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Microsoft's new chromium powered edge browser . . Follow us .octagon for more amazing content . .

- project (Luis-v-Ahn/Ben-Maurer/Colin-McMillan/Harshad-Bhujbal/Manuel-Blum), properly in --v52.9.0 & Firefox-v56.0.2, Pls support those , Many still using. ⒮ use /etc.

Does Use Cookies? Cookies are an unavoidable part of browsing the . These tiny snippets of plain text code are installed on with the aim of creating a better user experience and improving some aspects of a ’s performance.

One of the major hurdles that web developers, as well as app developers, face is testing their website/app across different browsers.

We've just released Firefox 66 and Chrome 73 on all Windows platforms - try them now!

Tips On How To Enable Private Browsing In Your Browser - CLICK TO CONTINUE =>>

Tip: Browsers are one of the most common security holes if you don't keep them up to date. Keep those updated! 🛡️

. presents modern browser APIs employed in accelerating resource loading and page rendering, in the pursuit of performant mobile . Get your ticket!

Speaker card for Henri Helvetica. Session title: Planet of the APIs.

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In the coming months, the search engine giant will take further measures in the sense of the European Commission. This involves the free choice of the Internet browser and the search engine.

Could someone explain to me why Safari on iOS 9 gets angry when I highjack his console and talk about his momma?

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RT bgdftw: Mozilla Firefox 66 Now Available for Download on Windows, Linux, and macOS

Mozilla Firefox 66 Now Available for Download on Windows, Linux, and macOS

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Frontend developer handbook, a guide on frontend development

Last time we asked you to rethink frontend testing. That could help you create maintainable web apps easier! Now we found last year’s frontend developer handbook, a guide on frontend development. It might be used as a useful recap, but at the same time, this edition might be actual as…

New Firefox 64 interface features

This December the new version of Firefox was released. Mozilla Hacks team prepared the list of the new Firefox 64 interface features and Syndicode is happy to share it with you!
New Firefox 64 interface features:

multiple tab selection, which makes it easier to manage windows with many open…