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explores meaningful connections with students as our friends students take guest host seat for part 2 of our discussion. We love it when they lead the chat so please join us! ALERT:

Join us! We are so looking forward to a meaningful conversation with the students about forging connections between teachers and students.

Un nouveau noeud pap! SOLDES ! Noeud papillon original "C'est toi le panda !" by LeChatGarou -

Un nouveau noeud pap! Noeud papillon "Bleu Royal" by LeChatGarou -

We are so excited to welcome students back to for part 2 of our discussion. This week we will be talking about promoting meaningful connections w/ students. Please join us friends! ALERT:

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"Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory"

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Casual Day

Earth Day is a big day at a science museum, and we’ve all been issued matching logo T-shirts. My coworkers say they do not recognise me without my button down and bowtie.

They refuse to believe that I 1. do not regularly wear a bowtie, and 2. have in fact never worn one to work. Apparently I give forth an aura of having been wearing a bowtie.