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¡Ya se anunció! El Sáb 22 de viviremos el desempate del Campeonato Mundial entre la actual Monarca Esmeralda "La Joya" Moreno y la local Yesenia "La niña" Gómez. LIFE estará presente, en los mejores eventos.

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Last weekend i saw our NY RYC TEE at the Canelo vs GGG championship fight in the background at ESON BOXEO on Fb.

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Character Playlist: Lena Shaw

1. I’m Gonna Fly - Sydney Forest

2. Breakaway - Kelly Clarkson

3. Again - Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood (english cover)

4. Human - Christina Perri

5. Colorful - Jukebox The Ghost

6. Caught In the Middle - Paramore

7. I’m Alive - Becca

8. Daydream Skytrain - Orangestar (Cover by Rachie)

9. It’s My Life - Bon Jovi (Cover by Minniva ft. Mr Jumbo)

10. Dream It Possible - Delacey


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abysmal-apathy  asked:

Hello. I have two questions actually - both about the same cat. 1) Is it common for cats to enjoy being manhandled? Whenever I try to nudge his cat out of the way or push a her, she starts purring loudly and then flops onto her back. 2) Why do some cats run until they're right in front of you and then flop down when you're moving? This cat likes to do it on the stairs, so it is quite hazardous. There was also the Russian "insurance fraud" cat, who flopped down in front of a cyclist.

Most of this goes back to attention. How can the cat be sure they get your attention the fastest? Walking in front of you so you’re bound to trip over them, of course! Even if the attention that they get is being told “I almost tripped on you and I’m going to step on you if you keep doing this you absolute wild animal what is wrong with you”, it’s still attention to them! MOST times, someone will stop and pet them, or they have in the past, so that’s how they learn the behavior. Other times it’s just hearing the voice of the person they’re inconveniencing.

As for being rough-housed, it’s a combination again of attention and how they were brought up. It’s possible either you or a previous human interacted with them roughly and they enjoy that level of harder petting. I know some cats who go full motorboat purr when you really lean into them, but other cats can only stand the lightest touch. It’s a personal preference!


#24 Fight Scene References for Actors & Animators
Kiss of the Dragon (2001)

Washroom fight scene

THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE: my albums of b.a.p are here and they are so beautiful! I’M SO HAPPY, I CAN’T CONTROL MYSELF!

I still in shook and I was screaming at my house… I scared the neighborhood (I think).

Really, thank you so much for this, beautiful person (@mlnhyuks), you made my day and I’m so grateful. Really, so so grateful.

I will hug them for the next hours and cry, that’s it.

Thank you! Have a nice day and good things in your way, darling. 💕 (jinki bless u)

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#23 Fight Scene References for Actors & Animators
Kiss of the Dragon (2001)

Kitchen Scene

technology is so ugly


#22 Fight Scene References for Actors & Animators
Kiss of the Dragon (2001)

Jet Li vs Karatekas


#21 Fight Scene References for Actors & Animators
Kiss of the Dragon (2001)

Restaurant Fight