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Breaking News Famous Cornerstone investor been seen up north landing on a private airfield sources say on route to ex site this move could very soon

С 18 октября в России доступно новое топливо BP с технологией ACTIVE! В ее основе уникальный набор компонентов, который максимально эффективно препятствует образованию отложений на деталях двигателя, помогает увеличить экономию топлива и восстановить мощность двигателя.

Deputy Head of Mission Sean Melbourne attended the launch of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline offshore construction today. It represents a further significant milestone in this important project, which will help boost energy security in Western Europe.


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Lights, camera, action! Catch 's chief economist Spencer Dale on The Business tonight at 9.45pm where he'll talk about the future of energy and what's likely to impact the sector.

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bei 27,6% nichtwähler haben 47,6% bürgerliche gewählt + + freie wähler+ + und 23% + + + und 1,8%sonstige-mir ist aber klar das politiker der drittgrößten industrienation kein prozentrechnen können müssen

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Good morning people 🤗 it’s Friday and we having fun with Rustenburg Local Municipality’s Spokesperson David Magae on with n n on your Sports desk on

A 25 yo F w/ palpitations presented to the . Pulse rate was 210 bpm. Hemodynamically stable with a of 100/60 mm Hg. 12 lead recorded during presentation, and rhythm during IV adenosine administration. What is the likely diagnosis?

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The song sounds like BLACKPINK and Dua Lipa released two versions of “Kiss and Make Up” separately and then a fan made a mashup with both versions. It just doesn’t sound a a collaboration but more like a mashup, but I like the song.

I’ve never had a real hug before. Of course I’ve had the normal one, the one where you just wrap your arms around the neck of a person which only lasts for a second or two. But I don’t want that. I want the hug that I have seen quotes about over the years. The one “hug” I have always dreamed of and wanted. The one where you hold and squeeze each other so tightly that you feel all of the burdens falling off your shoulders and you can finally exhale a sigh of relief. I want that hug that I know which is real. I will know when I receive that hug because I have been yearning for it for years. The one that will bring ease to my mind, warm up my heart and capture my soul. I want that hug from you.

I’m dying everyday, drowning in my sadness. I’m full of sorrows. I want to leave this world so badly but the thought of you makes me want to stay. I was so ready to go but Allah brought you into my life to save me and he brought me into your life to save you. As the days go by, I break even more. I can’t handle this pain. I miss you so much. I pray you come back to me, maybe when I’m less miserable.

Yo, not that Jennie doesn’t deserve her solo debut, because she does, but—

1) The timing is terrible and I know they’re doing this for a big end of the year show, but again, timing is terrible.

2) YG literally said Lee Hi would be coming back and he put her on the backburner again. Going on three years hiatus again.

3) Did he forget CL existed or is he gonna keep her locked away until her contract expires? Homegirl literally had shit from 2016 already filmed and ready to go and he pretends she doesn’t exist unless it’s to benefit another one of his 3rd generation groups.

4) Okay, Soo Hyun said that she wanted to learn the guitar for her solo debut (despite the fact her brother had made songs for her in his absence in the Marines), is a HiSooHyun comeback not valid?

5) Didn’t he say Mino is coming out with a solo?

6) Sandara Park said that she had a solo MV filmed since last year to a Philippines magazine. She wanted to release it for the spring/summer. Where is that?

Like Jennie deserves it (frankly all of them do), but the timing is terrible. It’s off. And I don’t blame the BP girls especially not Jennie one bit because they don’t have a say over that, but not only is this shit not fair, it’s terrible to the other artists who have been waiting for years. Who have written songs. Countless numbers of them. And can’t see the light of day because the higher up people in YG including YG wanna make piss poor choices.


Mi tailandesa favorita 😍😍 tan bonita 💜💜
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