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Ruby looking after the precious beer delivery!

TOMORROW FROM 6PM! They have been secretly aging an exclusive blend for us called WINTER IN THE TROPICS! + Awesome beers that have had stashed away for us.

New Fanzine box (issue 19) is out featuring Sticky Black (Green) a barley wine, Porridge head (blue) a pale ale and pulp patriot v3 (pink) IIPA is this to reflect you entering the Asian market? Who else was surprised when opening the new box?

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This month see the start of our first club! Join us on the 27th Jan at 3pm! Whether you're a veteran homebrewer or just starting out everyone is welcome!

As part of and , we bring to you... SOUR CHERRY POPSICLE PAEADE! πŸ’πŸ» This 0.5% Berliner Weisse is deliciously more-ish! On draft now! Get it before it's gone! – at BrewDog Nottingham

Oh boy are you in for a treat! 🍻 For the next week and a half, we will be dedicating 30% of our draft board to SOUR BEERS! 😍 We've got an epic selection from all over the world! Come check them out!

is well underway! Did you know that we are having a huge party with some incredible beers on the 17th? YOU DO NOW! Head down to get the sour power on and raise a beer to all things sour beer!

Welcome to the craft beer revolution! Buy award-winning beer from BrewDog. Hardcore beers for punks!

Why not come and try a different kind of lunch this week? Craft your perfect curst at our pizza bar and grab yourself a delicious cocktail to pair with itπŸ˜‹

All the wings. As many wings as you can possibly fit into your body. Chicken or Cauliflower (suitable for vegans) available, all day every Wednesday for just Β£12! Must book in advance, just click here --->

Burns Night is coming and there will be plenty of beer, haggis and whisky for all! A free pint for anyone who wears a kilt as well!!

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stout tasting bei brewdog


@sipssudsandsmokes #60secondbeerreview- #dailybeerreview- Punk IPA, SUDS - 3, 5.6% from @brewdogofficial. I think @brewdogusa brews this in Columbus, OH. I’d call this one, old school. It’s not boozy, sticky, hazy, super juicy, really dry, really bitter or “really” anything. It’s just a nice balanced beer. It won’t change your life, but who cares? Sometimes all a beer needs to be is tasty. Cheers!

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It's Hammering Time!

Oh glorious day, BrewDog’s Jack Hammer has returned.

Last year BrewDog held a prototype challenge. They brewed three different beers and got us, the public, to vote on which we thought was the best. The prize? Well the winning beer of this poll will be brewed in the future.

However this beautifully bitter IPA actually came in second but BrewDog loved it so much they thought “f*ck it we’ll brew it again” and who can blame them!

A hazy orangery yellow with an initial fluffy head that descends to thin

Powerfully floral with oranges and grapefruit

Boldly bitter with the grapefruit and the slightest hint of caramel.

Medium bodied, feels mildly carbonated and quite dry.

This 7.2% IPA is named perfectly, smashing your senses with hops and citric grapefruit flavours. It’s big, it’s bold, it’s ballsy and my god it’s good if you can handle it.

I really hope to see this again in the future, I can see myself sitting in the warm glow of the summer sun with this. I’ve still got one bottle left, I wonder if I can save it till then… Probably not.

Brewdog Quench Quake

A very sour beer, with a strong “farmhouse” flavour. It’s rather strange, as it’s simultaneously refreshing and dry. It’s apparently made with grapefruit and tangerine, but I can’t really taste either.

Alan: 3 out of 5

Rachelle: 3 out of 5


Our buddy Joe performing at Show Your Teeth last month! What a voice 😍😍

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Is Dead Pony Club The Best BrewDog Beer?

I’m a big fan of BrewDog Beers but I especially like Dead Pony Club. It’s citrusy, great tasting and easy to drink. I’m glad that despite the new ‘Punk Manifesto’ that it’s staying around as one of the brewery’s headliners. 

What do you think to this beer? Watching my review below, subscribe to the channel and let me know which beer I should review next! 

Is Dead Pony Club The Best BrewDog Beer?



It’s been a somewhat stressful and occasionally weird week - and now finishes with my deathday tonight. Three years (or will be after about 10 o'clock) since that whole bleeding-to-death on the endo table thing….

I found a reduced tin of a Brewdog beer named “Cybernaut” on Friday, so I’ll have that tonight in honour of the artificial bits added when I was pieced back together (and since)….

The Problems With BrewDog & New Punk IPA - BrewDog Punk IPA Beer Review!

Whilst I think BrewDog make excellent beers, and whilst I also think Punk IPA still is an excellent beer, I (and many others) feel like it isn’t as good as it was. In this review I give the beer praise but also talk about why the beer has changed (slightly) for the worst. 

The Problem With New Punk IPA - BrewDog Beer Review