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The Team are still hiding p🎃st Festival, s🎃 pers🎃nal pumpkin carving hasn’t been t🎃 the best standard but here’s a v🎃ice / singing appr🎃priate pumpkin fr🎃m fr🎃m a few years past!

My bestie is considering naming their baby Valkyrie, and I dont think she is prepared for the amount of Wagner I will expose that baby to.

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Just a dream:3 I know that Loki’s death would be a “good” ending, but this one was too … stupid. I’m just not sure about it:\

English soprano Eva Turner born 10 March 1892. Her operatic career took her worldwide in many roles, including . In later life she taught and coached in both and .

Finally watched last wknd! It was so good! (And I have some new cosplays added to my list thanks ) Figurines courtesy of my awesome coworker! . . .

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My morning croissants are putting me in mind of Wagner

มีคู่หูสายเนิร์ดแล้ว...คู่หูสายเรื้อนก็มี 😂

I'm a brazillian fan and with much proud I read the Tolkien version of the myth!

And so we greet the final & sits on her rock ready for the final chapter TOI TOI TOI to ALL

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Y'know… The Takeover is still happening, mortals. So where’s our questions…?

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Hey! Be nice Lackey. The people will ask when they want answers.

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For the last time, its Loki! Respect your prince!

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And I’ve told you, I respect no one. No one but Thor, the King of Asgard, Dr. Banner, and Catherine.

Thor Ragnarok official novel

One thing i love about this is the Loki and Thor relationship we never got in the movie. Loki willingly helps Thor without being cunning or betraying him. I accept this part of the novel as canon. That being said the novel has many flaws. It emphasises a lot on the Thor and Hulk friendship (if you’re all about Thor/Bruce, then you’re going to appreciate it for all the soft moments, especially at the end of the novel) But, i guess that’s what the movie was going for anyway. Everything else is pretty much vague. I think they left a lot of the explanation to the original script than to the novel. For example, the novel doesn’t continue after the Revengers leave Sakaar.

  • Also loki and Thor didn’t have the conversation that they had in the dungeon as we saw in the movie.
  • The grandmaster seems very one dimensional. Tbh, he doesn’t have much depth of character in the movie either, but he’s even more vague in the novel. Surprisingly enough i prefer Grandmaster in the movie than in the novel ‘cause in the novel he had no substance or a proper personality whatsoever. But I’m guessing since this novel is a junior novel, things aren’t explained in detail.
  • Loki knows the way in and out of the hanger. He’s studied the complex thoroughly. Which means Loki knows he will soon need a way out. (Possibly because he was planning to kill the GM)Although,he tells Thor he hasn’t heard a word of what the Grandmaster said while giving him a tour of the palace. Maybe, that’s why Loki doesn’t know the Commodore is an orgy ship?
  • We do know that Loki has introduced himself as an Asgardian and most probably as royalty to the Grandmaster. Which is why he’s allowed to hang out with the Grandmaster’s elite crowd. Also, Loki used his knowledge and mental skills to keep himself alive and in the GM’s good graces (completely different from what most of fandom wants to think)
  • But, then he’s still treated the same as Valkyrie and made to search for the Hulk and Thor when they escape. Basically, he gets ordered around.
  • Everybody on Sakaar agrees on what the GM says, disobeying is out of the question.
  • At one point Loki says he belongs here on Sakaar, but he says that in the GM’s presence, but the moment he is no longer in the GM’s presence he betrays him and agrees to help Thor.
  • At first i didn’t like that the novel emphasises that Loki loves money. Because this is something that is extremely ooc of Loki. But, then i realised that it’s a facade Loki keeps on Sakaar 'cause in the end he willingly helps Thor without giving a care for the GM’s reward.
  • I didn’t like that valkyrie insinuated that loki was just tricks and is untrustworthy, but then this is contradicted by Thor trusting Loki and agreeing on Lokis plan to get them out of Sakaar. All in all the author of the novel says one thing about lokis character and then contradicts himself.
  • Also, they don’t mention the fight between Loki and Valkyrie.
  • Thor was the one who actually chose the Commodore and it wasn’t described as an orgy or a leisure ship. Loki didn’t have much idea about the ships.

Everything in the novel is as far as i can see a shorter version of the script. We are expected to read the script to get the real dialogue between the characters and how their personality is. The novel definitely isn’t enough to understand how things happened in the film.

  • Oh, i need to mention, it’s insinuated that the Grandmaster dies at the end 😐

Tbh, i don’t exactly know why the novel exists. It doesn’t really add anything apart from not villainizing Loki, and showing that Thor isn’t sadistic and enjoys causing Loki pain(that’s about all that’s good about the novel). Everything else in the novel is very vague, and doesn’t explain anything much at all. The script actually gives more details than the novel does.

I’ll be seeing you - Part 17

Pairing : Bucky Barnes x Plus size Reader

Edited by : @plussizeappreciationfics ❤️

Warnings : Angst, Time Travel !!

Word count : 3.1 k

A/N : Shit’s about to go downnnnn 😈

You were in the middle of your sparring sessions with Brunnhilde when you felt the air shift and a pair of eyes shoot daggers behind you. You dodged another of Brunnhilde’s punch and pinned her to the ground. She sighed and you helped her stand up. “You never told me that you could fight”, she mumbled out of breath. You smirked and replied that sometimes you had to use your fists to which she nodded in approval. “May I join your little fight practice?”, you heard the svelte voice again. You rolled your eyes before turning towards him, “Sorry, I’m afraid we’re done here.” He chuckled and stepped inside the room, leaving his knives on the table displayed in the room. “Come on, I know you’re dying to punch me”, he exclaimed and smiled triumphantly when he saw you clench your teeth. “As you wish”, you spat at him with a fake smile.

Both of you got in stance and waited for the other to throw the first punch. You were getting sick of his little turning around and launched at him, to which he dodged easily. You fought for a good 5 minutes before you caught him off guard and punched him square in the face. “You’re right, it does feel good”, you smirked. He groaned in frustration and launched back at you. He managed to pin you against the mattress and straddled your lap to keep you in place. “I’m not gonna deny, I really like to see you in this position”, he said a devilish grin plastered on his face. You groaned and turned him over, making you straddle him instead. “This is much better indeed”, he grinned widely. You looked at him intensely and his smile vanished. “I should kill you for invading New York and threaten one of my friend’s life”, you spat at him. He swallowed harshly before chuckling, “Really out of the bunch, you’re friends with the rightful one? I would never guess.”

“I never said it wa-”, you began but were cut off by Loki. “I have some tricks up my sleeve too”, and pointed with his index at his head. You lifted yourself up from his lap and took a deep breath, calming yourself down. “Who is he?”, you whispered. “Excuse me darling, I didn’t caught that”, he chanted. You rolled your eyes again and repeated the question, “WHO IS HE? The purple one, the one who tortured you?” You looked at him and saw his face pale and his hands shake. He tried to smile but you saw through him. “You don’t need to tell me, your body and eyes speak for themselves”, you mumbled calmly. He cleared his throat and let out a nervous chuckle, “He’s in search for something(s) and once he gets it, we’re all dead already”, he said with a calm but slightly trembling voice. “What does he want?”, you asked cautiously not knowing if you really wanted to know. “The Infinity Stones”, he breathed out. “What are those?”, suddenly Brunnhilde’s voice was heard. You turned around, calming your frantically heat beat at the mention of the stones. “The stones capable of destroying half of life if they came into the wrong hands”, the God of Mischief replied.“Why are you telling us that? Why are you trusting us with such a secret?”, you asked curiously at his actions. He looked deeply into your eyes before declaring, “The only thing I can advise you, is to be ready when the time comes !” Before you could ask him what he meant by that, he vanished, leaving you and Brunnhilde confused.

You headed down to your apartments when a huge shadow walked behind you. “What can I do for you big guy?”, you asked without turning around, aware of the one standing behind you. “You sad”, he exclaimed rather loudly. It was at that exclamation that you finally turned around and looked up at him. “What makes you think that?”, you asked while raising an eyebrow. “Hulk not dumb, Hulk see it in your eyes.” You let out the breath that you were holding and scoffed, “Yeah I know.” He reached out to you and his heavy and large hand gently caressed your hair. You were completely taken aback by the gesture but didn’t back off, fascinated how such a strong and ferocious being could suddenly turn so gentle. “I need to go Champ”, you told him and he nodded. You entered in your room and walked to your bathroom, switching the shower on and entered inside, the warm water splashing down your sore body. After cleaning yourself up, you decided to head down the library. You looked around the different titles, when one caught your attention. You grabbed it and curled yourself up in the couch displayed in the room. It was generally a book talking about space, the planets and stars. You scrolled through the pages until something caught your attention.

‘Chapter 3 : The Beginning’

Before the Universe began, six singularities existed. Some time after the universe exploded into existence, these were formed into the six Infinity Stones by the Cosmic Entities. Each stone represented a different aspect of the universe (Space, Mind, Reality, Power, Soul, and Time).These stones, it seems, can only be brandished by beings of extraordinary strength. These carriers can use the stone to mow down entire civilizations like wheat in a field. Once, for a moment, a group was able to share the energy amongst themselves, but even they were quickly destroyed by it.

You read through the chapter in matter of seconds and reminded the words of the Ancient One, telling you that one of those stones was in the Tesseract. You needed to know more about it and go back to the source of it all. After checking that no one was in the library, you sat down and initiated a connection with the Master of Mystics Arts, none other than the Ancient One. When you reopened your eyes, you stood in front of a wave of stairs. You slowly climbed them on and were face to face with a male silhouette, hidden in the shadows. You only could discern the orange circles. “Identify yourself !”, his voice echoed through the room. “I need to speak with the Ancient One”, you replied. You heard another pair of orange circles being created and figured he wasn’t alone. “Identify yourself, I won’t ask again.” You groaned and your eyes began to sparkle, “And I said that I needed to talk to the Master of Mystic Arts, now call her or die !”

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“I’m the Master of Mystic Arts”, he declared and stepped out of the shadows. You immediately recognized him and he dropped the circles down. “The student has surpassed the master, I see”, you replied firmly. “She’s dead”, he cut through your sarcasm and you swallowed harshly. “I told her she wouldn’t perish by my hands”, you told him and he checked you out. “What are you doing here? How did you even manage to enter the building?”, he asked perplexed. You chuckled and another man stepped out of the shadows also and took a stand next to the man in front of you. “I’m not really here. I created a link because I need some answers.”

Once the threat at the world’s doors, you will be the one creating a link with hope”, he remembered the Ancient One’s words and chuckled. “Excuse me?”, you commented. “You’re Y/N right? Former student of hers?” You only nodded while feeling your body tense. “Tea?”, he asked and you shook your head 'no’. You followed him and saw him sit in on of the armchairs. He pointed at the other and you sat down. “What can I help you with?”, he asked while sipping on his tea but you didn’t answer. Your mind and attention focused on his necklace, feeling drawn to it all over again, like many years ago. He followed your gaze and raised an eyebrow, “What?” You nodded you head to the necklace and asked him what it was. “Nothing of your concern I’m afraid”, he replied back. “It’s of my concern especially if I feel drawn to it. Now tell me, what is it?”, you said through greeted teeth. “It’s impossible”, suddenly the other man whose name was Wong exclaimed. Both of you and Strange turned towards him and he cleared his throat. “Only the chosen one can be drawn to the stones.”

You rolled your eyes and fake smiled, “Well let’s start with that. Why did the Ancient one kept referring me as the 'chosen one’?” Once your words left your mouth, Wong gasped and stepped closer to Strange and whispered something you couldn’t catch, in his ear. “Really? What is this a session of Telephone Game?”, you declared annoyed. Their heads looked up and they laughed loudly while you lifted your arms in the air, in a 'what the hell’ motion. “This is the Eye of Agamotto”, Strange declared and opened the device letting a bright green light shine through the room. “And this is the Time Stone”, he finished. You marched to them and were about to touch the stone when Strange closed the artifact again. “You touch it and you’ll die”, he mentioned. “I’m not sure she will. If she’s drawn to it, she could be able to absorb its power”, replied Wong. “I think there’s a reason why you reached out to me”, declared Strange while brushing his beard with his fingers. “Yeah to get some answers”, you spat back. He shook his head and said, “No. You had to create the link so that now we’re connected. You’re hope. I don’t know for what yet but you’re hope.” You felt something push on your shoulder and spoke up again, “I guess we stay in contact then”, to which he nodded and with that you broke the connection.

When you reopened your eyes you saw Brunnhilde’s worried gaze looking down at you and her hand on your shoulder. “Where have you been? I’ve been trying to get a response from you for the past 10 minutes.” You stood up and apologized, telling her that you had something important to clear up. She didn’t seem convinced but didn’t push further. “Come on, I found a new contender for the big guy and the Grandmaster is requiring your presence anyway.” You rolled your eyes and joked, “What is his obsession with me already?! God he has everyone at his service and yet he requires my attendance.” She only shrugged before replying with a small smile, “I won’t blame him. I kinda enjoy your presence too.” You looked at her in the eyes and she just dropped her head before exclaiming, “Let’s go we’re late.” You followed her to the Grandmaster’s VIP lounge and he smiled brightly when seeing you.

“Ahhh there she is. Come, let me introduce you…what’s his name again?”, he wondered. “Lord of Thunder”, exclaimed his bodyguard emotionless. “Ahhh yes, Lord of Thunder.” He grabbed you by the arm and circled his under yours. You took upon yourself to not make him slap himself again and followed his tracks. In front of you, sat a blond, muscular man that you’re already saw in the Hulk’s and Loki’s memories. “Lord of Thunder, let me introduce you Y/N, who’s from the planet Earth.” The blond man smiled brightly at the mention of 'Earth’ and said, “Lady Y/N it’s an honor to see someone from Midgard. I myself visit the planet and have friends living there.”

“I know”, you slipped. The Grandmaster gave you a confused look and you cleared your throat, “What I meant is that I figure that a Lord as yourself might have been on different planets during his lifetime.” The blond man narrowed his eyes and analyzed you while the Grandmaster laughed loudly and went back to his occupations. You stood in front of the blond man who after being caught, checking you out, smiled again. “Pardon me, I haven’t properly introduced myself. My name is Thor Odinson, God of Thun-”, he began but you cut him off. “I know.” He frowned and you nodded your head towards Loki. When he saw his brother he smiled brightly again. “Loki….LOKI” and caught his attention. He walked fast towards Thor and shushed him, “SHHH”. “What are you doing here Brother?”, the God of Thunder’s eyes lit up. “I’ve been here for a week.”

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“What how?”, Thor asked confused to which Loki only shrugged. “Set me free”, he continued. “I can’t”, replied Loki. “What? Come on, set me free !”, the blond whisper-yelled. “I can’t, I’m in the Grandmaster’s good favors, I can’t compromise my position”, and walked away. “LOKIII”, the blond whisper-yelled again before locking his eyes with you. You could see the pleading in his eyes but Brunnhilde caught you by the arm and dragged you away.

Saying that seeing Thor and Hulk fight wasn’t entertaining would be a lie. You could see that the God of Thunder stayed true to his name when sparkles encircled through the Arena. He kept telling Hulk they were friends but the green giant wouldn’t listen. With a swift hand gesture, you opened up Hulk’s mind and showed him that Thor was right but it didn’t stopped Hulk to throw him a final punch. Later that night, Thor managed to escape his confinement and Brunnhilde and Loki were called by the Grandmaster and forced to find him. His land being in peril, Thor, Hulk that you found out was stuck in the persona of Bruce Banner and Brunnhilde created the Revengers. The name was kinda stupid such as their rescue mission but they carried on with the plan and even brought Loki into it. “Join us”, begged Brunnhilde before entering the space ship. You gave her a small smile before giving her a tight hug. “It is not my fight. Go revenge the death of your loved one”, you whispered in her ear. She stepped back and took a final good look at you. You wished them the best success and hid into your apartments, avoiding the mess and revolution that was occurring outside.

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The Revengers managed to fight off Hela and made their way towards a new home, Earth. That was before their ship was taken hostage by Thanos and his children, leaving behind them destruction and death. “The sun will shine upon us again Brother”, were Loki’s final words directed towards his brother before Thanos killed him.

On Earth, while Stark, Dr.Strange, Wong, Bruce and Peter were trying to fight off Thanos children, Steve, Natasha and Sam came to the rescue to Vision and Wanda. They made their way to T'Challa with Bruce and James Rhodes and reached Wakanda. With the King, his personal guard, the local tribes and Bucky, they marched in direction of death. Aliens by hundreds crossed the highly secured protective shield and they initiated combat. They were in a particular difficult position when Thor, Rocket and Groot arrived at their rescue. “Bring me THANOS”, the ferocious voice of Thor was heard throughout the field. Steve and the rest of the group followed towards Vision’s location and fought out another of Thanos’ child. Wanda had no other choice than sacrificing the love of her life, when Thanos stepped into the Wakandan land. She broke the Mind Stone but that was without counting with Thanos’ possesion of the Time Stone. He reversed time and ended up in killing Vision. 

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Thor came flying to Thanos and rammed the Strombreaker in the middle of his chest, to which the Mad Titan let out a scream of agony. “You should have gone for the head”, he exclaimed before snapping his fingers and leaving Thor a shocked mess. “Steve?”, Bucky mumbled and his friend turned towards him. The former Winter Soldier looked at his hand and grabbed his gun firmly before joining Steve’s position. Thanos’ eyes widened in anger comprehending that the snap didn’t worked out. He took a good look at the Gauntlet and groaned in frustration before reversing time and bringing himself back to Thor’s ship.

Once the reverse time travel completed, he yelled out in anger. “What’s the matter Master?”, asked one of his loyal disciples. The Mad Titan looked at the Gauntlet again and saw that the stones he had collected so far , including the Time Stone, disappeared to the fact that he had to go back in time. “The snap didn’t work”, he groaned angrily. His disciple gasped and asked how that was possible. Heimdal drained his last forces into sending Hulk back to Earth and the Titan marched towards him, ready to kill him all over again. Before he could reach him, Loki grabbed Heimdal and appeared next to Thor. He then grabbed Thor and vanished out of the ship. “FIND THEM”, shouted Thanos furiously.

Loki, Thor and Heimdal appeared in the middle of Strange and Wong’s entrance, panting. Wong reached out to Heimdal and provided him the first health care. “What are you both doing here?”, asked Strange confused. “Our ship was attacked”, declared Thor. “Wizard it’s time now !”, exclaimed firmly Loki, to which Strange frowned in confusion. “What are you talking about?”

“Thanos is on it’s way. The snap didn’t work just as I figured out. He’s coming for all of us and is more than angry”, declared Loki. Strange shook his head,“ I don’t understand.” That was the last straw for Loki who lost it, “THANOS HAD THE STONES, SNAPPED HIS FINGERS IN ORDER TO KILL HALF OF HUMANITY BUT IT DIDN’T WORK BECAUSE THE MAIN POWER OF THE SPACE STONE ISN’T IN THE STONE, IT RESIDES IN Y/N. NOW FIND OUT HOW TO REACH OUT TO HER BECAUSE SHE’S THE ONLY ONE CAPABLE IN STOPPING HIM !”

The man around him looked at him with wide eyes and Strange opened a portal. A couple of minutes before, he came back with none other than Tony Stark beside him. “I heard Earth is in danger again”, he replied sarcastically. “This is not the time to joke Metal Man. The world is in danger and we’ll need every fighter on our side !”, Loki spat at him. The billionaire took a flip phone out of his jacket and looked attentively at it, before placing it on his ear. “We need all of you” were the only words that came out of him. He nodded and flipped the phone close. “We’re expected in Wakanda. Let’s get moving”, he declared to which everyone nodded in understanding. He gave Bruce and Thor a hug, while Loki marched towards Strange. “GET IN CONTACT WITH HER !”, he whisper-yelled through greeted teeth. “On it !”

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I’ll be seeing you - Part 16

Pairing : Bucky Barnes x Plus size Reader

Edited by : @plussizeappreciationfics ❤️

Warnings : Angst

Word count : 4.5k

You followed her, body numb and blank expression on your face, drained from all of your emotions. You would never think that you would see Steve ever again and when you finally did, he let you down. Besides the betrayal, what really hurt was Bucky’s cautious and firm expression when seeing you. You felt all kind of pain in life but seeing Bucky’s face and him not remembering you was by far the most painful moment you’ve ever felt in your life. ’ I lost him again’, your tired and small voice kept whispering in your mind.

Suddenly you noticed the woman caring the name of Brunnhilde stop in her tracks. You looked up at her and saw her frown. “What happened to you?”, she asked. You didn’t respond, clenched your jaw and tried to suppress another fresh wave of tears. “Whatever it was, I’m sorry”, she mumbled quietly. You nodded, thankful for her not pushing more into it. “Come in”, she pointed at the door in front of her. Taking extra precaution, you asked her to enter first. She frowned again and entered the room. When you saw that it didn’t contain any force field or threat you joined her inside. It would have been foolish of her to attempt anything against you. You may have let the Ancient One survive but you wouldn’t let anyone else get away from your fury out this time.

“We’re in my room. I’ll find you some clothes and you can take a shower. After that we can go down to the city and grab something to eat”, she told you. “What’s wrong with my clothes?”, you asked confused. She chuckled slightly before telling you that they would be too obvious for the other citizens’s eyes and they would immediately see that you weren’t from around. Her point was to prevent unnecessary attention towards you. You raised an eyebrow and asked with a firm voice,“ Why? Do you want to keep me hidden?” She was slightly taken aback by the force of your tone and swallowed harshly. “What you did down there is beyond being a warrior. You seem to have powers and if you fall in between the wrong hands, you will be exploited. I don’t want that to happen. As females and warrior, we have to stick together”, she finished.

“Are those ’wrong hands’ that Grandmaster of yours?”, you continued. It was her turn to clench her jaw and declare firmly, “He’s no Master of mine. I’m the Master of my own life, not that lunatic.” You looked at her for a moment and said, “What about that Odin. Is he your Master?” She gasped and in a blink of an eye had you pinned against the wall. Your eyes began to shine brightly and she dropped to the ground, groaning, teeth gritted to contain her screams. “That was your first mistake Brunnhilde. One more and you’re dead”, you told her with a deep voice before stopping what you were doing to her. She sat on the ground, panting and looked at you, fright written all over her face.

“How do you know about Odin? You’ve been to Asgard? Are you Asgardian?”, she breathed out while caressing her neck, trying to alleviate the pain. “I saw it in your memories”, you stated and her eyes widened. “You…you can see people’s memories?” You nodded and added, “Among other things.” She swallowed harshly and stood up. “I don’t have to see people’s memories to notice that you’re being extra cautious, indicating that people hurt you, so I won’t do it again. Let me help”, she said truthfully. “I heard that before. It always starts with ‘let me help’, 'let me help you control your powers’, 'you need professional assistance’, when in fact what I need is everyone to back off and leave me in peace !”, you spat at her.

“I was a Valkyrie. In my country, the Valkyries are trained by the best warriors and are Odin’s personal guard. Odin is the Protector and God of the Nine Realms. My duty was to protect Asgard against evil threats, even the ones related to the Protector. That’s how - ” “That’s how you lost her”, you whispered. She clenched her teeth and nodded, pain crossing her features. “I know what it’s like to lose your loved one. I’ve lost mine more times that it’s humanly possible.”

“I won’t hurt you !”, she stated with a quiet but firm voice. “Alright, I will trust you on this one, but if you fuck up, I hope you had a good life because it will be the end of you.” Brunnhilde gave you a firm nod and reached her hand to you. You eyed her one last time before accepting her hand and shake it, the move sealing that promise. “Now let’s get you out of these clothes”, she told you with a raspy voice. You alleviated the pain she was feeling in her neck, by tricking her into believing that she was fine. She felt the knot on her throat vanish and looked at you with wide eyes but didn’t question how you managed to do that. “How are we gonna reach the store without you being seen?”, she mumbled to herself. “What’s the usual attire around here?”, you asked and she responded that it was leather. “Lead the way”, you told her. She was about to interject but you gave her a knowing look and she cleared the path. You looked at her clothes and tricked every mind on your way to the store into believing that you were wearing the same type of clothes. When you reached at the store without incident, she turned to you. “Alright you have to tell me how and what you did right know, for anyone to notice you.” You let out a small smirk but it quickly faded away, when the early events on earth popped in your mind. She saw the so familiar feeling of pain flash your eyes and let you be.

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“What can I do for you Scrapper 142?”, asked the owner of the store. “We need some clothes for my friend here”, replied Brunnhilde while pointing at you. The owner’s facial expression switched completely once seeing what you were wearing. They stepped closer, inspecting up close your attire and you tensed. “Hmm I know exactly what you need.” After a while they came out with a flash orange leather attire, making your face cringe. “Seeing your reaction I guess you don’t like the color”, the owner said with a small smile. “Do…do you have something in dark blue and without a cape?”, you asked her and they smiled brightly. “I have just the perfect attire !” They went backdoor again searching for your request and Brunnhilde handed a flask your way. “Want some?”, she asked. 'Fuck it’, you thought and took a large gulp of the beverage. You felt it burn down your throat, the feeling somehow comforting you. “Thanks”, you mumbled to which she only nodded.

The owner came back with a dark blue leather suit, ornamented with gold and indicated you the changing room. A few minutes later you came out, dressed in the tight fitting suit, hugging all your curves perfectly and the owner smiled widely again. “It looks absolutely stunning on you”, they exclaimed and clapped. You raised your eyebrow and looked at yourself in the mirror. Since the 40’s you haven’t changed a bit. You had the same face  but with a lifetime of misery reflected in your eyes. Brunnhilde appeared next to you and followed your gaze. She was about to reach your hair when you tensed. “Can I?”, she asked quietly. You finally nodded and she put your hair in a ponytail. “What about some make-up to perfect the outfit?”, you both heard the owner of the shop speak behind you. You took another good look of your face and declared, “Make it badass. I’m done playing nice !”. Brunnhilde next to you smirked and nodded towards the owner, who was already fumbling through their store.

You got back into your clothes and the owner reached you a large bag with your suit and clothes in the same color palette. “What can I do to repay you?”, you asked them. “It’s alright, you seem new in Sakaar. Let’s say it’s on the house. I’m sorry I couldn’t find other pieces but I’m afraid my memory is decreasing with age.” You nodded and with a discreet handshake, brought every single one of their memories back. The person in front of you gasped, astonished seeing forgotten moments of their past and looked at both of you with teary eyes. You winked at them and got out of the story, Brunnhilde hot on your trails. “Did you do something to them?”, she asked curious. You didn’t have to look her way to see the forming smirk appear on her face and you smirked automatically in response. Something about her made you feel incorrigible, reminding you the rebel child you used to be, always provoking your parents.   For the first time in a long time you began to feel like you belonged somewhere.

Meanwhile on Earth

It has been 4 months since you appeared on the tarmac in Germany. After you stepped through the portal, the two groups initiated combat because Steve refused to let Bucky go. The true split occurred once Tony Stark discovered that Bucky was responsible for his parents’ death. The Avengers were no more and the group officially split up. It also didn’t help that the  Captain’s allies were send to the Raft. Two months after the fight, Natasha Romanoff switched sides and joined Steve, who was hidden in Wakanda.

Four months during which Steve and Bucky were devastated. Steve for seeing you alive and Bucky after the images of your common life, flash before him. Steve couldn’t keep your pained and broken face out of his mind, your words always replaying, “All those years where I had your back and this is how you repay me by supporting a stranger over your friend? Your Sister?” His guilt amplified when Bucky told him what he saw when he grabbed the engagement ring and when Wanda confirmed his sayings. That day he left the room to take some fresh air, tears brimming his eyes. “It’s not your fault”, the so-not unknown voice was heard behind him. “I let her down”, he sobbed. She sat beside him and patted on his shoulder until he finally turned her way. He took her in his arms and hugged her, seeking for a shoulder to cry on. Natasha let him cry out his pain and after a while he disengaged the hug. “I’m sorry you were in the position where you had to choose between her and me”, she said while looking down. He nodded not really knowing what to reply and cleaned his face. “What are you doing here anyway? Did Stark send you?” She shook her head and told him she was no longer on his team. “You know that we will have to hide and be on the run all the time !” “I know”, was all she answered.

“How’s Barnes?”, she asked curiously. Steve clenched his jaw and looked at her. “Not good. He’s devastated and blames himself for not recognizing her. He remembered everyone that he encountered during his Winter Soldier days but doesn’t remember the love of his life. He’s pretty shaken up”, Steve said. She nodded in understanding and replied, “Give him some time. I’m sure she will come back.” Steve’s eyes lit up and asked her how she would know. “Once you’re happy enough to find your true love, you just don’t leave like that. Give her some time. She’s also been through a lot.”

Both of them joined the others in the room and when Sam and Wanda saw Natasha behind Steve, they took a defensive stance. The Captain calmed them down and she guaranteed them she was on their side. “Where’s Bucky?”, his long-time friend asked. His allies in the room looked elsewhere, refusing to make eye-contact before T'Challa finally grabbed him. “Follow me.” They entered another room and Steve’s eyes widened in shock. “You can’t be serious”, he yelled out to Bucky who had a blank expression on his face. “Cyro? Really?”, Steve continued. “Steve, I just can’t stay awake when there’s still a risk that someone might trigger the Winter Soldier. I won’t risk it.” His friend scoffed and shook his head, “Don’t do this, I need you right now.” Bucky swallowed harshly and looked at Steve with teary eyes, “I’m sorry but I can’t. I can’t sit here and wonder every second of the day where Y/N is. I’m broken, I need help Steve. I let her go again. I know now, I know how much she means to me and can’t look at myself in the mirror because the only face I see, is the one that broke her heart. I just can’t”, he said with a broken voice, while silent tears streamed down his face. Steve slowly nodded and replied with a broken voice, “Ok Bucky.” 5 minutes later, Bucky was put in Cyro again until Shuri came up with a solution to remove the trigger words out of his mind.

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Back to Sakaar

While it has been 4 months since the combat on Earth, you have been in Sakaar for two weeks. You’ve been able to stay under the radar and haven’t been accosted by that so-called Grandmaster yet. Today was another of their infamous gladiatorial fights called 'The Contest of Champions’ and for the first time since you’ve been on the planet you decided to join Brunnhilde and watch it. The Arena was boiling with excitement, everyone screaming and cheering.

“Welcome everybody! Hey, let’s have a big round of applause for all of today’s contenders who have died so gruesomely! Good sports! Let me introduce to you the final contender for tonight, the one who will have the privilege to try and defeat my precious Champion”, the Grandmaster’s voice was heard throughout the Arena. You gave a knowing look to the Valkyrie and she shrugged in acknowledgment. “I’m sure it’s not happening but hey we’re in Sakaar here, the planet where everything is possible”, continued the Grandmaster sarcastically. The contender stepped inside the Arena, his weapon shaking in his hands, clearly scared of the battle. “And now, my amazing, magnificent and powerf-”, the Grandmaster began but a loud roar cut him off. The Champion, huge and green, jumped inside the Arena and roared loudly, giving the audience a pure show. “He’s gonna kill him in a heart beat”, you turned to Brunnhilde. “It’s nothing knew”, she mumbled while taking a large gulp of her beer. “Is anyone gonna intervene?”, you asked worried. “Nope”, she breathed out.

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You saw the Champion launch on his victim who was screaming in anticipation. You had two options : ignore what was about to happen or intervene. You chose the latter. You tricked the Champion into thinking that he was plastered on the ground, giving the other contender time to runaway. The Champion roared angrily and you smirked. After that you planted into the contender the way he needed to take in order to escape and you saw him contour every guard trying to catch him. “What is happening?”,asked the Grandmaster annoyed in the speaker. When you saw that the contender was out of the place you dropped the imagination of the green beast and he fell to the ground. “Wha-What sorcery is this? Royal Guard find the responsible !”, shouted the Grandmaster. You smirked proudly and turned towards Brunnhilde who wasn’t happy. She gave you a judgmental look and shook her head, “You have no idea in what kinda mess you just put yourself in !”

“Is that so? Let’s have a chat with that so-called Master !”, you spat at her. Her eyes widened, “No, no, no, no that’s a terrible idea.” You smirked even wider and declared, “One more reason to do it.” You opened a portal and ended up in the middle of the Arena, 30 feet away from the Champion’s position. “I heard you were looking for me?”, you said out loud. Unfortunately, the Arena was so loud that you had to yell once again, “SHUT UP !!!” Suddenly the quiet resided and you saw the Grandmaster from his private loge looking down at you. “YOU WANTED THE RESPONSIBLE, HERE I AM !” It was silent for a few minutes before the Grandmaster cracked up and laughed loudly. “Yo-….you're…oh god I can’t. I’m cryin-….I’m crying right now. You’re funny”, he stuttered. Not being taken seriously, with one swift of your hand, the Champion was projected 50 feet afar. After that you opened a portal and the next second you were next to the Grandmaster and whispered in his ear, “Do you still think this is funny?” He let out a shriek scream, scared to have you so close to him.

“Well…now, now that we have the responsible. Tell me why did you sabotage our precious fight?”, he cleared his throat and asked. “It is not a fight if you know that the opponent has absolutely no chance”, you told him bitterly. “It’s the law of the strongest that matters here dear”, he smirked in amusement. You gave him a deathly stare and said through greeted teeth, “If it’s that way I only have to look at you and you would be lying death at my feet. How does that sound?” He laughed again and said “Aww look at that, she’s threatening me. Guards !!”, he screamed the order. 

With one look you had all of the guards on their feet, screaming in agony. Your eyes began to shine brightly and the Grandmaster stepped closer towards you, almost touching you but took his hand away once you directed your look his way. “Fascinating…what else can you do?”, he smiled widely. “Sir”, called his bodyguard out but he shushed her. He clapped his hands together and sighed happily, “You might be my new Champion.” “NO!”, you spat at him. “You really have to stop upsetting me otherwise I will have to take actions”, he giggled clearly trying to hide his frustration, but you saw clear in his game. With a swift of your hand, you made him slap himself across the face and he look at you shocked. “I will not be on anyone’s orders anymore and whoever and I saw WHOEVER no matter the status steps in front of me and tries to fight or control me, will perish. Is that clear?”, you declared firmly. 

He cleared his throat and frowned, “What do you want then?” You thought for a second before telling him your claiming, “I want to walk freely on this planet without having to hide myself or my powers. I want access to your personal library and I want to be free.” You eyed him up and down and he smiled, “Granted. Now I have my own claiming to do.” You waited for him to talk further and he said, “You will have to join me for dinner every day and tell me everything about yourself.” You frowned at his request, confused why he would ask you that. “Why do you require my presence? I’m no one.” He chuckled and turned around you, checking you out, “Dear that’s where you’re wrong. You are not no one. You’re THE one, the prophecy.” You closed your eyes annoyed of everyone telling you the same thing without telling you the chosen one of what. “THE one of what? What is that supposed to mean?”, you spat at him. “Shush shush let’s not get ungrateful now. I will tell you once you accept my condition. Dinner. Every. Night !” You took a deep breath and agreed, “Fine!” to which he smiled and clapped. “Beautiful”, he chanted, to which you rolled your eyes. At the corner of the room, you saw Brunnhilde shake her head upset and her eyes giving you the 'I told you so’ look. You shrugged it off and the Grandmaster declared your claiming out loud so that everyone knew that you were part of Sakaar now.

It’s been 2 months since you confronted the Grandmaster and saying that his eccentric behavior was pleasing you would be a lie. Sure, he had his funny moments but you were definitely not warming up to him. That’s why you only confessed him the bare minimum about your life, sometimes even going further and tricking his mind into believing whatever lies you were throwing out at him. You were currently sitting at the edge of the city, looking out to it and memories of your hometown popped into your skull. Every single day you would isolate yourself somewhere you knew it was deserted and cried your heart out, Bucky’s expression and Steve’s behavior dancing over and over before you. “Hey what are you doing here all by yourself?”, you heard Brunnhilde’s voice behind you. She sat next to you and saw the last tears sliding down your face. She gently cupped your chin and cleaned them off. You saw her concerned face and gave her a small smile, “Don’t worry about me.”

“You never told me where you’re from”, she commented. Your gaze turned her way and out of nowhere you asked her, “Do you want to see?” Her eyes lit up and she nodded. Both of you stood up and you opened a portal and took her hand in yours, guiding her inside the portal. You landed on the top of the Empire State Building and she gasped. It was night in New York, the lights glowing throughout the city. “Welcome to New York on Earth”, you told her. “You’re from Midgard?”, she said. You raised an eyebrow and she chucckled, “It’s how we call this planet back in Asgard.” You nodded and said 'yes’. “But I’m not from here precisely. I’m from Brooklyn. Let’s take a cab.” She frowned and replied, “A what?” to which you laughed. “Come on Asgardian, follow me.”

“Where do you think you’re going?”, you suddenly heard a male voice behind you and stopped in your tracks. You recognized the voice and turned slowly his way, facing him. “And who are you?”, he asked Brunnhilde, when he took a good look at her. When she was about to take her sword and reply you impeached her. “She’s my friend, what do you want metal man?”, you told him with a firm voice. “You’re not easy to find. I’ve been tracking you day and night for the past year.” You were taken aback by his words and replied, “Did you just say 'past year’?” and he raised an eyebrow at your question before nodding. “Time passes differently where we are then in here. What for us is two weeks, it’s 4 months here.”

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“Anyway. I’m Tony Stark. I…was a friend of Rogers”, his voice cracked at Steve’s name. “Why did you leave?”, he finally asked. “It’s not your business”, you replied slightly annoyed. “What you did that day, how did you do it?”, he asked with a smirk, curiosity getting the best of him. “Is this an interrogation or what?” He shook his head and chuckled before stepping out of his metallic suit. “No but I just want to know whenever you’re an ally or an enemy.” You glanced at Brunnhilde and she nodded. “I’m only your enemy if you attempt anything against me. Will you cross me over, Stark?”, you said your tone going firmer at the mention of his name. “I won’t”, he declared. “What brings you back to Earth?”, he asked. “I just want to show my new friend where I grew up.” He nodded in understanding and walked back to his suit. “Hmm alright then”, he said while entering in the suit. Before he flew away he recommended, “She should try the hot-dogs”, and with that, disappeared into the sky. You chuckled and shook your head, while Brunnhilde looked at you with an astonished face. “Don’t ask, I don’t know myself”, you told her when you saw her puzzled look.

After showing her where you were born and raised, the street leaving you a bittersweet taste and after eating a hot-dog, you returned back to Sakaar. “The Grandmaster is requesting your presence immediately !”, his bodyguard spat at both of you. You rolled your eyes and followed her. “Ahhh ! There she is. Where have you been? You’ve missed 5 dinners. You’re failing your promise”, the Grandmaster pouted. You mentally rolled your eyes and faked a smile, “I’m sorry I didn’t see the time pass by.” He nodded annoyed and declared with a smirk, “Good thing this gentleman came to my humble dwelling and kept me company” and pointed at the opposite wall. A man with raven black hair, a blue and yellow suit marched forward with a mischievous smile plastered on his face. Immediately memories of his life flashed in front of you and you gave him a deadly stare. He stepped forward and tried to take your hand but you took a step back. “Don’t worry, she’s like that with everyone”, reassured the Grandmaster his new friend. The man in front of you chuckled before exclaiming with a svelte voice, “ It’s an honor to finally meet you !” You frowned at the mention of the word 'finally’ and he smirked even more. “My name’s Loki Laufeyson Odinson, rightful heir of Asgard and I’m looking forward to spend some time with you.”

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“In your dreams!”, you replied hatred filling your voice. He chuckled again not fazed by your words and stepped forward. He leaned down and whispered in your ear, “Trust me Y/N, we have a lot to talk about. All the answers you’re looking for, I posses them.” He stepped back to his initial position and winked at you. You narrowed your eyes and he smiled mischievously.

Back on Earth

“Steve she appeared on the Radar?”, Sam entered the hotel room. “Where?” Sam handed him the tablet and Steve look at it attentively. “New York”, he breathed out. “And Brooklyn and she wasn’t alone”, continued Sam. “With who was she?”, asked Natasha from her bed. “Female but I checked the base and she’s nowhere. I don’t think she’s from this planet”, replied Sam cautiously. “What makes you thing that?”, asked Steve perplexed. Sam slid to the next picture and Steve discovered the female by your side. “Her clothes”, commented Sam. “Where is Y/N now?”, asked Steve with a little of hope. Sam dropped his head and whispered, “Vanished and there’s more”, to which Steve let out the breath he was holding onto. “Stark managed to find her first”, he said and slid to the next picture captured by the Empire State Building’s cameras. Steve sighed and nodded, “Alright, let the tracker run and when she’s back on radar, we’ll get to her first. And not a word to Bucky about this. He just got out of Cyro and I don’t want him to feel bad again.” “It won’t be easy. He does live in the most advanced country, tech-wise”, exclaimed Natasha. Steve sighed again and replied, “ I know but for now let’s keep this for ourselves”, to which the two other Agents nodded.

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your honest opinion ☕️ ... thorbruce, thorhulk, thordall, thorjane, thorki, thorg, thorval, and bonus: thornir ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Thorbruce: Thor: Ragnarok was basically a gay romcom starring them! Like, ugh, they were so good in that movie, so friendly, so touchy feely, and Thor was super respectful of Bruce’s choice not wanting to turn into the Hulk. Like, the most wholesome ship ever and 10/10!

Thorhulk: “Friends” from work AKA lovers and kindred spirits that meet once again and even if Hulk won’t admit it, he loves Thor for viewing him as an actual person instead of a mindless monster like the people of Earth see him according to him. Like c’mon, Hulk was genuinely sad when Thor jumped out that window! “Friend stay!” I know Huk, I know. So, a good tier ship.

Thordall: UGH! ONE OF THE MOST UNDERAPPRECIATED SHIPS EVER THAT NEEDS MORE LOVING! And people needa stop saying shit like, “Heimdall is a father figure for Thor though.” BITCH, Thor literally said they were best friends and clearly loved him a lot when, you know, that happened. :”( Y’all expect me to believe they didn’t fooled around? Good ship!

Thorjane: Eh, I see it but I am not an avid fan I’m sorry. Give Jane a girlfriend instead tho!

Th*rk*: No.

Thorg: OH, honestly I do kinda ship them, kinda, my lil gay heart sure ships it! I haven’t seen literally any art of them, but yeah they would be cute together. And Korg, bless his heart, he’s always so positive and always humorous when things are dire. Exactly like Thor be like. COMPATIBLE! Good ship! Wholesome and cute!

Thorval: I honestly do see it, and get it, but I don’t ship it and I honestly think Val would be Guccier with a woman. If only they didn’t deleted that scene, y’all know the one!

Thornir: It took me a second to figure it out but, no, I’m sorry but, I don’t ship characters with inanimate objects. dsighdsakjghadlkjgas 


I thought I’d be sneaky and take her picture while she’s sleeping, because she’s far too twitchy and active to get a clear picture while she’s awake, but the noise of the camera lens focusing woke her up.

Playing referee between my new kitten and my established cat has really brought home just how much of feline communication is non-verbal. The following scenario has played out on multiple occasions over the past week:

1. Established Cat is just sitting around chilling.

2. New Kitten comes bounding up like “… friend???”

3. Established Cat bristles, growls, and raises her paw to smack New Kitten.

4. Established Cat pauses, paw suspended in the air.

5. Established Cat looks at me.

6. I give Established Cat a pointed glare.

7. Established Cat lowers her paw, huffs, and proceeds to try as best she can to ignore New Kitten.

8. New Kitten has, of course, completely missed the subtext of this entire exchange, and is still like “… friend???”.

Loki’s outfit on Sakaar

So, we all know that Loki’s cape on Sakaar was a gift from the Grandmaster. And it was the only one mentioned to be a gift, so does this mean that Loki had to.. buy his entire outfit 😐. I can just imagine Loki after the Grandmaster is like “meh, you got magic! We don’t see those every day”, and was now going to be like one of those courtiers/officials(should we call them that?) who were allowed to be at the tower, was told to go to the tailors to choose and buy himself an outfit. Loki obviously has a lot of precious items with him that he can trade to get himself the best materials. In order to increase his hold in the new position, he decides to not go with his trademark green as well.

But the tailors don’t just make outfits but also make insignias (on Loki its that ‘V’ shaped symbol on his chest. It was mentioned to be an insignia in the Marvel visual dictionary) that would allow the person access to the Grandmaster’s territory. Its like an ID. I imagine everyone allowed in the Grandmaster’s tower had an insignia of their own. That Insignia most probably also had some hidden technology that the wearer didn’t know about.

Of course, Loki chooses his weapons as well (the fact that they are blades in a way supports my realisation that he bought everything himself). The Yellow cape was either given to him before or after he had his new outfit.

This is probably why Loki completely changed his cape (colour and material) after leaving Sakaar but kept his outfit almost the same, except for changing the colour to a deep green.

One of the fun things about adopting a pet is finding out which things are new experiences for them. My new kitten, for example, is literally bouncing with excitement as she intently watches me fold a shirt, because apparently she’s never experienced “doing laundry” before.