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to helping open their Animal Barn back in 2017

Working with on a boxed collection of font samplers for , I was asked for ideas for a strapline. I was happy with 'Monotype. One of a kind.’ And they liked it, too. 1/2

Loving this new article from sharing 7 steps to and Employer’s . If you don’t think that the benefits that you offer are part of your overall brand, guess again.

for a family . We deliberately stayed away from the stereotypical clinical style We took our inspiration from the clients passion for nature. Simple clean using pastel colours that would reflect nature & create calm

Amazon bestseller "Branding on the Eastern Front" - with a Foreword by Wally Olins - a premier view on the transformative power of on , including case studies and insights; also an unconventional crash course in branding. ..-

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For all of us in , specifically , and we should keep these all in mind and add a few of our own.

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pour vos marques d'affection à mon endroit lors de mon anniversaire 🎂 de naissance.

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Working on black hat SEO makes no sense from a business point of view. Why does it make sense to have a fast mobile website? Because Google gives you a few positive signals or because your target audience loves it?
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For the 36 Days of Type, Spain-based artist Jaime Sánchez created a series called The Brandphabet. Turning each letter of the alphabet into easily recognizable trademarks such as Apple, Barbie, Campbell’s soups,


Dark Black.

The new album from @officialjohnbrooks and @reallyitsmikial

Stream everywhere now.
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Drop the BS* and let’s get real

Perception dissonance

It often surprises me how companies can become blind to what the customers actually feel and perceives about their brands. A healthy exercise, that I believe it can be done much more often that currently is, is to answer 3 questions:

  1. How I see my brand?
  1. How I think customers see my brand?
  1. How actually customers see my brand?

I would dare to say that companies spend too much time on the first question, taking definitions of what a brand is and what is not, what a product is and what is not. When do you use that product and how does it make you feel, etc.

If you ask someone in Colgate about a tooth paste maybe the can talk for hours about how X product gives you so much confidence and enables you to reach your full potential and to be happy (with the white smile), but probably a customer will not define them like that at all. But don’t get me wrong, I do think that the answer of the Colgate employee is important, but only if you can integrate that information with question 2 and 3. You, as a company, know what you want to communicate, you know the message but what is being received at the other end?

Fun real-life case: Fast food

One of the industries where there is some dissonance of what executives think they give versus what actually is deliver to customer is Fast Food. We all have seen our burger and compared with the picture. Does not look that similar, right?

We can argue that here we have a problem where on the point of sale is not a priority to cook the burger to make it look like the pictures. And to be honest, when I’m hungry I don’t care that much about it. But I’m pretty sure that there are some areas of improvement on the delivery for sure.

Don’t believe me? Look at this video:

Too much bla bla, and too little glu glu

My mom used to say “too much bla bla, and to little glu glu” when we talked more than needed and was time to act. Here is not that different. There is a time to think and elaborate on the essence, the spirit, the feelings and all you want about a brand. Again, this is fundamental for success and a healthy brand equity. But there also should be a time to get real and understand of all that deck of what the brand is, what is the customer getting.