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Kumkaya Tunnel Ovens; Extra circulation fans for perfect baking balance and low fuel consumption        

Every three years food rheologists are welcomed at . LFCB/SMaRT/KULeuven was represented by Yannick Meeus, discussing arabinoxylan in wheat and rye flour dough, and Frederik Janssen, discussing lipids with varying polarities in wheat making.

Foods containing fiber can provide other health benefits as well, such as helping to maintain a healthy weight and lowering your risk of diabetes, heart disease and some types of cancer.

Today's lunch was the bread of GRAINDOR in Aeon style Sasaoka. I like very much Danish sausage dogs in the shop. I bought a baguette, and it was wrapped by a piece of paper that printed Yamakasa. Yamakasa is a traditional festival in Fukuoka. – at イオン笹丘店

Bonn Creme Delight Biscuits - A full of chocolate taste with a crunchy bite. Available in six flavors (Chocolate, Orange, Elaichi, mix fruit, pineapple and milk).

What is your ultimate ? This is a toasted oat sourdough from last week. The oats were soaked only slightly, which gave the crumb a nice soft chewiness.

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No doubt this is the best bread I've ever baked and probably the best I have ever eaten.

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Regarding the Aish Baladi recipe. It didn’t taste at all like any that I have eaten but i have a couple of ideas about what went wrong. First of all my oven runs less hot than the stated temperature. At 500 degrees on the dial it was probably about 450, so the bread didn’t actually cook as quickly as it is meant to, meaning it hardened a bit. Secondly, this recipe calls for about a half an hour of proofing time, but after a half an hour it still wasn’t puffy. The second batch sat for 40 minutes and was starting to puff a bit. So it probably needs an hour of proofing. 

Thirdly, it calls for all whole wheat, but the resultant flavour was very dark and bitter, and the dough quite heavy. All of the Aish Baladi I’ve eaten has been quite a bit lighter in colour and texture and I suspect they the bakers were using at least half white flour, or at least not the kind of whole wheat available to me here.

Some ideas for improvement next time.