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I see a lot of trans hcs for the Losers lately and I love it!

Gosh just… okay poly!djd au time with Brains again because I cannot be stopped apparently.

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“Let’s look and see if there’s any good Phantom of the Opera fanfiction out there”, I said to myself, somehow thinking it’d be a good idea before bed.

It is now 5:23 am and I regret everything.
Want to get your dick sucked tonight?

I’ll try to do some writing today….damn I really am failing at imagines week!


Hi y'all it’s almost 3 in the am and I’m horribly tired but a thought/question

I’m not super familiar with dnd outside of the podcast but, like Pan is a thing in dnd so are other Greek gods a thing? So what’s stopping, say, another party god like Dionysus or someone seeing 1,999 party point Merle Highchurch, being like, “how does that cleric of pan have more party points than anyone else alive and how do I get him on my team?”

Is that a thing Merle and Pan have to deal with regularly post Story and Song? Merle just being followed by other clerics with pamphlets proselytizing and Pan stopping other gods from waking Merle up every other night with divine dreams explaining the bennies of switching gods??

Or other route Merle’s just invited to every party planetside and planeside.
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fairly heavily dysphoric jesus fuck why couldn’t i be cis?
Date Pretty Hotties Tonight
Me v/s my Brain : The Battle
  • Me: Okay, Brain, I'll rest for a while.
  • Brain: Resting? No dude, you've got to do something. Why don't you read that new book you bought yesterday?
  • Me: New book? I finished reading it,yesterday! I cannot read it again! People will think I am crazy to read the same book over and over everyday!
  • Brain: Yeah! That's the problem too. People can't label you crazy, because, then they will think I am too lazy to work well! What about that guy you saw yesterday?
  • Me: Who?
  • Brain: That guy who you saw in the mall, by the elevators.
  • Me: What about him?
  • Brain: Wasn't he handsome?
  • Me: That he was.
  • Brain: Why don't you stalk him?
  • Me: Are you crazy? I don't even know his name! How will I search him online?
  • Brain: That's right! So, why don't you just rest?
  • Me: You say that now? That was what I said at the beginning! You ruined my entire day! I hate you, Brain!
  • Brain: I love you too!

anonymous asked:

have u ever tried relaxing

I don’t think I’ve ever relaxed in my life

Look me in the eye and tell me you don’t think that’s the cutest thing you have ever seen! 

Honest to Jeebus
I hardly ever remember my dreams

And I’ve never dreamed of Jonghyun before, but this morning I dreamed I was in a fast food restaurant, and I looked over to the counter and Jonghyun was there. He said “I buy drinks for every” and the girl looked at him weird. Then he waved his hand around and said “all” and the girl said oh when she understood.  Then Jonghyun remembering the English said “I’ll buy drinks for everyone ” Then I woke up and I was really hot and thirsty… And I said out loud thanks Jjong… and laughed to myself. Weirdest and shortest dream ever. Basically I was thirsty… so I dreamed Jjong bought me a soda. So fucking lame. So this is how you appear to me…

It was great seeing you :) Thanks for the soda!

revali is a pretty cool dude actually

there’s a donkey kong reanimate that i really wanna do now that i have the time but i’ve basically been sleeping and not much else since break started and actually, i probably could fix somethings with my film before the deadline.



When you’re born in a cusp. So you relate to both.

4am wild though

Whatif aging was psychosomatic (not sure if that’s the right term) and we just age because we see everyone else aging, and so our brain deducts that that’s how it is supposed to be .. but if you put a child on another planet with 9nly an incredibly realistic ai to video chat with, would the person keep aging or just reach the age of the ethernal 17 year old bot and stop aging if he/she never learned of aging and illness and other such things. Theoretically the brain is so wildly complex that just by knowing we can age, we age anyways, even if it was completely unnecessary past puberty…. Once again the brain is wildly complex and just by knowing it it’s likely to show the same result due to placebo effect so who’s to say generalized aging isn’t placebo?

This came to me after A: 38 hours without sleep while sick, and B: after seeing myself in the mirror and realizing I look older today then I did yesterday, not exhausted or hallowed from sleep, but my features look more mature and my eyes more knowledgeable. My body more mature… This is following a a wild decision to move out of state when I’ve built a savings account up and move to upstate New york, probably alone, possibly with a friend. I just looked… Older. Maybe it’s just that I veiw myself as more mature after actually making a decision on something for once (probably, its not 100%)

bought a rubiks cube kids