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Reasons to Hire a Health Coach

Ultimate Rebrander Download

Click Image To Visit SiteOne tool proclaims “At last, your affiliates can rebrand an ebook and add their name, bio and even a graphic of their choice”

To explain why let’s go back and remind ourselves why book publishers want to allow their books to be rebranded.

When it comes to selling any product on the Net there is one method of promotion which beats every other hands down.

a) Imagine a visitor has arrived at your site – with a problem, question or need related to your product niche.

The secret is to give him free but valuable information, demonstrating how you are an authority on the subject, and ending with a recommendation for a product – yours – showing how it will fulfil his need.

The best way to do this is to give your website visitors a free book about your product niche which provides quality information, avoids the hard sell but concludes with an enticing link to YOUR product.

b) And then you want to get affiliates to promote the book for you. Which means that you need to let them rebrand the book i.e insert their affiliate links. The key here is to make this a very simple process.

Now think. Do your readers need to know that your book has been delivered by affiliate XYZ who has a website ABC, with photo supplied ? They could not care less.

b) “You don’t need to insert placeholders to mark rebrandable fields, just point and click. Change dozens of links with one click”

Now wait. How difficult is it to insert a placeholder ? And why do you have dozens of links ? Does that mean your book is littered with hard sell incitements to click to your product or to lots of other products?

Well it shouldn’t be. Really you would be far better off with just the one link at the end of the book as it concludes with a recommendation of a product (yours) which best fits the need of the reader.

Now I’m all for producing a professional looking document. But your goal is not to create the world’s most artistic… Read more…

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