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''Confidence comes from discipline and training.'' -Robert Kiyosaki Today's code for reward is: TRAINING

Heute bei der Digital Design Bar im präsentieren Kreative Projekte an der Schnittstelle zwischen Design und Programmierung. zeigt eine Kampagne für Reifen im Form eines und spielerische Typografie.

Вежливость это приятно не спорю но примитивные игры где рулит донат не все любят 😀

Don't forget to use all of your Support attacks in War Zone today 😉 Here is the today's code/reward: SUPPORT

Upgrade your army by choosing the right ammo within the Army setup section! 😉 Today's code/reward: MUNITION

+1 developer of questionable online blacklisted games 😡 геймплей напоминает кучу всплывающих окон (в интернете) с сомнительной рекламой которую кстати никто не любит.

New sequel to game serie. → Farm Clash 3D. Enjoy the right battle at the ! Are you interested in playing at subway station? Then check previous Subway Clash 3D. .

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🇬🇧 According to Newzoo's 2018 Global Game Report, browser games indorsed 4.3 billion dollars. 🇹🇷 Newzoo'nun yayınladığı 2018 Global Oyun Raporu'na göre web tabanlı oyunlar 4.3 Milyar Dolar ciro elde etti.

We have just released a , that improves the early/mid game experience (under e30), but also significantly improves late game (e110+) progression. Check more on

Make sure to use free rewards EVERY DAY! 😉 Here's the today's code/reward: DISTANCE

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“Blade Hunter Alpha will be live from 10:00 AM EST on December 12th, 2013, to 10:00 AM EST on December 18th.  (that’s 11:00 PM GMT +8 on December 12th to 11:00 PM GMT +8 on December 18th).

The aim of the Alpha is to test Blade Hunter and discover bugs.  All character information will be cleared after the Alpha ends.

Players can join the Alpha by logging in through either the main R2Games site or Blade Hunter site with your R2Games account. We’re looking forward to hearing from you, so head over to the forums and share your ideas!”