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Xtreme Gyms voted Town Business of the Year by you guys!

श्रीकिशन सोमाणी विद्यालयाचा, चि. तमीम तन्वीर दायमी याचे घवघवीत यश. १ - ५ फेब्रुवारी, मापसा,गोवा येथे आयोजित वर्ल्ड थाय बॉक्सिंग चॅम्पिअनशिप २०१९ मध्ये तमीमने १४ वयोगट, वजन ५० किलो या गटात कांस्यपदक पटकावले.

Welterweight -champion Errol"the Reality" Jr. defends his title against undefeated four-division at an Expected and Historical Show-down to Get pound-for-pound supremacy that Tune That a Champions on

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NEW ニットキャップ! 暖かくて柔らかい! 今までのロゴニットキャップよりも暖かい素材となっています🔥

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Leo Santa Cruz Beats Rafael Rivera via Unanimous Decision, Retains WBA Featherweight Title from FOX Sports


Simone OnHomes and Abundant Home Inspection Services proud sponsor of @art_of_war_cage_fighting
Art Of War Cage Fighting 10 and 11. Friday February 25th and Saturday February 16th.
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Movie Review...Creed II

(3/5) Yeah…this one didn’t have as much heart as the first film. I don’t know if it was the different director or the story itself. It was real dry up until the first fight, they tried to build on character and story after that but it was still lacking for me. Character wise I felt like pride and ego, even though they are real emotions, and hurdles for many man, played too much of a huge role in the movie for Adonis that it made him appear shallow for a large part of the movie. The fights were the best part of the movie. The film relied very heavily on the nostalgia of the Rocky IV and because of that Creed II felt like it was more for the die hard Rocky fans instead of everyone. An okay film just not as good as the first. In 1985, Russian boxer Ivan Drago killed former U.S. champion Apollo Creed in a tragic match that stunned the world. Against the wishes of trainer Rocky Balboa, Apollo’s son Adonis Johnson accepts a challenge from Drago’s son – another dangerous fighter. Under guidance from Rocky, Adonis trains for the showdown of his life – a date with destiny that soon becomes his obsession. Now, Johnson and Balboa must confront their shared legacy as the past comes back to haunt each man.


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FightInSight #41
Tutorial Over Rear Kick! 👊🏻
We see this kick a lot at the end of self defense techniques if someone was to come up from behind and grab our neck or shoulders in an aggressive way.
1. Turn to look towards your opponent while picking up your hands to protect your head in a guard or fight ready position

2. Pick up your knee to chamber the kick while looking at your opponent

3. Extend your leg out to execute the kick. Now when making contact with this kick your foot will be vertical up and down with your heel digging into your opponent and your toes pointed down

4. Rechamber the kick, the reason why we rechamber is so that if we need to throw another kick we can

5. After bringing the kick back we place the foot down and have the option to run away or use the momentum of the kick to turn to face our opponent and engage

For the FULL video check it out on YouTube! Link in Bio! 💪🏻 and PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! 🙏🏻 as always Keep Kicking! 🥊
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My sparring partner at kickboxing class today said that I’ve lost weight since the last time he saw me, which was a couple of weeks ago. 😊
So, this and earning my yellow belt has made today a great day 👍🤼‍♀️🎉


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Glossary of Fighting Terms (for a writer who has no idea what they’re talking about)


  • Advance- move towards opponent
  • Assault- game where scores may or may not be kept
  • Attack- series of movements in which a fighter tries to score a point
  • Bout- game or match where scores are kept
  • Feint- false attack
  • Hip-throw- throwing opponent over hip
  • Hook- punch thrown in a semi-circule
  • Jab- punch thrown straight
  • Kick- strike with the legs and feet
  • Lunge- Most common attacking technique, in which the fencer launches themselves at their opponent by pushing off from the back leg (which generally remains stationary).
  • Overhand- punch thrown in a downward moving arch
  • Paw- “testing the waters”, punching without intending to land the hit
  • Second Intention- A tactic in which a fencer executes a convincing, yet false, action in hopes of drawing a true, committed reaction from their opponent.
  • Sprawl-Defense of a take-down attempt in which the opponent jumps back, and drops his or her weight onto the opponent attempting to take the opponent down.
  • Stick and Move-an offensive style of fighting that incorporates a great deal of movement, punching and moving constantly
  • Sweep- A swift move by a competitor to knock their opponent off balance
  • Sucker Punch- thrown at an unsuspecting opponent
  • Thrust-  sudden or violent lunge with a pointed weapon or a bodily part
  • Uppercut- punch thrown upward with the intent of hitting opponents chin


  • Duck- drop weight down to avoid being hit
  • Guard- block an opponents blade
  • Parry- defensive action of blocking the opponents blade, redirecting the hit away from its intended target
  • Pull- fighter pulls or leans back to avoid being hit
  • Recover- return to starting fight position

Other Terms

  • Break- to separate fighters
  • Clinch- A term used to describe when two fighters grab onto or hold each other to prevent an exchange or to slow the action. One fighter may also use this tactic when he is hurt, to prevent absorbing additional punishment.
  • Corps-à-corps- body contact between two fencers
  • Engage- contact between blades

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Follow @showtimeboxing - 20-0👊 19 KOs💥 24 years old🔥
#DavisRuiz #Boxing - #regrann (at North Philadelphia)

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Anyone who’s an aspiring S&C coach would do well to watch and learn from @munday_boxingscience - here’s a short clip of him talking about working with our group sessions down at Boxing Science - 👊👊👊 - FULL VIDEO LINK IN MY BIO -

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