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極王 極小の極王🌱 #ハオルチア#多肉#多肉植物#succulent #斑入り#観葉植物 #園芸#極王sbm

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F9 hasn’t been done yet - that shelf is mainly books with a smattering of general natural history 💐 Here’s a very pretty book, ‘About orchids: a chat’ by Frederick Boyle (1893) Boyle was a journalist, and became an enthusiast later in life

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Rose petals have been pressed, dried & preserved in non toxic resins. Lightweight & lead free & nickel free materials.

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Size of petals will range from tiny to medium unless otherwise specified.

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I have 10 days to be out of my house. The money I expected on Wednesday from my mom’s social security to help with rent and or an attorney has been held by social security because they claim she was overpaid by mistake. Without that I’m screwed. I’m screwed anyway. I’m too depressed to try to find a place and without any money it doesn’t seem like there’s a point. I’m too depressed to do anything really.