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I really just had to share. I’m having a great week; and, it’s only Wednesday! ❤️ I’m feeling a bit better thanks to some of my latest Bulu Box items - more on that later. 😉 My daughter Alyssah made steak, asparagus, eggs, and toast for brunch today. It was fabulous. I may or may not steal my snap for you later. We’ll see… This is the first time I’ve earned 1000 tokens in QUIZme which earns a deluxe PINCHme box; and, I apparently have one on the way - probably the December PINCHme box. I’m super excited; but, still seeing how much further I can go. My weekly goal is 150 tokens. I raise it each time I meet the goal within the week. If you take smaller steps instead of setting your sights on the finish line, soon you’ll be past the goal. My very first Bzzcampaign has been confirmed and my very first Bzzkit is on the way! Another thrilling first for me! I know these things take time. Yet, I still check the mail multiple times a day. 😂 Thanks BzzAgent! I’m really looking forward to it. Hopefully, this is just one of many collaborations. I apply to every campaign I know I can complete each time I see one. One of my daily goals is to try something new that makes me a better version of myself. I recently downloaded the Influenster app and have been working on it. I just completed my first Voxbox pre-survey! Fingers crossed. I find having a positive outlook is one of the best assets. Even if you’re not a good match this time around, remaining positive and working toward your goal will move you closer to achieving it. I suppose this sets the bar pretty high for the weekend. 😁

It’s like cake pops, but for waffles 😆 Happy Waffle Wednesday! On this version of “why am I like this,” I made waffle sticks & drizzled, dipped & garnished them with melted carob chips & nonpareils. I know this isn’t how you’d normally enjoy waffles, but I’m just creating examples of how there are so many DairyFree, EggFree & RefinedSugarFree ways to still enjoy your faves with just a few swaps!

Back to foodposting! I had some vegan fishsticks, that I wrapped in a tortilla with some veggies, a simple dill dip made from soy yogurt and of course tons of ketchup. The fishsticks surprisingly tasted quite similar to actual fishsticks, at least as I remember them. In any case, while this was a bit of a fridge cleaning meal, it was very delicious. Plus I took this lovely picture, so I just had to share. ;-)