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Sometimes you’re lost in the words. Sometimes you’re just trapped in them. • • • • • • • • Flashback to a “group build” shoot I did back in school in 2015. Model: anon

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Fave Animated Movies 3/10: Frozen

Frozen is my most recent favorite Disney movie. While it has been slightly overplayed I don’t think I will ever get tired of it. This movie is so sweet and dark at the same time and I love it. Elsa is so amazing. She shoulders so much responsibility when she is so young that she is kind of forced to grow up and become the strong independent woman that she is. I do wish we could see a little more of her aside from her powers and her responsibilities as queen because I think there is a lot more to her that would just make me like her more. Anna is such a genuinely bright and happy and trusting character with such a big heart but she still has some sass and strength. Her light is just so infectious. Kristoff definitely tells it how it is and can be standoffish and serious but he really does have a good heart and is very respectful and a gentleman. He’s basically a teddy bear. Sven and Olaf are just adorable and lovable and so important and helpful. Hans is such a good villain because he is so easy to hate. He’s unique for Disney because he puts up such a facade and gets so close to Anna while secretly just plotting to destroy her life without any remorse. Anna and Kristoff are so cute because they’re both kind of awkward and adorable around each other. Their personalities offset each other really well but they both have the biggest heart with so much love to give. I love all of the music because it’s so upbeat and uplifting and energetic. The movie itself can get really dark and sad sometimes where it seems like there’s no way to save things but they always find a way. I love that this is a story really about family and how strong that bond is. Anna and Elsa do anything and everything they can to help each other. This movie is so much about accepting yourself and everything that makes you you but also accepting help from others and realizing that you have people that love you that you can lean on.

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What do nick and Callie do about morning breath when they morning sex?

In the first draft of Bell Peppers I specifically had a part where he was initiating it but Callie wiggled away cause she had to go brush her teeth 😂 idk how people do that unless they just have a tolerance to morning breath hahaha

So in all: morning sex doesn’t happen much with them 🌝 unless they’ve already been up all night and it’s more of a continuation