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This sweet and savory Apple Cheddar Pecan Bread is incredible toasted with butter for an afternoon snack or easy breakfast.

What are 's babies eating? What this space for a detailed analysis on the items/groups that we are feeding our babies. 64% of babies (6-23 mo) in India are eating & other grains but the variability ranges from 46% to 82%. Pic: analysis of data

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Thank you very much for hosting our 3rd year NutSci students, and I today. An insightful trip through your and a fantastic overview of your business, history and what differentiates your products from others.

This is an enriched dough bread this is filled with cranberries, walnuts & Stilton. Happy Tuesday! 😊

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Hey fam! Excellent, wholesome mix of whole grains and seeds, tasty and contains carbohydrates for better health. Drop by Qaffee POINT at Ralli House for a tasty simsim or cheese bread! Open from 7 am, daily! ___

I don't always bake bread at 10:00 at night but when I do it's honey oatmeal bread. Still cooling so crumb pic when I wake up?

パン業界ニュース パンに〝感動〟はさみます〜サンドイッチハウス ビクトリー 松尾武浩社長 〝3〟に〝1〟がサンドされているきょう3月13日は「サンドイッチデー」。県庁前交差点近くと近鉄百貨店和歌山店地下に… □この記事の続きを読む>>

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47 calorie chocolate cake

Once again, I stole this recipe from Oat Fiber/Realfakefoods — watch her video here (photo is mine!)


1 tbsp (or 8g) all purpose flour - 27

2 tbsp oat fiber (I use NuNaturals) - 0

1 tbsp cocoa - 20

1 tbsp 0 cal sweetener - 0

¼ tsp baking powder - 20

+ Pinch of salt & around 1/3 cup of water


Mix everything together to make a thick cake-like batter, place into mold/jar, steam for 10 minutes (or you can place in microwave for about 1 minute), let cool for 10 minutes.


If I had to rate it I’d give it 6/10 stars. It definitely tastes “off” if you know what I mean, but that’s the price you pay if you want cake this low in cals. To me it’s also not a “normal” portion, it’s a tad smaller. But overall I liked it a lot!

my blog’s fun because one moment it’ll be all “the world is shit, death to the government, vive l’anarchy” and in the space of a single post it’ll go to “the only thing stopping me from being a cowboy and also a dragon is the unfortunate convention of time and space” and then whiplash you right back to “this cat is so adorable that i cried, also here have a picture of bread on a skateboard”