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Researchers develop a system to deliver synthetic blood to isolated hours after death.

Pig brains partially revived hours after death. Here's what it means for people. - National Geographic

THIS IS ASTOUNDING: Researchers at University partially restored some basic functions to the of dead pigs and that could help transform neurological studies.

: one of my favorite places to visit. for making a . Here’s hoping all the down under are helping lots of Australians find health, healing & happiness.

Always carry a zombie in case a photo opportunity arises

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Untrue! Immigration brings more to the UK 🇬🇧 in terms of taxes & businesses revenue through activities than cost. in the UK are mainly foreign born!

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Murder Boy #143:

Their Thoughts Can Kill!
bowls of glass with brain structures and hieroglyphics, Fused glass art set scales, glassfusing science glassart, home decor mothersday
Bowls of glass art with brain structures and hieroglyphics, Fused glass art set scales, glassfusing science glassart, home decor glass, mothersday On the edge I have worked with hieroglyphics. I have the bowls or glass itself created. Fused and stained. The price is for 2 scales and 2 scales is 1
Pig brains kept alive outside body for hours after death
Revival of disembodied organs raises slew of ethical and legal questions about the nature of death and consciousness.

Brains and Zombies

Fringe science, weird news: Scientific research is usually driven by the higher purposes but it needs a whole lot of money, everybody know it.

Where does this money come from? Can we reasonably think that patrons are moved by the same ethic reasons as most of the scientist?

History thought us a different lessons about this subjects…so we can’t skip having a cold shiver on our back reading this article…

Link on the subject:
Brain Science Jewelry dishes in Yellow Anatomy Biology Psychology Neuroscience box candle-holders bowl fused Glass-Dutch design glassart
Brain Science Jewelry dishes in Yellow Anatomy Biology Psychology Neuroscience box candle-holders bowl fused Glass-Dutch design glassart I have created this glass art dish by fusing lass. Little science in glass-art The glass layers are fused in a glass kiln at a temperature of around 800 degrees

I sometimes wonder how other people read books. I have terrible mental visual ability. I can’t picture things in my head, at least nothing more precise than broad strokes. Never any details. My wife has often joked that, if she were kidnapped, I’d never be able to give a useful description to the police.

Because of this, I read somewhat slowly because character descriptions still don’t help me picture the characters and room descriptions don’t help me picture the room and I sometimes lose track of where I am or might have to read one paragraph a couple of times in order to get it.

So, I don’t “see” stories in my head when I read them. However, I have excellent auditory memory. If I hear a voice, I can recreate it in my head. Reading books, for me, turns into this audio drama where I’m hearing various actors or people I know play the role of these characters.

Case in point, I’m currently reading Midnight Blue-Light Special by @seananmcguire . I’ve mentally cast the role of Verity as Kristen Bell:

Originally posted by dr-sexy

So, as I go through the story, I’m hearing her voice doing Verity’s dialogue (and, since it’s told in the first person, the narration as well). It does lead me to wonder what other people see or hear when they read.

Do you guys see the book in your head, like a movie? Or do you hear it like I do? Or is it something else entirely? I’m interested.

Going Mental

Air Signs are mentally quick and like to look at all sides of an issue at surface level before quickly moving on to the next topic… or person.

Water Signs get lost in the depths of their mind and like staying mysterious when it comes to verbalizing their (very strong) own opinions, likes and dislikes to others., unless VERY close with people.

Fire Signs get easily bored with too much mental work and rather do something physical and practical. They are more likely to forward than to look back and need a lot of physical movement in the present moments.

Earth Signs like a strategic approach but overthink everything all the time and, thus, are making themselves anxious while worrying about things that will probably never happen anyway. They lie awake at night, mentally going over to-do lists from work and home and trying to find solutions to assorted problems.

I was off to a fencing thing yesterday - Apparently one is supposed to engage in socialisation, exercise, creative focus, etc, but the advice doesn’t mention whether - if you know you’re mainly concentrating on not getting annoyed/despressed/whatever your issue is and thus will not be as in the thing youre doing - whether it’s more beneficial to have done the thing and felt your were crap at it, or to have not done the thing but then not had the variation from where you were the previous ray… I have no idea.

For me, though, what’s happened in the last three and half years is what used to be separate things have somehow got a connection applied - or more likely a filter or divider removed when I bled out. So at least I know I’m trying to repair/replace/cover for that missing divider, rather than for everything separately.

(Oh, I should have added before, we have ruled out the likes of Bipolar, BPD or autism for me, which I never thought I was any of those things anway, but I know others have thought that)