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24. Stand Up India: Scheme facilitates bank between 10 lakh and 1 Crore to at least one Scheduled Caste (SC) or Scheduled Tribe (ST) borrower and at least one woman per branch for setting up a greenfield .

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I made a fun little pixie recipe thing as part of my tabletop roleplaying :)

Context is Cherry (my pixie) wanted to thank the party’s cook for helping her out, so she grabbed a big piece of paper and wrote out a pixie recipe she knew for his collection. However, writing really big is hard and she accidentally tripped over the ink pot at one point and face planted, hence some of the markings.

Okay, g/t “shower” thoughts here

So, what if a borrower got into the human apartments of a giant’s house (I usually imagine every giant’s house has at least one human/smaller being-sized room/apartment so they don’t have too much trouble doing day-to-day stuff) and was like “Wow, this building was huge from the outside, I bet so many humans live in this place, better scope out to make sure it’s safe”. And they just crawl under the doorframe that leads into the counter/balcony/shelf/etc and just stare in awe

“Oh. Oh FUCK.

G/t prompt

Parent notices that their kid has been very reserved lately, spending all of their time in their room. Late one night, the parent goes to tuck in their kid only to find them, already asleep, with their borrower best friend asleep in their hands. Parent has been unaware of borrower before this.

You decide what happens next.

That one borrower thing I wrote where Bram’s an idiot part 2:

Summary: The human takes a closer look at what they caught and may or may not make a small friend

Trigger warnings: Fear/panic (please let me know if you think anything else needs to be tagged I’m not good with this stuff)

Word count: 1209


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Ancient, thousand-year old borrowers.

Think about it. If there was a tiny humanoid species living within the walls of our society, there is no way in hell they wouldn’t be found, living or dead. Eventually, live borrowers would be discovered or burials holding tiny skeletons would be unearthed. Unless, that is, borrowers lived exceptionally long.

So, what if borrowers or a borrower-like species existed and lived for thousands of years? Their bodies are so small, they can run on nearly no sustenance at all. After much time, borrowing trips would be less necessary and much smoother. They would hardly have a need for burials, unless they fell ill or were killed, and without the need, few burials would ever be discovered; those that were would be labeled as a hoax or a conspiracy theory. If you live for thousands of years, you learn how to be as quiet as a gentle breeze, how to bend with the shadows in the dim light, how to uproot yourself to the next location without hassle. You’d develop fingers that can weave and sew and steal with a feather-like touch. Of course, over the centuries, maybe one is seen in the corner of an eye, heard whistling quietly to themselves, and a folklore blossoms. Little shadows, lurking in the corners and inside your walls, will borrow what you don’t value, and if you’re a pleasant host, they might return it, but not in the way you’d think. You see, you’ve lended them elements of their life, and so they’re returning elements of yours. Maybe your favorite earrings you’d lost years ago resurface in a coat pocket, your glasses you always forget are right in your bag, your left glove is sitting on your desk.

A thousand years of practice in a time when life was simpler creates a borrower who will never be caught, who is wiser than most humans, who has become a nothing more than a mystical, shadowy figure of myth, and is armed with the skills to survive another thousand years.

Here Be Aliens 3

I had this formatted on a computer and in my drafts but edited one thing for continuity and everything burned. Crackhead commentary in my inbox is welcome and appreciated, anon is on.

This story is a continuation of Here Be Aliens, previous chapters are on this blog and direct links to them are in the reblog of this post.

Co-writer: R

Warnings: Ro and Lo are very confused as to Virgil’s gender (not malicious, just 🤦‍♂️), swearing

 Logan huffed, folding his wings back in. “[You are the one that knocked the beaker over in the first place.]” He stated simply, watching over Roman’s shoulder. “[It is likely afraid of us. I suppose it could come from a much smaller planet of some sort.]” He adjusted his glasses, tail flicking idly. “[Considering the small size and apparent shock at seeing us..]”

“[Poor thing. I wonder how it got here.]” Roman stood back up and folded his wings flat to his back.

“[That I couldn’t say… I’ve done plenty of reading on planets in our solar system and so far there aren’t any that support life. That we know of, of course.f course, We could very well be missing something with current scientific instruments.]” He pushed his glasses up his angular nose.

Virgil, meanwhile, let out a strangled whine. From where he sat on the ship’s metal floor he could feel the repetitive thudding far below him. A few various lights along his visor flickered in the dark. The second Roman’s eye wandered he planned to bolt.




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Private Thoughts (7/?)

Warnings/Notes: An Ace/Aro trying to figure out how to write attraction so it’s a little weird, I apologize. Nonsexual watching of a human, mentions of a cat on nip, failed hand-holding, brief mentions of bait/traps, denial of feelings.

If I’m missing something tell me


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Borrowers opinions on holidays (feel free to add the ones I miss)

New years - they like it and celebrate it mostly the same as us humans do. only downside is the when the people yell “happy New years!” It’s loud as heck and hurts.

Valentines - depends on the borrower, communitys of borrowers celebrate it mostly the same as humans but more secluded borrowers don’t celebrate it really.

April fools - they love it! It’s a perfect day for them to pull small pranks on the people they live with!

Halloween - dude Halloween is the perfect for borrowers, first the humans go out for long periods of time which is great for them to go borrowing and get some stuff AND when the humans get back they have candy to take!

Thanksgiving - again depends, if a whole lot of human family members show up it’s a nightmare and if the humans leave to a family members house it’s great! Plus they both get the left over thanksgiving food!

Christmas - BORROWERS HATE CHRISTMAS! Lemme explain, for one it’s cold or is snowing and getting lost in the snow as a borrower most of the time ends in death so they gotta stay inside most of the time, they aren’t the only ones inside since it’s Christmas break kids stay home for 2 weeks and stay up all night! Leaving almost no room for borrowing. Christmas day is the worst. Everyone is staying inside with loud cheering and excitement meaning the borrower can’t even relax in peace.