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Imagine sitting in front of Me in class as I put My feet up on you and kick your seat and whisper dumb things in your ear just to disturb you and keep your attention off the material and on Me instead findom Findomme FindomGoddess cashslave paypig humanatm FootFetish

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Brazil Leader Calls Climate Change Champion Greta Thunberg A “Brat”

This is pretty much all the unintelligent adults can say when a child who is far more mature than them makes an unmistakably good point about the future of our planet with climate change at it’s doorstep. Go f*** yourself Jair Bolsanaro and grow a pair of BOLLS. If someone who nobly fights for the sake of our under-represented planet is a “brat”, I wonder what all of these dead-minded politicians should be called.

Truth is > than politics. ✔

Feel the Thunberg thunder. ⚡