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Another day to post a selfie in someone’s honor. -  

“Art does not aspire to entertain. It aspires to converse.” - 🎨🧠 Conversations through - & 🤗 + Art & Learning Studio 🤝 🚶🏿‍♂️🚶🏽‍♀️ Brain by Ricky Bearghost 😃🎨🤩 👉🏾 LEARN MORE 👉🏾

Happy Anniversary to my wife @ladyzombii 🖤 The only person I could spend my life and inevitable zombie uprising with. 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️

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Brains Bitter - Brains - 3.7% ABV. B+ and a bit, known locally as Light. Slightly more fruity than I remember, nice 3.25/5. Cardiff is now full of Elton John fans as he is playing The Cardiff City Stadium tonight. The Cottage

Happy we have some of the finest ales this side of Ramsay Island! Don’t miss out on the Red Dragon it’s going very well!

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Brains are like so cool. They control our every move and give you these vivid daydreams/ dream, and makes you feel emotions. And learns and even becomes stronger after scary experiences. BUT FREAKS THE F OUT WHEN YOU STAND UP TOO FAST?????

So, No body talks about Brains ability of building a new whole ship in a short period of time?

Actually, I bet he has a carage only for Thunderbird 4 includes many new Tb4s .

Where? I don’t know. Maybe in another dimension. The man is a wizard. Don’t say “advanced technology” . No no no , he’s not from this Earth. Look at how big his forehead is !!

He’s a genius.

Signals: Part 1



That’s not a crash Scott. It’s an explosion. I was not prepared!

So Zero X never made it to Mars and therefore never met the Martian Rock Snakes. I’m not very, very disappointed or anything.

Nice to see everyone together. But under the circumstances…

Let Penny fly Two! Let Penny fly Two! Let Penny fly Two! Let Penny fly Two! Also I love that jacket.

Love Parker.

Can you ship it? Yes you can!

I’m so sorry Colonel Casey, but your multi million dollar space laser was blown up by the Chaos Crew when we were very suspiciously poking around the junkyard for reasons that we can’t tell you.

Plot twist: Colonel Casey was working for the Hood all along.

She stole Three. What a bitch. She stole Three.

Revelation of the episode: Kayo’s dad isn’t dead, he just retired for nearly 8 years with a complete comms blackout.

“SPACE FEVER”- Chapter 5- “The road to recovery”

I Finally got round to finishing chapter 5 of “Space fever” so please enjoy :3

Now with the bacterium safely secured on the ship, Alan and Kayo went full throttle back to earth.

Back at the GDF hospital/ medical centre, Karol was sitting up with the pillow Alan gave her resting against her back in the ice cold bath tub. She was still burning up, she groaned slightly in pain. But with her aunty Rosalind by her side, Karol kept herself distracted. She talked with her aunty,telling her stories about some of her missions and rescues.

At that very moment there was a knock at Karol’s door:


“Hey Ros, is it alright if I come in and see her honey?” Uncle Ren asked concerningly as he put the helmet of his hazard suit on.

Rosalind faintly smiled back at him and replied, “ got your hazard suit on dear?”

“Yes Ros” he replied smiling and rolling his eyes jokingly.

Karol though still slightly in pain, giggled a little.

Lorenzo came up to his niece and sat on a chair next to the ice cold tub.

“Hey sport, how’s my favourite little astronaut doing? Ren asked as he gently held her pale white hand.

Karol looked at him with a hint of sadness in her face, replying : “Oh uncle what have I done to myself,I got everyone worried and a part of myself as well”.

“It’s alright Karol, look at you, you’re a fighter honey, your body’s put up with that nasty space fever for quite some time, but look your still with us”

“Uncle Ren is right dear, and hey Captain Hurst and Dr.Hossen are making you that antibody” her aunt Rosalind replied chiming into the conversation.

Karol looked up at her uncle and aunty with watery eyes, not because of the but because she was happy.

“Thank you for believing in me and making me the strong fighter I am” Karol said as the water from her eyes trickled into her ice cold bath bed.

“You’re welcome sport” Uncle Lorenzo said hugging his little astronaut sitting in her ice cold bath bed. Her aunt smiled and hugged her too.

Back in the hospital laboratory, Brains received a call from John:

“Come in Brains, I have some good news,” said John.

“Oh good, is it about Alan, K-Kayo and the bacteria for the antibody?” Brains asked curiously.

“Sure is Brains. Now I need you to let Captain Hurst know that they’ll be here in roughly fifteen”

“T-That is good news,I shall tell her straight away” Brains replied hanging up.

Brains ran shouting: “Captain Hurst, C-Captain Hurst”

She turned around to see a slightly puffed out Brains  and Max tagging along behind him.

“C-Captain Hurst” Brains said catching his breath in front of her.

“Yes Brains, what is it?” she replied.

“Alan and Kayo have got the bacteria for you to make the a-antibody and they’ll be here very soon”.

“Ah , that’s great news. Now how is Karol doing?”.

“Her Aunty says she’s staying strong but the pains getting unbearable” he replied adjusting his glasses.

“Ok then, if she’s staying strong for now, we better hope those two get here with the bacteria very soon before she burns out” Captain Hurst replied.

Up in space, Alan and Kayo had just reached earth’s atmosphere and were now heading towards the GDF hospital. On the way their Alan started to worry again:

“Hey Kayo?”

“Yes Alan, what’s wrong?” she replied softly.

“I’m just worried that when we get there Karol might be gone or that we’ll be too late” He said anxiously.

Kayo could see that the thought of losing Karol had razzled him up inside, so she turned to him and replied.

“Look Alan I know this space fever Karol has is eating away at your mind, but you need to be strong for her”

Alan looked at Kayo thankfully and replied: “you’re right, I need to stay strong for her, I need to stay strong for my closest friend”.

Kayo smiled at him, she knew that this small push of courage would rid the worry from his mind and get his focus back on getting the bacteria to Captain Hurst.

Thunderbird three had finally made it to the GDF Hospital, land on the launch pad on the roof. As Alan and Kayo got off Thunderbird three with the bacteria, Alan turned to Kayo passing her the bag with vials of the bacteria.

“Alan what are ..?”

“Here Kayo you take the bacteria to Captain Hurst and Dr.Hossen, I gotta go see Karol” Alan said running off to Karol.

“Ok then” Kayo replied heading over to the Laboratory with the bacteria.

Back in her ice cold bath still in so much pain, Karol was keeping herself distracted by telling her uncle about some of her recent work in gadgets and equipment.

“So yeah I was working on it, I’ll get back to it once I’m better though”

“Well it sounds very interesting sport, I can’t wait to see it in action” her uncle replied

Karol’s aunt came back into the room off the phone with a smile on her face.

“Karoline dear, I have some great news Alan and Kayo have brought back the bacteria and on their way to Captain Hurst now”

Karol smiled back to her aunty Rosalind and replied “That’s is great news”.

Down the hall, Alan was running, he was worried about Karol and she was the only thing on his mind. He dodged a few doctors and nurses on his way to the isolation room.

Finally, Alan had made it to her room. He knocked on the door.


Karol stopped talking with her uncle, Aunt Rosalind went over to the door.

When she opened it a smile appeared across her face.

“Hello Mrs.Grayson, How is Karol, can I please see her?” Alan asked standing in the doorway concerned.

Rosalind looked at Alan and replied “It’s ok Alan, please come in. I think Karol would be glad to see you again”.

Alan walked into the room with his space suit and helmet still on. His face lit up when he saw Karol. He sat on the stool next to her tub, holding her pale white hand. He took in a deep breath, slowly replying:

“Karol, I’m so glad your still alive, after seeing the little live feed back on Tracy island, it really hurt and I-I though I was going to lose you forever, but I’m so glad your still here”, Alan’s soft honey glowing cheeks were drenched as tears trickled down his face.

Karol could see how much she meant to Alan, she with her other hand placed it on the left cheek side of his helmet and softly replied:

“You’re so sweet Alan, please don’t cry, I’m going to get better soon, you and Kayo went back up to Jupiter and risked your lives to bring back the deadly bacteria just to make an antibody for me, and you know what?…”

His tears began to slowly stop and his sad blue eyes looked deep into Karol’s,

“W-what is it Karol? He replied with a small tremble in his voice.

“ I couldn’t ask for a better fri-” she paused for a moment and rephrased her words..

“No wait, really you are more than a friend to me Alan, your a sweet man with a loving heart, I care about you a lot too, Thankyou for being here for me”.

As those last words came out of Karol’s mouth, she pulled herself closer to the edge of the tub and kissed the forehead of his helmet- Alan felt a warmth growing not only in his chest but across his face, he was so red right now.

Karol’s aunt and uncle were still in the room, Rosalind was smiling at the two together, Lorenzo slightly chuckled and replied to Rosalind softly- “ Our little astronaut isn’t so little anymore dear”.

Back down in the hospital laboratory, Kayo had just come through the doors with the bag containing the vials of deadly bacteria.

Brains, with Max by his side turned around, greeting Kayo with a welcoming smile.

“Kayo you and Alan did it, I must tell C-Captain  Hurst immediately so we can make the antidote straight away” He said cheerfully.

“Alright Brains, lead the way. I’ll follow along with the bag containing the vials/samples” Kayo replied following along behind him.

Captain Hurst, down the other end of the laboratory had just finished a conversation with Dr. Hossen and his team when she heard-

“C-Captain Hurst, Captain H-Hurst”, she turned around to see Brains running towards her, catching his breath and Kayo behind him with the bag containing vials of the bacteria.

Captain Hurst greeted Brains and Kayo with a smile and replied “ Great work, right Dr. Hossen your team, Brains and I must start work on this antibody straight away”.

Kayo passed Brains the bag containing the vials of deadly space bacteria.

“Y-yes Captain” Brains replied now with the bag of bacteria in his hands.

Captain Hurst turned to Kayo: “Thank You dear for all your help getting the bacteria, could you please go tell her aunt that we’re making the antibody now”

Kayo smiled and replied, “Will do Captain,I’ll tell her the good news”. And with that Kayo went off to Karol’s room.

Isn’t weird that you just, forget things and skills when you don’t use them?

I actually used to know a lot of Filipino. Better understanding then speaking, but I could hold a basic convo.

Then I stopped hanging out with that family/the older sisters kind of sucked at babysitting and I just, forgot. Everything.

I took karate for yeeaaaarrrssssss. Many many years. I can’t remember dick.

I had to quit after my instructor kept making fun of my height (I’m a tiny fucking person, okay?) even though he wasn’t tall at all. I was frequently in tears on the drive home.

(Also for tournaments they would pair me with super fucking tall people, I mean I could kick above my head and I was struggling to land hits and kicks above the belt. Kind of bullshit.)

But yeah. Isn’t it weird?

I did and experienced those things for years and I don’t remember any of it.

Brains are weird.


Teaser for Signals Part 1! Honestly so looking forward to the next few episodes!

Two brains. ‘:D

Thinking about definition of two brains, that it is two specialties in one or one specialty with two brains. Perhaps…, perhaps it is the second description. Not understanding it makes me seriously a baka.