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Our can shrink or thicken, can be forged and or weakened.Changes in the physical brain manifest as changes in our abilities. Each time we learn a new step it reflects a change in our brains: new “wires” give instructions to our bodies

Create new memories while your get a workout ~~> Playing Games Together for Fun and Mental | Senior Care Corner

# BB Kids Group -DEVELOPING YOUNG BRAINS.       .... Actually It Is Seen That Humans Have A Special Thing Which Is Different From Every Culture On World. In Fact _Early Kids Brains For Ex. Kids Brains Can Develop 50 % Faster Than An Human .

We’re EXCITED! We’re prepping for a visit to Canberra Girls Grammar School tomorrow to chat about & ! Celebrating girls in !

Hands in the air, and wave them like you just don't care. Eat those beautiful berries like they are going out of season...and then freeze 'em. This is usually a food that kids don't argue with you about eating that boost some incredible brain gains.

The of may lie in the fact that not only can we use it to reduce stress in the moment, but it can build into our better ways of managing it going forward.

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Hello I was told something mildly concerning that’s out of of my control so apparently the Anxiety Gremlin took over and on top of being concerned about the thing my brain is like ‘OK EXISTENTIAL DREAD TIME AS WELL ON TOP OF THAT’ AND VARIOUS OTHER THINGS

okay i just had a sad thought,,,

let’s just say that in the newest jse funniest home video that it is chase. last we saw of chase was when he was in the red room asking about where his kids were. what if chase’s kids are still missing and chase is trying to talk to his kids because he knows that they watch his videos on youtube.

chase expressing his worry, asking his kids to come home, telling his kids to stop hanging out with bad people (ie a jab at anti who idk probably kidnapped them). and then chase trying to show his kids that if they come back they can relax and be a family together and watch family shows together again. fhjdsfhdj

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my god half of us would probably marry you if you asked, you're amazing and so full of light and positivity, you make this website brighter and give off such a sense of love and acceptance! your celebration of wlw is so inspiring, you're such a beautiful person inside and out, it's not just your blog that people like! it's you!! have a lovely day :)

thanks now i’m absolutely WEEPING