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Fallout Raider - Painspike Armor (WIP)

Adjusting your pretty bra straps is easy when you do it right.

Almost every high-quality bra has a slide adjuster on each strap. It is a tiny metal or plastic clip. The kind that allows you to pull from one end to tighten or loosen the strap. Following me, sissy?

This lengthens and shortens the strap for better comfort and support for a pansy like you. When you buy a cute new bra, it’s more likely that the slider is at its loosest end. This is when the slide adjuster is right at the back end of the strap.

Don’t expect to adjust the straps, on your own, once you have the bra on. You will need help and so the best way to do it is before trying them on. So you get an idea about how tight you want the straps to be.

To tighten the bra straps, hold on to one end of the strap. With the other hand, pull the slide adjuster toward the front of the bra. That is, the slide adjuster must move away from the clasp. The closer you bring the adjuster to the cup, the tighter the straps will get.

What if you reach the tightest spot? Is it safe you wear a tight bra with no room for adjustments? The answer is a cautious no. This is because the bra strap stretches with time, so you need a little wiggle room as you keep wearing the same bra. If this is the case, go one band size small.


·         Once you adjust the slider on each strap. Put your bra on using this simple bra fitting technique.

·         Make sure there is a full-length mirror right in front of you. This should help you get a better and closer look at each strap from the back.

·         Slide one or two fingers under each strap. Bring your finger closer to your collarbone because that’s where you will feel the most pressure. And that’s where your strap sits well to keep everything balanced between the cups and clasp.

·         If there’s sufficient wiggle room under each strap. This means you need to tighten it a bit more. Having said that, if you can pull the strap away from the shoulders. This might cause slippage when you move around.

·         If you are unable to slide a single finger under each strap. Then it is too tight and may cause discomfort later on if it isn’t right now. Such tight straps lead to rashes, skin irritation, sweating, and bruises.

·         Sissies often begin with cute little training bras. This sounds about right for you. When you have learned a little more about being a good girl, perhaps mistress will allow you to have a big girl bra like the one described above.