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CULTURAL ICONS are sometimes

Oh . You are so weird and fascinating. And early texts are so wrong and fascinating. I love that they thought gray matter and convolutions essentially just packing material for ventricles.

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390. Surprise

a very surprising entrance to the universe for the Magrathean sperm whale (less surprising for the bowl of petunias, apparently) 

“Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”


Or that one time I forgot to post the fucking picture I did two weeks ago. Whatever.

Headcanon that Uraraka is the best lift buddy/spotter in the world. And Bakugou is kind of enamored with her.

Set some time in third year.

im claiming this a trans song im sorry but like you try go explain to my 12 year old self why i was projecting his words into strong thoughts of being the HIM i looked up to at that age

good news little dude youre like that and more

It randomly occurred to me that a loaf of gluten free bread would make a fantastic murder weapon. Have you ever lifted one of those? If not, they’re dense and hard af. You could easily hit someone over the head with one and then simply dispose of the evidence in any number of ways. I mean… just imagine the coroner, going about their day and concluding “blunt force trauma - bread loaf.”

This is the kind of shit that passes through my mind while grocery shopping.

I had a weird Star Trek dream last night… I was on the Enterprise I think, but with a different crew, except Seven of Nine was there. We were about to be boarded by the Borg and Seven knew they were going to override her, so she gave me a chip with her current personality or something. The Borg took over the ship but they weren’t regular Borg? They didn’t have any mods except something in their brains so they just looked like overdressed rich ppl lol Anyway, they were keeping us as workers, but we had a plan to escape. It involved the Borg having a closed door meeting that they apparently regularly had? And one of our guys making a video on the bridge, except he ended up making a fanvid (idk what fandom) to My Heart Will Go On instead and I think our plan failed. Then I woke up really confused lol

Whatever happened to predictability?


The milkman, paperboy, evening T.V.?

You miss your old familiar friends,

Waiting just around the bend this old world’s confusing me, oh

Everywhere you look

(There’s a heart, there’s a hand)

Everywhere you look

(There’s  heart, there’s a hand)

Everywhere you look

(There’s a hand to hold onto!)

I’m sick with a crummy sinus infection, and I keep falling into heavy sleeps and having weird micro-dreams and micro-nightmares about the weirdest shit. I came to bed at 11. It’s now 2 and I’ve had at least 20 of these weird dreams.

Anyway, the last dream/nightmare was about all my fave fanfics having shitty endings, and I s2g in the dream it was the worst thing that could ever happen to me and I started questioning my whole existence. Now my brain is wide awake like:

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Mental illnesses are like horrible children:

-if you somehow manage to get up before them/get ahead of them they’re still going to scream all day, you just might have a better handle (at least at first)

-if they get ahead of you the day is Fucked

-reaction is totally disproportionate to the issue, is instead proportionate to arbitrary and constantly fluctuation emotions

-making them stop can be as easy as “knock it off and go sit down I’m busy” all the way to not being able to make them stop and having an anxiety attack