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Congrats to my Babygirl Justice for receiving her Superior Honor Roll Award today! 🙌🏽💁🏽💪🏽

Our age as we do. It's a simple concept, but when you think about what that means in regards to our ability to learn, it's also a scary concept. Please check out this link for some peace of mind about your mind.

Les poilus de 14-18 demandaient à leurs femmes de leur envoyer de la et notamment du ! C’est le cas de notre de dans le ! Fac-similé pour mallette pédagogique

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🚀NASA found untapped talent in group of African-American that served as the behind one of the greatest operations in US history.. 🎬Movies in the presents Hidden Figures (PG) Sat 3 March, 08:50. Book now:

Hidden Figures movie poster

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oOF so most of the anb boot i had got taken down so. if anyone has a link to the full 2015 show dm me please!!

When Fans Unite

A/N: This is just some crack I literally just decided to write. It has not been edited or proofread and probably barely counts as writing but enjoy it anyway. Sorry to any Juzen shippers in advance lmao.

“Zen, please, just-”

“No. Absolutely not! I’d rather never act again.”

“You don’t mean that. The whole world would mourn for 40 days at the loss of your talent. But as far as this is concerned-“

“Jaehee, I’m not doing it.”

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“I want you flat on your back, helpless, tender, open, with only me to help”

Hear me out on a “Phantom Thread” AU. There are two ways this goes: 

Lovett is a podcast mogul (same same) and Tommy is the promising new voice talent he hires for a show to be a panelist, only Tommy starts Getting Ideas and Things Get Tense until Tommy solves it so that Lovett truly can’t think about anything else… yup 

OR Tommy is the founder of a high-flying communications firm who hires Lovett to be his chief of staff (AU where they both worked in the White House but weren’t that close maybe?). Despite being completely disorganized personally, Lovett completely runs the place including noticing when his boss Just Needs To Relax. Instead of English countryside maybe it’s Tahoe. (Do people go to Tahoe like that?) 

Either way they hook up in a recording booth. Cool 

what the hell, i’ve never been into vine or youtube stuff besides what tumbles my way here but last night i had a super vivid dream about hanging out with thomas sanders and his nonexistent (presumably unless im accidentally psychic) roommate, a dude with dark curly hair named alex and a bunch of people i suppose my brain made up, in a strangely grey (and less strangely gay) apartment in a nameless city

so @thatsthat24 i apologize to you and your nonexistent roommate for my creepily intrusive subconscious but hey dream-you is a great cuddler and a pretty chill dude

I don’t understand why people think their identity is their skin color, gender, or sexuality… like those are the only thing that matter, like those are the things that define them, their very being… like, people don’t think of my skin color, gender, or sexuality when they think of me (except maybe the people who insist I’m a “cishet white male” online). I don’t think of others by those traits either, I think of what they like, what their interests are, their passions…

I love armor, and swords, and sewing, and reenactments. I love to draw and paint, and I collect old writing instruments. I sing, I play piano and guitar. I love food and I’m really good at baking desserts apparently. I love scifi, mystery, historical, medieval, fantasy - reading or movies. I love gaming, video games or tabletop. I love having a hot cup of tea with my friend.

My skin color, gender, or sexuality play very little part in who I am as a person, they’re just… there. I have my health issues, my mental issues, and while I am the way I am because autism, that still doesn’t really feel like something important to wave around to people. These aren’t things my family and friends talk about, we talk about things we care about doing, like traveling to different places, to see castles, or fancy dessert places, or beautiful forests, or going to fancy concerts because we’ve never been. 

I try to understand how people can feel the way they do that their skin color, or gender, or sexuality are so… vital? to their very being? I dunno. Can anyone actually explain it?

Brain: I have a surprise for y-

Me: Don’t you dare.






Me: Fuck you

i think i might have found a face claim  ??  unfortunately not a syrian actor  (  there aren’t many syrian actors at all,  but an arabian one at least.  )  so i found a palestinian actor,  specifically with one movie,  who gives me so many altaïr vibes  ??  adam bakri,  specifically as omar in the movie omar (2012)  &  (  fun fact:  umar is the name of altaïr’s father.  )

Working night shift has made my brain completely jelly. I work from a dead sleep, answered my phone, did a hour long phone interview, hung up the phone and then went on to sleep a few more hours waking up with a vague memory of the phone interview but I seriously can’t remember anything about it. I did it completely on autopilot. Ah, well. I hope I did a impressive interview lol.