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Y’all ever stop and wonder if Bts even know what’s going on in the Bts universe ?? Like Min Yoongi you realize you’re a dead man right ??

just rewatched RUN and the lyrics and every scene are making even more sense now like wtf i hurt 😟

Me imagino que ya se enteraron de que la Big Hit hizo un Webtoon en el cual todas nuestras teorías y dudas... serán resultas :D

No es necesario que diga que Jungkook fue el que cambió la descripción ysi si es el único otaku, y en el proceso la flashó y borró el nombre del canal stejungkook boludo

ARMY sale de twitter unas horas y cuando regresa ya hizo de las suyas. Esto es demasiado para mi corazón. 😱😫

เว็บตูนก็มาอะ บิ๊กฮิตมาเองเลย งื้อออ

Sometimes I remember this game exists...and this time happens to be during the limited card event! 💜


Nooooooo!!!! Namjoon and Taehyung in prison Hoseok and Jimin at the hospital Yoongi and Jungkook are dead Link? Meeting?

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"SAMPLE OF MY PASTA" — A Bad Lip Reading of BTS
If the music video for BTS' "Idol" sounded more like it looks.... Available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and Google Play. Follow on Instagram and Twitter: @ba...

I’m not planning on dying any time soon, but I want Sample of My Pasta played at my funeral. Actual samples of pasta optional.

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Sweet and fluffy first time with Tae 😙

it’d be SO cute and I just picture him being so goofy and sweet about it

You would be kissing (but not really) because he’d keep giggling in between kisses. He’d be carrying you to his bed and can’t stop laughing because he keeps stumbling over his feet, partly because he was so excited and giddy to finally be taking this step with you, and partly because he was just a tad bit nervous about this being your first time together.

He’d prep you so well and get you nice and wet for him, and when he actually slides in, he’s kissing all over your face. Your forehead, nose, cheeks, eyelids, lips, chin - any and everything.

And when he’s all the way in, he still, letting out a breathy chuckle as you smile hazily up at him, your hand pinching his cute behind.

“You okay?”

“Does that feel good?”

“Look at me, baby.”

He’d continue to whisper and murmer, his eyes never leaving yours as he moved on top of you, your arms and legs tightly clinging to him.

And when he lays down beside you, still catching his breath, he’d say something along the lines of I can’t wait to do that again, and you laugh and smack his chest.

Send me concepts! :)


#wip literally haven’t been able to move the last two days. I have the flu and it’s pretty savage. Send me good thoughts and lemme know what you do to reduce flu symptoms 🤒😷😭 hopefully this ends soon. Follow just my art @x_alanapancyr .

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