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Do Sports Stars Need Brand Managers?

Sportsmen and sportswomen by nature are extremely hard working. Well, at least those who are serious about their game and the performance do work very hard. Yes, natural and inborn talent does have a lot of say in whether the sportsperson becomes successful in his or her field. By successful we mean, he or she becomes the best or one of the best players of the world in their particular sport. Without naming anyone, we can say that India has a talent for producing amazing cricketers – men as well as women. Other sports also find their way in the top.

What does a sports star’s routine look like?

Each sports star has a lot of effort going into his daily routine.

Practice and more practice

- The more he or she practices, the more he is likely to win in the game and the more likely he or she is to draw a lot of fan-following. The fan-following grows exponentially as the star becomes successful.

- Manage diet and keep a healthy lifestyle

As the popularity rises, different companies or brands begin to approach the star for endorsement contracts and sponsorship opportunities in various games.

Why do the brands run behind these stars?

The idea is to raise the popularity of the brand as it is seen by thousands of fans while the sports star performs or plays his game. In such a case, does the sports star need to hire a manager to manage his endorsement contracts? Can’t his coach or manager do this job for him? The short answer is NO.

The coach has a different job – to coach the star to perform his best under all circumstances and the manager has to manage his play schedule. Both can be done by the same person but managing brands is a totally different ball game.

Another key point to note is that the sports star is now a brand himself or herself. Managing their public image is as important as managing a very important and always visible brand. Accepting any contract for the sake of money may not always be the best option. When the brand known as the sports star is managed, what is being actually managed is the image of the star in the eyes of the fans.

A well-managed brand becomes an icon and people especially in their youth even begin to follow the star blindly, making the task of the brand manager even more challenging.

The answer to the first question we asked is therefore YES. For the better projection of the star as an icon and managing his or her image as a professional athlete or sports person, a brand manager is very much necessary. The brand, after all, is like an identity and must be nurtured, built and grown to the best possible heights.

As the well-known saying goes, it takes years to establish a brand but it takes only a moment to destroy it. Talk about the delicate line on which a brand manager balances his entire career on!


Victoria showcasing the REO Fashion range for @luluhyperbh before our Fashion show — Check out the winter range in the Lulu stores #happyatlulu —

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A startup video to prepare you for 2019.

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Branding with Video | Best Branding Social Video Strategy


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Hey, hey friends and fans and Happy Monday!🙋🏻I hope you had a fantastic weekend or are still having it to those of you who are off for the President’s Day Holiday.😁👍🏼It’s video time with me! Woo Hoo! 💃🏻🙌🏼Today we are talking about the one question that comes up all the time – who many hashtags can I use on Instagram?🤔Check out my vlog and find out how many I recommend after many test trials on the 9 Instagram business accounts I manage.🤗If you have something different to share I would love to hear of your experience. 💯Time to chat about hashtags on this fantastic Monday! 💙🙌🏼
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