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โปสการ์ดBP ขนาดใหญ่ 18*7cm กระดาษแข็งอย่างดี สวยงาม ไว้สะสม รูปวง49฿ รูปเดี่ยว59฿ *ซื้อรูปวงและเดี่ยวคู่กัน 100 บาท 👇🏻Contact👇🏻

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[ x ] Seungri, foi o convidado especial do Day 1 IN YOUR AREA SEOUL da BLACKPINK. Seungri disse que Jennie é como pele seu senso de moda. Lisa é como por sua energia. Jisoo é como por sua carisma e Rose como pelo seu vocal. (cr:greytivity_)

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So other than Why Don’t We I also love Blackpink and I know no one cares but today I realized that Rosé from Blackpink has the same shirt as Jack. (I made this)

Now BLINKS should shut the hell up and stop saying that they are the best Fandom 🙄 Just look at the difference

」━ ❝ ❞ ➥ BLACKPINK ; ROSÉ "Şeytan ve Playgirl" teması ile  aramızda! ↬

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สาวๆกำลังจะมาBKKกรี้ส!!!!💕💕 เข็มกลัดbalckpinkvเซต4ชิ้น100.- สติ้กกเกอร์ชุดละ 20.- พร้อมส่งแล้ววันนี้!! สนใจติดต่อ Line : (มี@)sib7453u Dont copy product.

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i used this weird app adobe has to do this which is why the lining looks kinda weird. you take a photo of your sketch & it turns it into a chunky vector which looks cool & it’s much faster but idk. it feels like i did this last week when i actually did it in the last moments of summer.

also i totally gave up on stray kids inktober :’(, i had one last thing i sketched but i ended up not inking it because i didn’t think it was good enough.