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Lemon Ricotta Pancakes are the quintessential "elevated" pancake recipe. Tart-but-sweet, with fresh lemon juice and zest and ricotta to create a gorgeous, fluffy result!

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Have you sampled our generous granola and yogurt pots served with a fresh coulis yet? Bia & Co's Breakfast is available weekdays from 7am -10am. #

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Oatmeal Cookies Recipe (Healthy and Easy!)


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Honor bound - 35 (claustrophobia) - @badthingshappenbingo​ - requested by anon

Ellis blinked awake. They could smell something, something like cedar musk and shampoo and something else. They rolled to one side, hand reaching out for their husband. He smelled so good. Their fingers brushed warm skin, soft clothing. They smiled gently and cuddled closer to his warmth. 


They gasped. Their eyes focused on the face lying on the pillow next to them, hazel eyes and dark hair and a bruise staining their left temple and cheek. Finn. They swallowed the tears that burned their throat, their stomach clenching hard. They tried their best to smile as the wisps of their husband disappeared into their mind. 

“Good morning.” They reached out and gently touched the bruise on Finn’s face. “How do you feel?" 

"Ugh. Groggy.” Finn tried to push themselves up off the bed and collapsed in a yelp of pain. 

“Hey, hey.” Ellis grabbed Finn’s wrists, pulling their hands off the mattress. “Careful.” Their left hand was swollen, bruised from their wrist to their knuckles. The right wasn’t so bad off: bruised, but not as swollen. They helped Finn sit up as they cradled their hands in their lap. 

“Look who’s finally awake.” Sam’s face was pale and drawn with pain, but a playful smile tugged at the corner of their mouth. It’s so good to see that again.

Sunlight from the window lit the room, illuminating the walls and the mattresses on the floor. Sam was sitting up on their bed, leg on a pillow, leaned back against their hands as they watched Ellis. Isaac lay on his side, eyes half closed, unfocused. 

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