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Dylan got me the most amazing gift for Valentine’s Day🥺❤️ this was honestly so thoughtful and I love how personal it is. 40+ pages of nothing but love😍

I love my boyfriend so much. He means everything to me. He is such a lovely guy. My world, My everything.

คิดดีไม่ได้เลย ทำไมกูเป็นคนอย่างนี้ เครดิตในรูป

WTS // Selling photocard ✨ Monsta X Beautiful world tour photocard ✨ Monsta X PIECE Japanese Album set ✨ Stray Kids I Am You unit photocard ✨ Boyfriend Never End photocard ⚠Serious buyer only Free gift ✨

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called his as he gave the rapper a shout-out following his win on Sunday. "My Boyfriend Just Won A Grammy," Smith wrote in an eye-catching tweet, gaining 325,9000 likes and more than 40k retweets.

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What is your opinion on girls who date guys in bands and drop out of school, or quit their jobs to be with their bfs bc of the touring life?

I feel like this is a loaded question BUT I see it in a few ways. I think if someone quits their job and school to do this and spend time being known for being a groupie or girlfriend and establishing a following on social media that can in itself build a career if someone wants that - I personally never did. If someone does this then I support that but I do think it’s still kind of stupid because it may not work out the way it has for some well known girls. If someone drops out to just tour and does so without learning anything on tour then I personally don’t agree with it and I know a lot of people will not like that I say that. But you are quite literally giving everything up for a man that there is a 50% chance you will break up with. I support women regardless of their choices but I think to not have a career or any education is stupid when you don’t know how long your life with that person and on tour will last. Always look after yourself first and they can fit into your life! I got a degree while touring so it is doable and I’m on tour now after I have booked time off from work. Obviously this is just my opinion, but I would hate to see someone give it all up and then break up with their boyfriend and be left with nothing. If anyone does want to do that then I support them, I just want them to think it through properly first - K

My boyfriend has mentioned on more than one occasion that he wants to lose weight and tonight he mentioned that he doesnt want to eat because he feels gross because of his weight. He’s an average weight and body type. I just wish he saw himself the way I see him; handsome, kind, funny. He’s by far the cutest and most caring partner I’ve ever had and I just love him. It’s so strange, from the first date I was very comfortable and it just has always felt that way. This is the most authentic relationship I’ve ever had as well, he just feels like coming home: safe, warm and comfortable. He’s so handsome and I just wish he felt that way. I want him to love his body the way I love it and be comfortable in his own skin, I just don’t know how to get him to feel that way

De fato eu amo você, assim como amo minha família e amigos, não falo apenas em relação a sentimentos, mas também a amizade e carinho. Entenda que amo seus detalhes, seu sorriso, abraço, a forma que me trata, seu jeito.. Eu amo a pessoa que você é, de uma forma simplória e encantadora.


A message from my ex, who is now 30 days clean and is about to enter a 90 day program. I don’t know how to feel, but I’m so happy for him. The things he did were unacceptable, but I forgive him. All I ever wanted was for him to be content and sober. Fortunately he will be living 8 hours away, so we will have much needed distance. I feel lonely in sobriety and don’t want to settle for an ex based on the fact that I miss drugs and I love attention.

Alas, I do love Matthew and I hope this time he gets it right.

(No, we are not together. I am open to being friends, and that’s it)

jan 28, 2020 (28/366)

-trevin came over around 930 today

-we went to get me my samosas bc i was craving last night & wendy’s drive thru for lunch

-headed back home to finish first episode of sex education

-then we watched the second ep where i kinda fell asleep lmao

-also kept his hoodie which smells like him ugh smells sooooo good 🤤

-peep how good our skin looks!!! 🤩🤩