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There is no cause for alarm- but there probably will be.
—  Loopy
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me: I do not have any mental issues, I just exaggerate and make stuff up!

also me: feels guilty for eating, feels guilty for spending money, feels guilty for causing any sort of inconvenience to the point where I repeatedly whisper “I want to die” to myself about things that happened years ago, feels guilty for having money even if I earned it myself, can get occasional severe hypochondria to the point of - again - wanting to die, paranoid about weight gain, constantly fearing the stares and comments of others, feeling of being watched and judged at all times,

me: ……I mean, others got it worse so that doesn’t count!!

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I write what I think… I think about you a lot, I write about you just as much. You are so powerful that you occupy my mind and my hands. You are the reason my letters are loopy like my brain is when I see you. You are the reason my letters damn near stack on top of each other like I plop on you with hugs and kisses- completely invading your space, and as crazy as it sounds, I wouldn’t have it any other way.





At work and bored so doodled Problematic Beans on break