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Que a sorte vire pra mim como virou pra

まだハミルトンの追ってない~飲んでたぁー! そーいえば韓国は明日から秋夕チュソクだね🍁 前までは何かツイートしてくれてたけど今年はWorldtourでアメリカだし実家にも帰れなくてきっと寂しいだろうな(´・・`) お餅食べてるツイとか昔みたいに欲しい〜ψ(´ڡ`♡)

창문 열고 소리지르고싶다 민피디천재지니어스!!!!!! 개져아!!!!!!!! ⁠ ⁠⁠ ⁠

❣💜 BTS is not only beautiful, handsome, cute, talented, crazy from the Outside .... They also have a sweet and a kind heart ❣😊😁 💙❤💚

is the first k-pop group to be invited to speak at UN General Assembly. What an achievement. Even UN recognises the impact that their music and they themselves have on lives of not only young but people of every age around the world.

Our king Min Yoongi made a masterpiece. I absolutely love the remix. Thank you for your hard work 💜

Será que ainda terei forças para prosseguir? Como pôde, Suga?

เพลงใหม่จาก Genius Lab ของคุณมินพีดี ดีงามอ่ะ ชอบมากกกกกกก 😊

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A small snippet from a story that I've been working on! The main character is mainly based on Jimin. The lyrics in this snippet is from Mayday Parade's Oh Well, Oh Well.

[DATO] ARMY siguió el recorrido en el Sketch de Jungkook para la Portada del Remix y descubrieron que una parte formaba un corazón ♥ Cr. @ eternalyoonjin -🍀

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osacar osacar osacar vroom vroom vroom vroom 🏎


[BTS Effect] K-Media said Jimin at AGT stage made another sensation with…


#BTS😍 💗💗💗

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Can you guess who is singing? 


[Legendary]‼️ Huuuuuge S/O to the Big homies @therealatlyingyangtwins 💯💯 brung @ufbtheplymkrs out to close their set in Chicago last night @patiotheater ‼️ @ufbtheplymkrs performed their new single “Ling Ling” produced by @kingz.of debuted from their latest project “P Up” which also features the #YingYangTwins on the self entitled 🅿️🆙 track🔊🔊🔋🔋 Project now available on ALL streaming platforms ‼️ 🌎📲💽(Download link available in bio ) 🔋🔋🔋🔋 s/o 🎥 @ufb_dino @ogskeetheplymkr @erkgtheplymkr @adtheplymkr @ufb__juice #PLYMKRS #PUpGang #UFBShit #plymkrsapparel #chicago #atl #patiotheater #RawFootage #BTS #MuchRespect #PayHomage #OGz #believeinsomethingevenifitmeanssacrificingeverything (at Patio Theater)

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“Answer : Love Myself” performed live will never not make me burst into tears. Just having a whole arena singing along to the words “You showed me I have reasons I should love myself” is so damn powerful. I love these boys and I love the movements they are making with their music 😭💕💕💕

Also Jungkook hugging Hobi on stage is a whole mood. Like same boy… same 😂👏🏻❤️❤️❤️