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There are common complaints, symptoms & presentations that requires Neurosurgeon consultation. If you are feeling any of these symptoms, kindly visit a Neurosurgeon.

Barbara Franke, Jan Buitelaar and Janita Bralten will explore how molecular mechanisms may link metabolic with , such as , , 's and . Great EU Horizon project: 17 partners, 9 countries €6 million. More:

When the negative become overwhelming, you need to work hard at getting the re-engaged so you can work out a to the situation you’re facing... Tap on the link and read the full article – Everything Happens for You Not to You

A is a sudden interruption in the blood supply of the brain. Most strokes are caused by an abrupt blockage of arteries leading to the brain (ischemic stroke). Other strokes are caused by bleeding into tissue when a blood vessel bursts (hemorrhagic stroke). Let ...

In January's newsletter, learn about Alysson Muotri's work on neural organoids (one of Discover Magazine's top 10 science achievements in 2019!) plus new Maestro publications and our latest AxIS software tips:

We all experience but left unresolved it can wreak havoc on the . Here are ways to lessen its negative effects.

Due to the importance of the sense of sight, half of our brain’s functionality is involved in seeing.

Hypertension is dangerous to your eyes, brain, heart, and kidneys. Be cautious & get in touch with our experts for immediate help. Visit

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What do you guys see here? Might be the weirdest ever! What it actually is: coronal section through the 𝗰𝗲𝗿𝗲𝗯𝗲𝗹𝗹𝘂𝗺 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗵𝗶𝗻𝗱𝗯𝗿𝗮𝗶𝗻 𝗼𝗳 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗰𝗵𝗶𝗰𝗸. Thank you, , always inspiring. Credit: Puelles - Atlas of the chick brain.

Who is stressed right now? Unfortunately, way too many of us. Maybe it's time for a little Theory 101. Watch this video clip taken from last month's fitness talk that I co-presented with .

In this study in experimental mice, researchers found fluctuations in vessel pulsations that happen once every 10 seconds are a major driving force of waste clearance in the . :

Photostimulation can be interlaced with imaging by selecting a scan area covering one or more somata situated anywhere in the 3D field of view by the FEMTO3D Atlas Dichro extension.

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Au where I’m mentally stable, can someone start working on that pls plus.

Oh, I been low, losin’ my head, underwater, out of breath, healin’ bruises in my brain, and all I want is their respect but I can’t take a compliment, it seems so stupid, but I can’t help it, when these voices take their effect, oh, and I make myself, myself believe it, it’s like I, I almost need it, fightin’ with all my demons

Nina Nesbitt, Black & Blue

Vocational Therapy

Two weeks ago I had gone to go to the UW to meet with a vocational therapist asking what type of volunteering or work that would be best for me.

I had explained my story to her and found it insightful that she had worked with the public area at the DSHS I had done a few years ago I was trying to find work. She also ageeed with the same employee I worked was not suited for working at DSHS.

I appreciate working with the the rosiest and sharing her first impression of me. She shares that I am thoughtful and slow with language. I didn’t realize that I am slow to talk. But I can see why some people become frustrated with working with me.

This was more insightful despite all the speech theory I had done between the hospitals in Boston and Seattle but also the our patience at the speech and hearing clinic. With all the therapy had stopped as I had finished all the material they could offer putting me at a higher rebuild that many other patience with aphasia.

But not only that, with all the years of real world aplicarlo of language and I still am not at a normal level to have a normal speeding speed.


Frustration level = high. Was trying to make a gif/video of this, but am having so much trouble. Am legit ticked. I have to get to bed, though, so here’s what you get. Heh. Again, just bring up the first image and click through all eight to see it animate. I’ll eventually get it in gif/video format….

When my heart races for no reason my mind runs even faster, trying to calm myself while also convincing me I might die,

sometimes its easier than others,

I just have to breathe and remind myself it will pass,

but those moments are like slo-mo and I know my heart is strong but I wish my brain would give her a break.


through everything, i still get tingles when you put your arm around my waist when you’re sleeping and pull me in. (iwantyoutowantme)


Panels completed: 4
Panels left: 49 - 102

Will animate some of this on 2s, of course, to speed up the process.

Purposely keeping it messy and loose. It’s the only way I can progress. Heh. These are the main keys for the first section of animation – React. Will do minor keys in-between these and then the in-betweens themselves. Easy part is done. Now onto the hard part, and this is just the first of four sections….

Tip: Enlarge the first panel and then click through each to see it animate.