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Would like to hear from the following on the breaking news of the severe of towards females: 1) They paid $90 million to make the series which Max Landis wrote. (Pledge NOT to watch.) 2 (who is starring in the series

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💛The duo for anyone with tired, dull skin 💛 🍋 1: Apply a thick layer of our , leave on for 10 mins = 🍋 2: Apply our = giving it that ‘flash’ effect

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When I would attend parties hosted by civilians it was inevitable that some very attractive young lady would corner me. At some point, she would seductively ask “What would you do if I lit up a doobie right now”? I don’t like drama. I don’t like being played. I don’t like some one trying to make me uncomfortable for their own amusement. I would reply “You just go ahead and do that, but please give me the courtesy of letting me leave first”. < found on Quora— now is thisMr Jakoby or what?!?


I feel I’ve made the mistake of not writing him as articulate as this omg 😂💛