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You've missed because you were marching at ? Fear not, there is a link to click on: We discussed and... the Golan Heights!

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Britannia Bullshit we are drowning in rightwing Tory lies

After all the shitstorm and empty blah-blah, allow me to summarize : Nigel Farage, main Leave campaigner speaks to 200 brexiters, then heads for the pub... ...while the UK's parliamentary petition service collects 4.5 million signatures to revoke the article altogether.

Woman behind Brexit petition to revoke article 50 receives death threats | [As of 18:17hrs today petition count is 4,525,011]

Ο Γιούρι Γκέλερ απειλεί τη Μέι ότι θα σταματήσει το Brexit με τηλεπάθεια

Wheel within a wheel. Westminster needs to pluck up courage, realise has failed, no sensible way to leave has been found and

What a truly inspiring and awesome day. Thank you to the organisers of the and the lovely people encountered along the way. Super signs, super costumes, super attitudes! It can only make a difference for the positive. 🌟 I 💙🇪🇺 🌟

Strong message today in London against and demanding a new vote

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The Wright Brothers, Jeffrey and Geoffrey, with the chorus of the number one hit song, The Brexit Song


17 Million F*ck Offs - A Song About Brexit
Brexit march: '1 million' rally for people's vote - live updates
Follow the latest updates as people descend on London to march for a second vote on the UK’s departure from the EU
By Libby Brooks

“Instead of just whinging about it, we felt like we needed to make ourselves heard. It’s more important for our children than ourselves – about their careers and the state of the country in the future. I’m fed up with hearing Theresa May talk about the numbers who voted to leave, when it was such a small majority. She can stop going on about ‘the will of the people’ – the will of the people is not all one way. For me, the EU means peace and prosperity: it’s being a part of something bigger, not fighting each other. I’m so disappointed with how divisive everyone’s become, attacking each other. I’m the daughter of an immigrant from India and I feel even more that we should be open and tolerant and working together. Our country is full of immigrants and it’s always been based on that. To suddenly become so anti, that just isn’t British to me.” 

– Lucy Reeves, 45, market researcher, with her husband, Steve, 45, and daughters Mia, 10, and Lily, 12.

Just incredible to be one of over a million people in London marching against Brexit today! Fantastic signs and a wonderfully relaxed and peaceful protest. There was basically no police presence along the route and the marchers were a real mixture of people of different ages and political backgrounds with a lot of families out together as well.

It may not change anything but at least we’ve shown there are plenty of people angry about the situation this country is in three years after the referendum, which has been proved to have been sold to people through lies and fraud.
Hundreds of thousands join Brexit protest
Organisers of the march calling for another EU referendum put the turnout at more than a million.

So tell me again about the pro-leave protests, and just how much support they have?

Tell me about Nigel Farage’s spirit walkers and why we should listen to any of his inane ramblings?

Tell me again about why it is the will of “the people of Britain” that Brexit must go on?

Nigel Farage couldn’t even get five hundred people to do his bidding, and today a million people marched through London to oppose him.

Tell me again why anyone should listen to a word he says ever again.

Anti-Brexit Protesters Flood London Demanding New Vote

Anti-Brexit Protesters Flood London Demanding New Vote

External image

External image

Demonstrators carry posters and flags during a Peoples Vote anti-Brexit march in London, Saturday, March 23, 2019. The march, organized by the People’s Vote campaign is calling for a final vote on any proposed Brexit deal. This week the EU has granted Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May a delay to the Brexit process. (AP Photo/Tim Ireland)

Anti-Brexit protesters flooded into central London by…

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Proposal: We delay Brexit until all of the 17 million who voted for it can get together and agree overwhelmingly amongst themselves as to exactly what specific version of Brexit they want.

Hard Brexit?

Soft Brexit?

May’s deal?

No deal?

Single market?

Customers union?

Freedom of movement?

Trade deals?

Norway model?

Until the ‘winning side’ of the issue can actually definitively decide how they want this to look, how about we just do nothing? They won, they got their way so let them figure it out amongst themselves since they seem to think it’s all so bloody simple.