotle has begun to rip me off, saying a side of rice and beans counts as a veggie rather than a 2 pointer because I asked for extra rice. Bullshit, I’ve been eating pure rice bowls for 2$ since I was a manager at chip.

My meals range from $1-8 each, 5 days a week multiplied by 2.

About $50-80 per week of food.

I feel like I’m wasting money, I feel like a fatass, I feel like I am pathetic and deserve to be punished for spending money on stupid despicable things such as a $3 breakfast at taco bell.

Am I worthless? Isnt this just capitalism?

Am I a waste?