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wenn er zu ist, schicke ich die Mannschaft inclusive & eben symbolisch dort hin ...

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We look forward to our next fundraising event, thank you to the community for a very warm welcome.

دورتموند میخواست امسال قهرمان بشه 😊

🤔 What's needed to encourage a revolution? ➡️ Hear from 3 industry chiefs at , & , who are working together to bring the benefits of zero emissions transport to our roads

最後の最後にドラマフィッシュ⚡ 気合い入れてバイト早めに上がって川に直行! だがしかしばっと 弱々しい南風🌀 最近のメソッドにはめれずプラン崩壊しました。 最後の最後にボイル! なんとかGoodsizeでました⚡

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The feels, the emotions. Everything I have vent about, is about someone who hurt me. Who made me go through hell. Torcher. I sit here in the dark, the whispers of negative tell me I was never good enough. To tell me that love was just an illusion I never had. Let me brush this off and find the good in life again.

-B.P. ❤️