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The ICO hard cap will be on $7.2M USD. That's a low valuation of the world's largest file-sharing system with 100M+ users! Those of you who hold will receive a 1:1 ratio in airdrop for your TRX coins (if my 0px; " tag="ulations are correct).

RT Sibitcoin "RT Tronfoundation: Jordy Berson, head of the product storage division of gave a speech on the theme of “Decentralization: How Blockchain Technology Empowers P2P Networks”. In his speech, he said: " can empower all … "

TRONのPDU責任者Jordy Bersonは「分散化の戻り:P2Pネットワークに対応する方法」というテーマでスピーチしました。スピーチで「 はすべてのユーザーに権限を与えることができます、トークンを通して価値を交換させます。」

Jordy Berson, head of the product storage division of gave a speech on the theme of “Decentralization: How Blockchain Technology Empowers P2P Networks”. In his speech, he said: " can empower all the users, let publisher exchange value through token."

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의 제품 저장 부문 책임자 인 Jordy Berson은 " 탈중앙화 : 블록체인 기술이 P2P 네트워크에 미치는 영향"이라는 주제로 연설했습니다. 연설에서 그는 " 는 모든 사용자에게 권한을 부여하여 게시자가 토큰을 통해 가치를 교환하게 할 수 있습니다."라고 말했습니다.

[niTROn Summit Live: BitTorrent (BTT) First Function to Debut in Q1] Live# At the niTROn Summit 2019 (San Francisco), Jordy Berson, BitTorrent COO, delivered a speech themed as “How Blockchain to Power P2P Network.”

So looking at this I work it out that 1 x will cost about 40c when offered to the public

airdrop details on check this out 10% of tokens for free🤞

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RT Sibitcoin "RT Tronfoundation: If everything goes as planned with , is expected to launch BT’s livestreaming feature in 2019. "

RT Sibitcoin "RT Tronfoundation: BitTorrent is going to issue soon. BT has over 100 million users worldwide, and the issurance of BTT will instill new energy in the ecosystem. "

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I would love to buy the first BTT book+BTT extras+TOTI extras but from what I’ve gathered you can’t buy only that but would have to pay for the other extras as well? Is the KS the only way to get the TOTI extras+BTT extras and will the BTT books be added to Amazon in the future? I love your work & understand you need money to be able to continue writing but I unfortunately can’t afford the KS... The only option is if I buy it one at a time over a longer period of time which is why I’m asking.

The ‘Extras x 2′ package would include those three things and nothing extra!

I’ll be making the extras available on Paypal for a short time (probably also a thirty day period) if/when the Kickstarter is successfully funded, as I know some people can’t use Kickstarter, for the same price point (25 CAD for TOTI/YCMAL – the BTT extras will only be available bundled with the book itself), and the book will be available for presale for 10 USD after the close of the Kickstarter (the 10 CAD price point for it is basically an early bird special), but the extras are a limited time thing to coincide with kickstarting the publication of Coming in First Place.

(Sidenote for all: I’m going to tag all of these with ‘btt publication’ and I will totally not be offended if you blacklist that tag.)

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BTT taking their S.O. out on a date. Where do they take them?

France: Francis is a romantic. He would take his s/o to a candlelight dinner where the two can sip wine, play footsie under the table, and just be romantic little saps. <3

Prussia: He would take his s/o somewhere fun and exciting, like the midnight premiere of a film, an amusement part, or something along those lines.

Spain: to a cafe where they can talk and have fun while eating tasty little treats. I might bring his guitar out and do a mini little show for everyone just to impress s/o.

Everyone always writes the Bad Friends/Touch Trio as players or delinquents in highschool AUs, but I like to imagine it a bit differently. Like Gilbert as an easily flustered straight A student who tries to act badass but isn’t, anonymously runs a popular blog, and only hangs out with Antonio and Francis because at this point he really needs irl friends. Antonio as an oblivious, blunt, casually profane and cheery(sometimes eerily so) student who is bad in school but would do better if he paid attention, talks shit about Francis on Gilbert’s blog, and shouldn’t be messed with when he’s in a bad mood. Francis as an overworked, caring, and vulgar “perfect” who isn’t romantically involved with anyone because “everyone deserves love”, but tries to be the big brother of almost all the students, is really passive aggressive towards his rivals(specifically Arthur and the Beilschmidt brothers), and doesn’t trust computers so isn’t even aware of Gilbert’s blog and all of the shit Antonio’s saying about him on it. And Gilbert and Francis bicker so much everyone wonders why they even hang out with each other, and Antonio and Francis knowing each other since they were young so they’re like brothers in that they get along in public but they always fight in private, and how Gilbert and Antonio generally get along but it’s awkward when Francis isn’t there. They all have their own baggage and after a while they come to understand that through many trials and tribulations and become closer in the process.

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How would the BTT react if they found out their s/o had a crap ton of goats and more variety of animals at their own personal home (They have the room for it).

You Have Goats! W/ BTT

Warning(s): None

France: He’s… Surprised? Not a bad surprised, he just wasn’t expecting so many animals. As long as you don’t let too many into your bedroom he’ll be fine with it. He’ll support all your lovely animals and he treats them with a gentle compassion.

Prussia: Gil is kinda uneasy about how many sets of eyes are all over and he feels like they’re watching him. But he slowly warms up to them and treats them like family. He sees how important all your animals are to you and he admires it. He’ll help you feed them and take care of them to the best of his ability.

Spain: Antonio is so all for this!! He loves all your animals and refers to them all by name. Treats them like his and your kids. Definitely helps groom and feed and wash them all. He lowkey encourages you to get more animals.

Lets do something stupid

I suppose I actually need to create something to get at least a little recognition, so here goes: I’m writing a series of short ficlets for various hetalia sibling pairs based off of real-life sibling quotes, and why the hell not post it, I only have one follower at this point, so here goes: Switzerland and Liechtenstein “I think I’d like to meet your friends.” “Why?” “To make sure they’re suitable for you.” “Are we going to have that thing where we act like we’re dating our friends and have the interrogations and threats and everything?” “No, I’m just going to make sure that they’re suitable for you.” “Big brother?”, Liechtenstein called. The response was a prompt, “Yes?”. “I’m going swimming with my friends tomorrow!”, Liechtenstein chirped. “Who?”, Switzerland questioned. Liechtenstein smiled. “I’m going with Miss Belgium, Miss Hungary, Miss, Seychelles Miss Belarus, Miss Ukraine, Miss Taiwan, and Miss Vietnam. Miss Seychelles offered to let us use her beach, and I think that was very ni-” “I’m going with you.”, Switzerland interrupted. “But…”, Liechtenstein demurred, “Miss Hungary said that it was a girl’s day out.” “I’d like to meet your friends, and besides, I won’t intrude. I’ll simply be there at the same place and time.”, Switzerland said, “And besides, I don’t trust any former colonies of France.” Liechtenstein correctly interpreted Switzerland’s reaction, and reasoned, “But big brother, Miss Hungary will be there. Mister France won’t bother us.” “Hmph.”, muttered Switzerland. “That just means that Prussia will also probably be there, and where France and Prussia are, Spain is never far behind. I have no doubt that Miss Hungary is a good swordswoman, but I don’t think even she could take on three at a time with just that frying pan of hers.” “I’ll ask Miss Hungary, but I think she’ll probably say no.”, Liechtenstein said sweetly. “Well, it’s not like she can stop me.”, replied Switzerland ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Hello, Miss Ukraine!”, chirped Liechtenstein. “Hello, Liechtenstein.”, said Ukraine. Liechtenstein looked around, confused. “Where’s Miss Belarus?” “She is running a little bit late- I think she had some trouble to sort out with little brother.” Switzerland tuned out the radio receiver in his ear. There was a much more pressing issue at hand. France. Switzerland had picked a strategic spot where he had a good view of all possible entrances, and though he had no doubt that France and Prussia would be easily distinguishable, Spain was a different matter entirely. It was just a matter of who he found first, which happened to be Spain, who was dressed in sensible clothing. Spain made his way towards where Switzerland was currently hiding, sat in the shade of the cliff, and promptly fell asleep. Good. That means that- Suddenly, the radio receiver blasted a bright, loud, ‘MISS HUNGARY!!!!’, right into his ear. Switzerland winced and turned down the volume. If he had been watching his little sister just then, he would have been horrified. But he was distracted by the arrival of a brightly colored, flashy, Frenchman and an albino. They headed for the tree where Spain was sleeping, and they greeted each other and talked for a while before Prussia passed out binoculars. France laughed as Prussia looked a little bit hurt, but France soon sobered himself and accepted a binocular, along with an odd sack of some sort. Then France climbed onto Prussia’s shoulders to reach the lowest sturdy branch of the tree, and soon there was a plank of wood nailed to the tree with a ladder hanging from the end. Well, now they were just high enough for Switzerland to hear- “I am not in love with Austria, France! I just like to annoy him!”, shouted Gilbert, cheeks turning pink. ……Austria? Austria wasn’t— Switzerland swung his view towards Liechtenstein and her friends and saw Austria sitting under an umbrella, feet out in the sun and probably going to burn, face buried in a pile of sheet music. Girls day out, his ass. Well, according to most people, Austria might as well have been one. But still. Hungary and her stupid matchmaking. It’s not that Switzerland doesn’t like her, he does like her, but Hungary has been influenced by that creepy Japan. “HALTET ALLE DEN MUND!”, interrupted Prussia, hands clapped over his ears. France began, “Well, Miss Ukraine is very endowed, you know, I would so like to [bleep bleep bleeeep bleep bleep bleep]. And Liechtenstein has a sort of charm to her, you know. I think she would make a very [bleeeep bleeeeeeeep bleee-]“ Switzerland’s finger clenched the trigger, almost by itself. Ukraine is none of his business, but Liechtenstein is his little sister. Liechtenstein is off limits. Liechtenstein will be a spinster, if Switzerland has any say in it. Liechtenstein is maybe not the most innocent, hell, Hungary has probably already converted her— he refused to say corrupted, because that implied that Liechtenstein had become bad, and she wasn’t— but Switzerland is not going to let even France perv on her, cousins be damned. The bullet misses France’s head by a millimeter, burying itself in the single nail that holds the plank to the tree. The plank wobbles wildly as France shrieks and falls out of the tree, followed closely by Prussia and Spain. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Liechtenstein can hear the crack of a gun shatter the loud serenity of the beach, but even as people stampede away from the noise, she smiles and offers to give her last Belgian chocolate to Austria. Austria would feel bad and invite her over because of it. And Switzerland would follow her, because Switzerland always does.

Through the Drinking Glass

Pairing: Mentioned AusHun and AuSpa

Characters: France, Prussia, Spain; mentioned Germany, Austria, Hungary

Summary: The Bad Friends Trio have been together through thick and thin, always with a glass of booze between them. A look at their intricate history from the War of Austrian Succession to modern times through the love of bars and pub crawls.

The end of the Wars of Austrian Succession, 1748

A pile of military jackets sat stacked in the middle of a round table. Their intricate designs and cloths were now splattered with a mix of sweat, blood, and beer, emitting a strange odor. None of the parties sitting nearby noticed though. They were too high off of a post-victory sense of euphoria.

They were loud and rowdy, disturbing the peace. Of course none of the patrons or the owner had the heart to tell the brave soldiers to quiet themselves down a bit. Not when they were celebrating protecting their respective countries from the threats of the British and Austrian Empires.

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