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want you to join us on our first event at this is one venue with a history of and would you dare and find out what remain here

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Person Mugged in Wild Park this afternoon and they stole his pride and joy of a bike. They rode off towards If anyone has any info please contact

โ€˜I have no idea what all these knobs and switches actually do, but thereโ€™s no doubting that with a machine like this you couldnโ€™t help but become a massive ...โ€™ the latest on the Noted from John Helmer

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In a seamless endless supply of Ice Cream parlours in , we visited one of the new ones. is just down from the clock tower in the centre of town. Mmmm, warm just cooked cookie dough and ice cream! Read more here ...

We did it! A whole dayโ€™s bus services using โšก๏ธ๐ŸšŒ๐Ÿ˜ Pete had a nail-biting finish, 4% left at .. and arrived back at the depot on 0.0% - no joke ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜Šโšก๏ธ๐ŸšŒ๐Ÿ‘

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That's right! Starting tomorrow, and for all of half term, kids eat free. Join us from 12-9 Monday till Friday this week, and any kid under 10 can eat for free with the purchase of any main or classic meal.

Why when the bin is full do people not use another bin? More bins or more regular emptying?

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NEW SPECIAL! Come try our new special this week, the Chicken, Mozzarella and Pesto CRUNCH! Get it before itโ€™s gone!

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Dianne in Brighton with her Sugg family 🥰

The song that needs a post of it’s own:

Forest Fire - Brighton

I can’t even begin to describe how wonderful this song is. This song makes me nostalgic, happy, sad, excited, lonely, depressed, enthusiastic, exhilarated and every other emotion, all at once! So, this song, for me, symbolizes life, it’s ups and downs, it’s parts where we feel like we’re the only ones who are going through that particular lonely feeling while everyone else is having the time of their lives, it’s parts where we’re so happy and full of hope that we’re positive that we can handle any of our problems.

I discovered this song from a fan video of Mike and Eleven of Stranger Things. The fan video is beautiful and I think there is no other song that fits Mike and Eleven more perfectly.

I have been wanting to document my football watching experience of various teams from respective competitive leagues around the world to have an immersive football watching experience, also to connect with respective Football fans to interact and share their football watching experience and persepectives.

For today 16.02.2019, Saturday, I have selected below four matches to begin & document my football watching journey 😊

English League One

8.30pm - Southend x Portsmouth

FA Cup

8.30pm - Brighton x Derby County


10.30pm - Schalke x Freiburg

10.30pm - Stuttgart x Leipzig

My thoughts 💭

(1) Southend x Portsmouth

I have not been following English Championships One for many years and i am looking forward to see once again how Portsmouth has been performing since fall from Premier League.

I have never heard of Southend team, will be watching them with fresh eyes 👀. Hopefully be an exciting match 🤞🏽

Prediction : Comfortable win for Portsmouth 🤞🏽

(2) Brighton X Derby County

I am more excited to watch this FA Cup tie and I reckon this match match could serve some surprise upset by Derby County.

Prediction : Nail biting win for Derby County, 2-1.

(3) Schalke x Freiburg

Evenly matched tie would give some glimpse of how Schalke would be playing against Man City in R16 UCL match. Expecting a draw match!

(4) Stuttgart x RP Leipzig

This should be an easy match for RP Leipzig aginst Bundesliga relegation threatened Stuttgart.


Lovely day with four different couples guiding them through their first throw on the wheel @artinhove Not just for #valentinesday2018 but Mon to Sat. Fancy you chances of making a bowl? Don’t worry you can. You know you want to @latestbrighton @visit.brighton @brightonmums @sussexlifemag @ceramicreview @claycrafting @thesussexguild #clay #handthrown #practicalceramics #loveclay #brighton#hove #theflyingpotter (at Art Shop And Pottery)

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