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Night 3: at . (And there’s a bear in Act 1!)

Fyi her real name is Brunnhilde to those who think shes called Valkyrie, hoping they acknowledge this in

Just a dream:3 I know that Loki’s death would be a “good” ending, but this one was too … stupid. I’m just not sure about it:\

English soprano Eva Turner born 10 March 1892. Her operatic career took her worldwide in many roles, including . In later life she taught and coached in both and .

Finally watched last wknd! It was so good! (And I have some new cosplays added to my list thanks ) Figurines courtesy of my awesome coworker! . . .

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My morning croissants are putting me in mind of Wagner

มีคู่หูสายเนิร์ดแล้ว...คู่หูสายเรื้อนก็มี 😂

I'm a brazillian fan and with much proud I read the Tolkien version of the myth!

And so we greet the final & sits on her rock ready for the final chapter TOI TOI TOI to ALL

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sketch of the day: valkyrie, chillin’

deafclintbartn  asked:

thor/valkyrie for the “who does what” ship thing?

thank you for sending one in sweetheart! 😘

insists that they are an awesome dancer even though they’re terrible - ⚡️ thor ⚡️

likes to watch reality tv - valkyrie

refuses to wear pants when they’re home alone - ⚡️ thor ⚡️

is the jealous / protective one - ⚡️ BOTH

goes all out on the holidays - ⚡️ thor ⚡️

cries over books - ⚡️ thor ⚡️

is terrible with kids - valkyrie

drinks too much caffeine - valkyrie

could sleep for twenty-four hours straight - valkyrie

never wears matching socks - valkyrie

punches a tree when they’re angry - ⚡️ BOTH

gets scared by the toaster - neither! i think thor would be delighted.

send me a ship!

vindictiveolympianqueen replied to your post: I swear Marvel are complete shitbags when it comes…

I’d be too scared of them messing up Sigyn and Amora tho. I just don’t have faith in them doing either justice. And then we all know Sigyn, at least, would get fridged just like Frigga did.

Yeah I`m not gonna lie I am scared of that too and them doing their classic 5min screen time of them and then bam their dead with all of them! 

A concept: Brunnhilde is leading the evacuation for the Asgardian refugees. She sends out a transmission requesting aid. Jane Foster, legendary astronomer/astrophysicist, receives her transmission. It’s implied in the first Thor movie in a deleted scene that she was able to open up some semblance of the Bifrost; maybe by now she’s perfected the process, and is able to transport the refugees to Earth. She and Brunnhilde proceed to make out.

okay but can we talk about this line:

valkyrie: your sister, her power comes from asgard, same as yours.

if hela’s power comes from asgard, and destroying asgard is their plan to defeat her, shouldn’t thor’s powers also be gone as well? theoretically?

ego was destroyed when his planet was blown up, and peter quill lost his immortality and powers like immediately.

like, why does thor still have so much power?

anonymous asked:

Thor ragnarok but every time Thor and Bruce get touchy/share fond looks Valkyrie takes a shot

loki, drunk off of his ass: thor- thor look- listen to me- brunnhilde introduced me to this- this fun game

thor, not paying attention, brushing lint off of bruce’s shoulder: uh huh

loki, watching brunnhilde pour another shot: brother, i swear to fucking jesus

Asgardian Mead and Valkyrie

Remember this bit from Age of Ultron?

Well, do you remember that Thor’s full line is “See, this was aged for a thousand years, in the barrels built from the wreck of Brunnhilde’s fleet. It is not meant for mortal men.” I had to rewind that bit twice the last time I watched it to make sure I didn’t mishear Thor. I did not.

Brunnhilde’s fleet.


As in, this Brunnhilde?

Is this the story Asgard believes about how the Valkyries fell, or is it the story of one of their other campaigns? A successful one that nevertheless reduced this “fleet” to wreckage fit for building casks? Whatever it is, Thor seems to consider it a glorious battle, which fits with how much of a fanboy he is of Valkyries.

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