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The American Heart Association notes that African-American women are twice as likely to die from stroke than Caucasian women. High , high cholesterol, obesity, and physical inactivity increase chances of heart attack and stroke.

Uma multinacional de tecnologia, está em busca de um Analista de Talent Acquisition Pleno para atuar em São Paulo Para saber mais sobre a posição e se candidatar, acesse o link: Não se esqueça de nos seguir nas redes sociais.

Despite being released in 2016 and being the debut MV of the group, ‘BOMBAYAH’ is #16 on the most viewed K-POP MV on YouTube in 2018 the MV accumuled +94,000,000 views it’s more than 2018 release by MOMOLAND (79M) TWICE DTNA (89M) FIFTH HARMONY (75M) & LITTLE MIX (21M)

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【Berry's Pancake】 BP2 1Fエントランスにて「Berry's Pancake」が出店中!今日も美味しいパンケーキを焼いて皆様のお越しをお待ちしていまーす(*≧∀≦*) お昼にブルベリーパンケーキを頂きました! 'sPancake

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I could have been something better. People seeing me as a leader. Who isn’t afraid to take that chance. And now, you used hold me back and worry about your needs. What about mines? You ripped them up in my face to shatter and break me as a man. Using me as garage, trash! I blame myself for making you mines when I wasn’t even yours anymore.

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What do you think is a good example of a Kacchako song? Because I cant find anything, thats like dAMN THIS IS SO THEM and every song I hear remimds me of them but its so ooc and help pls and btw i love your h/cs, do you have any kacchako fankids or family?

Thanks for the ask! :) hope all of this stuff can be helpful.

Here’s a couple of songs:

I Know You - Skylar Grey
The Reason - Hoobastank
Far Too Young To Die - Panic at the Disco

Or here’s a couple of playlists on Spotify:

It’s The Deadfall
Lost in the Stars

As far as headcanons regarding Kacchako kids/family:

• Whenever Bakugou tries to cuss in front of the kids, it comes out as “golly” and he finds that their kids have taken up saying “golly” whenever they’re frustrated or hurt themselves; Uraraka thinks it’s cute but doesn’t understand where they’ve learned it from

• Parenting was foreign to Bakugou when they had their first kid, but by the second kid, he was nearly a pro; Uraraka had to hold back from being jealous that he was always on top of changing diapers, changing clothes, bathing and feeding

• Uraraka would let the kids cuddle in bed for a few minutes in the morning before getting up, but Bakugou would always find them fast asleep and cuddled up with one another

• Bakugou would make each of their kids different shaped pancakes (sometimes different colors depending on how awake he was) for breakfast but most of the time they would end up a crumbled mess

• Bakugou and Uraraka have makeshift fireworks that they put together using their quirks and they use them during birthdays for their kids

• They have many hand drawn pictures of Bakugou and Uraraka in their super hero suits hanging on the fridge that the kids made

You ever look at your own work/decisions, and go, “Why did I do that?”?

I was looking over some of my old work for a game project, and I automatically locked you out of the “True Ending” because of one little choice LOL. 

And there wasn’t anything in the game to tell you it was important.


Me now: Wow, that’s really punishing and unfair to players :c.

What are some things that you look back on that you’ve changed for the better? Or decisions in the past that make you cringe/go =~= ???