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Emptied out my beating coat pocket... it would seem I am part borrower #100%ConcentratingOnTheJobImSupposedToBeDoing

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Sammy ze borrower! She’s open for asks :3

A Voice to Hear


I’m baaaack With truly terrible shit don’t even




Bruce sighed. He should have seen this coming.


Wincing, he let the four inch May Parker yell and rail at him. Ever since the Avengers had discovered the two Parker’s, May and Peter, they had become a big part of every day life; Eating with them, having movie nights together, Aunt may teasing them all, Tony and Bruce teaching Peter to build in the lab…..


Having conversations….

But Bruce had to admit she had a point. He shouldn’t have let Peter use his chemicals. Half of the viles they we’re contained in were nearly double his size, and dangerous.

“…If ANYTHING would have happened to Peter I could never forgive myself. I promised I would take care of him.”

She was slowing down. Her voice was getting slightly raspy. Of course she had already yelled at Peter….

“I love Peter so much. He’s all I got. I love all you guys, but Peter’s my baby. When we decided to come out of the walls I thought you would help me protect him, not introduce him to explosives! I—” A sharp cough Inturrupted her rant.

Guilt gnawed at Bruce, he hung his head and apologized. “I’m sorry Mrs. Parker. I promise I won’t let him use them again.”

May cleared her throat. “Just don’t… don’t let him be on his own. Not now. I know I can’t keep him away forever but—” she burst into another cough. “…at least supervise him.”

Bruce nodded his head in agreement, and turned on the faucet. “I understand.”

“Good! Your smart, and I like you.” May rubbed her throat. “I wouldn’t want to have to get you.”

A three and a half inch women, taking on a man standing at a little over five feet? Unlikely, but when it came to aunt May, nothing was improbable.

“Here.” Bruce said passing over a minitaure cup of cold water to the yiny.

She took it gratefully, and sipped. “Thank you Bruce.”

A few beats passed as May gulped down her water. When she finished off the glass, Banner layed his hand out on the counter, and May walked onto it without hesitation. Moving Carefully, he left for the living room, sat on the couch, and started flipping through the tv.

“I recorded the walking dead.”

“Yeah, but Peter likes to keep up with it.” Miss Parker shook her head. “What about Stranger things?”



“Oof…that’s eight minutes.” Wanda said.

Steve raised his head looking mildly impressed. “I’m surprised. Usually she hits at least ten.”

“Yeah, but she got to me first.” Peter said sheepishly. “And that was definitely ten.”

Bucky rubbed the top of the teens head, and scooped him up. “Oh yeah.” He chuckled as Peter yelped in surprise before quickly scrambling up to his hair.

Tony chuckled as Steve, Bucky, and Wanda watched the screen. They had hidden away in his lab with him and Peter, and turned on a moniter to listen in the whole argument— beginning to end.

Their trip down here had first started when Steve nearly ran into May and Bruces “argument”. He had only just managed to stop Bucky from going into the room as well. Then they somehow met up with Wanda who suggested they watch the argument to see how long it would take.

Wanda squinted up at the screen. “Hey, now what are they doing?” She questioned.

Zooming the controls in, Bucky tried to get a look. “He’s…washing his hands? I can’t tell.”

Peter tugged Bucky’s hair a few seconds later as it became clear. “Nooo..that’s one of our cups. Looks like he’s giving aunt may some water.”

The statement seemed to throw the Bucky, Steve and Wanda for a loop.

“But he just got a verbal beat down.” Bucky pointed out.

Peter jumped from Bucky’s head, and swung over to Mr. Starks work station.

“Yeah, but..” Peter pursed his lips. “He usually does.”

“Oh? Bruce gets yelled at often?” Wanda asked.

“No. He’s letting her have control. She threw her voice out, and that’s probably the one thing we have that’s equal to you guys.” Peter looked down at his hands. “Our voice.”

Stark set his tools down, and tapped Peters shoulder. “Don’t get down kiddo. There’s a few other things you got pretty equal, or better than humans.”

“Really? What?”

“Brains.” Tony snorted. “Now come on. I need you to come help me get this hard to reach wire.”

Peter beamed and hopped over. “Yes Mr. Stark!”


Thanks for reading if you got this far

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Teen Titans - Starfire x Borrower/Reader

Been seeing a lot of these stories around, so I figured I would throw one into the mix.

Starfire dragged her feet as she paced through the halls of Titans Tower. Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy had left the tower to hang out. Raven, as per usual, had retreated to her room for some peace and quiet that often wouldn’t be there when the boys were around, rowdy as they were. As such, this was one of those days where Starfire was left to her own devices. After a fair bit of time spent simply meandering, she decided to give the television a chance.

However, as she walked past the kitchen, she heard a small rustling noise. She quickly stepped around the island in the middle of the kitchen to investigate. A fast food wrapper lay crumpled on the floor, probably the remains of one of Cyborg’s leftover burgers. Starfire leaned down to pick it up, only to see the wrapper shift a bit.

“Huh?” Strange as it had been to see it suddenly move, the wrapper went eerily still. Now that seemed very curious. Starfire reached again to grab the wrapper, only for it to suddenly dart up into the air! Starfire let out a quiet gasp as the wrapper lightly touched against her face before fluttering down gently to the floor, revealing nothing. But then, glancing ahead, she spotted a small form moving across the floor. 

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curlyclogs  asked:


91 - Bookshelf

It was open to the next page. She’d bet her best earring hook.

Laura tiptoed up to the bookshelf, craning her neck to both sides. The room was empty. Of course it was.

Swinging her hook, Laura expertly caught the first shelf and pulled herself up. She repeated her actions twice more and climbed with a huff onto the third shelf. And it was just as she thought - the page was turned from pages 12-13 to 14-15. And the little bear paperweight smiled at her creepily.

Laura’s heart fluttered. She should be afraid. The human beans knew that she existed, that she was interested in the book. She should run, she should leave the house. She should grab her family and leave forever. But the pull of the next pages - one more chapter. Laura couldn’t seem to pull herself away.

She wasn’t hurting anything, Laura argued with herself. The bean hadn’t come looking for her, hadn’t found her or her family. They had simply turned the pages of a book. They didn’t even know she existed. Laura was fine. The bean could’ve thought it was another one of their own. That’s all.

Satisfied with her own logic, Laura sat down on the bottom of the creamy page 14. Intent on finding out more about a cyborg girl by the name of Cinder.


Words: 222

Thanks to one of my good friends @peachydeacy for the prompt and @lilygold23 for the book Cinder. And always, thank you to @hiddendreamer67 for enabling me in this fandom and answering all of my gt questions. I love all of my writing friends so very very dearly.

I thought this one was cute. We seem to have a bookworm borrower on our hands. 

Thank you for reading! 


hiddendreamer67  asked:

93 on the prompt list! 😁

93 - Please

Please,” Markus whispered, eyes heavy, “you’ve gotten all the answers you ever asked for. What more could you need? I’ll leave this house, I’ll leave you alone. Just please let me go.”

He was so tired, so worn. It had been months since he’d since the outside of the bird cage. It swung gently from its rope in the ceiling as the human, James, watched him. The human’s stare barely fazed him now, Markus was used to the probing eyes of the human. All he felt as James looked at him was exhaustion.

“I can’t just let you go.” James replied, sounding shocked. “I need you. I can’t present this project to the Board without the living proof that made it all possible. You’re staying with me at least until after the presentation. After that, who knows?”

James’ answer was slow to register in Markus’ mind. Can’t let me go? Why can’t? He was a human.Of course he could. He just didn’t want to.

Everything felt fuzzy. The bars of the cage blurred together. Knowing what he did about the human, Markus was sure that there was no way he would ever breathe free air again. James would always come up with more excuses to keep Markus locked up in the bird cage. Another test, another question, another, another, another.

“Can’t?” Markus asked, voice soft, defeated. “Or won’t?”



This is an excerpt from a story idea that I had. A scientist and a moth boy  - never a good combination. 

For @deadly-dapperling !

Looks like a big friend of Gemma’s found out she likes peaches and cream! They made her a treat of syrup poached peaches over ice cream churned with early winter ice. Hopefully the lucky little pilot enjoys the treat!

Happy Holidays, Mock!

Gemma Swiftgrove © @deadly-dapperling

Artwork © @kelly-clickspring