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all the best puri From fan 😎🙏🏻

Wearing lots of hats its fun right? ... right!? 😉 Be your own ... accountant, marketer, customer service rep, HR department, creative director, admin assistant... the list goes on.

Bila kerja sendiri, kita akan belajar banyak benda. So thread ni, nak share pengalaman baik buruk kerja sendiri. Kalau ada nak tambah lagi bagus.

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🖒🖒 No 1 Criminal Defense Lawyer. Great Work sir.💪👏

My prof advice on why you need to set your own and how to do it starting today be the of your career

なんか頑張ろうと思ったよ。 今日から有休取ってますが。

[新入荷情報] 機材系、ギター、管楽器、入荷してます! 公式ホームページでチェックチェック〜♪ .yairi

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このコーヒー×MCTオイルがなかったらここ2週間くらい仕事回せてなかったかも😭 ボトルコーヒーの偉大さに触れ、感謝しかない🥺

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Loop experimental guitar😌
Full video is on my YouTube.#linkinbio watch plz!

Thank you for watching!!
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Troublemaking Co-Worker

The other day my friend & I were having a discussion at work. It was just about about a little game/incentive we were told to do. It was mandatory. S tells the manager she thought it was ridiculous. No big deal they were joking about it.

  • Manager leaves about then me & S start chatting about random stuff. Movies etc.

  • So halfway through our shift we realized this man we work with, J, went home without telling anyone.

The next day I get called into my manager’s office & told that there was a complaint filed against S. supposedly she was b*tching about a coworker & was insulting the manager & upper management.


Um, no.

There were 4 of us there (until J left). And since I sit next to S I would have seen/heard something if that happened. I explained what was said & that I have no idea where these stories came from. I mean, we never even talked about management!

Our boss believed us & no disciplinary action was taken.

But wtf?

How can people be okay with spreading lies? S almost lost her job & she & her husband need it to stay afloat.

And J expected me to back him up? Um, no. Screw you buddy.

  • Why do people do that, spread lies & expect me to lie for them? Happens a lot. Is it because I’m usually quiet? They assume I’m a pushover?

Im so mad though. He’s done this before. He doesn’t like S & last year he did the same for B, another woman he doesn’t like. He said she was talking trash about the manager & I was a witness…yeah I proved I wasn’t even working that day. 🙄

  • He does this & gets away with it. It’s ridiculous.

I’m fairly certain I know why he does it too.

J has had 15 sick days already & 4 instances of going home halfway through his shift, claiming to be ill do to ‘scents’. As it’s supposed to be a scent free environment he gets paid when he does this.

  • He’s also bragged to coworkers he went home & watched a movie or played video games. (And our boss knows this but it’s just ‘hearsay’)

I get he’s lazy but now he’s trying to take people down with him? As if he thinks that if 1 person will get fired in the future then management will look at complaints only. See this complaint against S & despite her stellar record, they’ll fire her over his shady actions & horrible absences…

Anyways my manager also told me she think he may be ‘triggered’ by something we said & therefore saw something that wasn’t happening.

So…are we not supposed to talk now? About anything?

If I talk about puppies is that going to trigger him (or someone else) to have a psychotic break thinking about when they were mauled by a dog when they were five?

Why is it okay he can drag us through this sh*tshow and have zero consequences?

I told my boss we didn’t say anything wrong & he could have talked to us. Which is true.

Seriously, even IF he had been upset, he needs to take responsibility for his emotions. Everyone needs to understand that just because you get upset about something (whether it’s valid or not) doesn’t mean the world owes you. Don’t expect the world to revolve around you.

Not only were S & I feeling like crap after this, so was our boss. She already had a horrible day with issues visiting her dad, then she had to deal with this crap. Just to appease J.

Total BS.


Replika vs Bnet

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What is the Price of One’s Dignity?

Written for @hansama/@han-doodles. Set in a semi-joke AU we came up with where the Undertale, Underfell, Underswap, and Swapfell skelebros start their own cafe. This fic is the one that took me so long to write. Enjoy!


“oi!” Red called into the kitchen. “is the apple pie ready yet?”

“ALMOST!” Boss called back. “IT’LL BE DONE IN TWO MINUTES!”

Red groaned. Damnit. Now he had to stand around and wait. Normally he jumped at every opportunity to take a break and do nothing, but today was far from normal. With nothing to occupy himself with, he became uncomfortably aware of the frilly maid outfit he was wearing. He tugged the ribbon tied around his waist, wanting nothing more than to rip it off and tear this stupid outfit into tiny shreds. Why did he agree to go through with this dumb idea?

Oh. Right.


Money was the reason why the skeletons had even opened this café in the first place.

Okay, it wasn’t the only reason, but that was besides the point.

Their lifestyle wasn’t exactly cheap. Something in the kitchen — or, if they were unlucky, the kitchen itself — would burn down at least once a week, and the TV would be destroyed during every fight or prank war; not to mention that they had eight mouths to feed, bills to pay, vehicles that needed gas, a house to maintain, wardrobes to fill, condiment addictions to satisfy…

They needed money, and lots of it. Sans and Papyrus’ gold (along with any gold the rest of the skeletons had on them when they were pulled into this universe) only lasted them for so long. Everyone tried to get a job with varying levels of success. For some, the problem was keeping the job; for others, it was the amount of pay they received.

In the end, they decided to start their own company; specifically, a café. Coming up with a name, logo, and slogan for it had actually been quite fun. While Boss, Papyrus, Blue, and Black argued over what they should call their café, Red, Sans, Stretch, and Rus turned to the almighty random name generator for an answer.

Nutty Rose Café.

He huffed a laugh. Of all the names the generator could’ve picked… Not that he was complaining, of course. He had burst out laughing like the immature asshole he was when he first saw that name. Despite how much they all loved the generator’s choice, they sided with their brothers when it came time to vote, resulting in a four way tie. The skeletons decided to put everyone’s suggestions into a random picker, which, much to Red’s delight, picked Nutty Rose Café. Boss and the others bitched about it, but there wasn’t anything they could do. Fate had spoken.

They made a typography logo (Nutty Rose Café written all fancy-like) and came up with a slogan, though both were more of the Papyrus-personality skeletons’ work. The Sans-personality skeletons had insisted on using a pun as their slogan, but the others refused to let them have their way again. Thus, they decided that their slogan would be: “Life isn’t perfect, but your coffee can be.” Red still believed that his suggestion — “Cool story, brew” — was superior.

The initial excitement quickly wore off over the next steps of setting up their business. After the nightmare that was sorting out the legal and financial side of things and multiple “fuck it, let’s just be homeless”s, their idea officially became a reality.

Red, Papyrus, and Rus were waiters. Sans was the manager as well as a waiter when he felt like it and wasn’t too busy. Blue provided delivery service on his motorcycle. Stretch was the cashier and handled the marketing. Boss and Black were the chefs, with Papyrus and Blue helping out in the kitchen every now and then.

Everything went fairly smoothly, save for the few fights that broke out in the first month or so of running the café. They had a steady flow of customers and faced far less racism than Red had anticipated. Most of the customers were curious about monster food and had come to try their magic-infused dishes. He’d befriended the customers that visited regularly and even hung out with some of them when he was off work.

He really hoped those friends weren’t here today.

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After the play, I got really annoyed and wanted to go up to Boss about why on earth he made me work when I don’t even work for the parks at the moment, but Boss did it because he knew it would anger me and I’d go to him after.

He apparently wanted to talk to me because he knew that I’ve been trying to study the anomaly in the Dreamscape, and he wanted to tell me to stop. There isn’t any way I can since I’m only one but few dreamscapers. So I refused, but I had to ask him who is Aqua. He was hesitant, maybe even angry at me. All he did though was give me a warning to stay away from the bottom of the Dreamscape. Just return to my duties unless Boss told me otherwise.

…It’s not like I work for him in the Dreamscape though.


Going at it Again!! (Killing Room Take 2)