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Meta Perspective (3)

By: @arc852 and @hiddendreamer67

Warnings: Fear

(Check the reblog for the links to any future chapters)


 Amanda should have been back by now. 

 Allison bit her lip in worry, pacing back and forth in their shared living space. It had been hours since Amanda had gone out. It never took that long. Which meant something went wrong. Allison’s mind went into a panic at the thought but she started to take deep breaths. No, she couldn’t think like that. 

 But she couldn’t just sit around and wait either. So, she grabbed her hook and bag and headed out. Unfortunately, she wasn’t sure which apartment Amanda had gone to, so it looked like she would have to search all of them. Choosing her first one, she listened before carefully cracking the door open.

 She found herself underneath a human bed, in one of the two human’s rooms. She started to walk, looking around to see if she could spot Amanda. So far, she saw nothing. She carefully scanned the room and when she didn’t see the human, she trekked out into the open. She started towards the closest. It could be possible that Amanda somehow got stuck inside.

When Allison was about halfway towards her destination, the floor began to tremble as one of the humans approached the bedroom.

 Allison stopped in her tracks and gasped at the feeling. Oh no…

 The human was coming.

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Borrower Analogical (9)

Chapter Summary: November 19th, 2019. When Roman learns that Patton’s tiny person spoke, he is eager to get his to do the same.

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Patton didn’t know what to do. Yesterday, when he had tried to use the dropper, he had expected resistance. Possibly some more scratching or even a bit of biting. What Patton didn’t expect was for the tiny person

“I know what I heard, Roman.” Patton insisted, rubbing the sides of his coffee mug to try and gain some semblance of comfort from its contents. Roman was leaning against the counter, looking thoughtful as he watched Patton sit down at the kitchen table. 

“You’re serious about this?” Roman clarified, wanting to be sure. “I mean, I know we both want them to talk, just imagine how cool that’d be, but…”

“He said no.” Patton looked up at Roman pleadingly. “I didn’t imagine it.” At least, Patton didn’t think he did. Still, the missing food was evidence that the little guy at least understood what Patton had said. Unfortunately Patton was on the fence about how to feel about this. How should he be talking to the creature, now that Patton knew it could understand him? What would be rude? None of his veterinary classes covered anything like this.

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Y e et guess who spent forever on this lad.

His name is Elias Clockworth and he’s a borrower detective that lives in a big ol’ grandfather clock. He’s 24 and he’s kinda shy, but is more confident when doing detective work since he’s very good at it. What happens though when he’s the witness to the murder of a bean and a human detective comes over to investigate? Owo you’ll find out when I get off my lazy ass to write a story about it

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About Lefay's writing prompts extravaganza, I think 3, 8, 9, 20, 27 and 49 radiate GT energy

Prompt 3:  Don’t call me an evil creature and keep showing up at my house expecting me to give you more tacos.

Prompt 8: You can be more into it, ya know. Be more enthusiastic about being kidnapped.

Prompt 9: I’ll be your friend. Just ignore the fact that I broke your leg. I mean, what are friends for, right?

Prompt 20:  It only hurts a little. It’s more like, “Ow,” instead of, “Holy fuck, I’m stabbed.”

Prompt 27: I’ll fight you! I mean, I’ll probably lose, but I’ll fight you!

Prompt 49: I just wanted a chair and best friend all wrapped into one.

I can see it. I would also argue prompt 68 when a borrower gets fed up:

Prompt 68: Hold on, I have to go bother these people; they’re listening to a terrible song.

just-some-gt-trash  asked:

Secret dating with prinxiety (gt is it’s possible) please and thank you!

Send me romantic prompts and a pairing!


“Hey Roman!” Patton greeted his friend with a smile. “So glad you could make it!” Patton paused, seeming to process the fact that Roman was alone. “Could your boyfriend not come?”

“Oh no, my boyfriend came.” Roman a ridiculous grin on his face like he knew something Patton didn’t. “He’s just a little nervous. He’s got a tiny problem with strangers.” 

Roman heard a nearly imperceptible groan, and Roman snickered when he felt the accompanying light thump that was Virgil hitting his chest.

Patton tilted his head, looking concerned. “Well, if he didn’t want to come, he could stay home, I don’t mind…” 

“No no, he wanted to meet you.” Roman assured him. “We’ve been working on getting him socialized, they’re so independent you know.” Then, Roman did something very strange. He opened his chest pocket, tilting his head down as if to talk to the contents. “Ready, little nightmare?”

Patton froze, watching as a very tiny head of a person poked up over the lip of the pocket, giving Patton a nervous salute. “Hey.”

“H-hey.” Patton stammered, watching Roman pull the little guy out into his hand.

“Patton, this is Virgil, the love of my life.” Roman accompanied this statement with a kiss to Virgil’s head, causing the little man to fruitlessly try to shove Roman’s advances away. “Virgil, this is Patton, my bestest friend in the whole world.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Patton remembered his manners, watching almost in a trance as Virgil shook his index finger for a handshake. “Oh! Should we go tell the others-?”

“No!” Virgil’s eyes widened, for a moment looking terrified. “I mean, ah, no.”

“Borrowers are supposed to be a secret.” Roman explained, holding Virgil fondly to his chest. “You’re the only one we’ve told. Heck, you’re the only one I’ve even told I’m dating.”

“You’re lucky I’m not the jealous type.” Virgil commented, looking up at the underside of Roman’s chin.

“Ah, of course you’re not.” Roman rolled his eyes playfully. “So you definitely don’t sulk whenever you hear about a cute guy sending me a second glance.”

“I don’t sulk, I brood.” Virgil corrected. “Now can you put me back? Nice to meet you or whatever, Pat, but secrecy and all that.”

“Oh, it’s nice to meet you too!” Patton gave a small wave, watching the miniature person once again disappear from sight.

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Shmello... just wondering if you had any prompts for g/t scenes I could write where a borrower and human are already friends? I’m sort of lacking ideas atm

introducing each other to the other culture (on the human side: road trips, technology, cooking recipes, games. Borrower side: borrower games, how to construct various things, seeing borrower get really indignant about things like cars and birds).

Borrower gets real annoyed about the things human throws out because “you could build a whole city!” but then conversely human tries to give them trash and they’re like “excuse me I have standards”. 

taking borrowers on mini adventures, like to the library or school or movie theater. Could go great, could go horribly wrong. You decide.

Oh yeah usually borrowers can’t swim, so that can either be scene of trying to teach borrower to swim OR borrower gets into trouble and nearly drowns before frantic friend finds them. You can take a guess which I prefer. Bathtubs, sinks, heck even bowls are very dangerous when you’re a few inches and can’t swim, let alone a pool.

I loooove bringing in other humans, whether introducing borrowers to them OR unsuspecting friend C comes over abruptly and human has to try and act natural while keeping borrower hidden. Can the human see the borrower over C’s shoulder on a shelf? Or maybe human has to shove borrower in pocket to keep em’ out of sight and apologizes later.

Human wants to see how the borrower lives so they follow ‘em around for a day, keeping track by talking to their little friend and knocking on the wall as they walk around the apartment (borrower agreed prior). 

Borrower leaving human little ‘gifts’.

Well I wrote the borrower story, I have no idea how good this is but it’s here.

I tried.

Summary: Bram makes terrible decisions

Warnings: Fear/panic


‘Do you think that’s enough?’ Bram asked. He was perched on top of a cereal box, an ideal spot for grabbing food and passing it down to Quince. The older boy nodded, packing a few more coco-pops into his tattered backpack.

'It looks like it. ’ he replied, fastening the oversized clasp on the bag and slipping his hands through the straps. 'Is nearly full anyways, and I don’t really wanna break 'em?’

'Fair enough.’ Bram shrugged. 'There’s not long left until the humans are gonna wake up so you can head back if you want? I'ma get some more before I come down.' 

There was an exchange of thumbs-up’s before the two parted. Bram watched as Quince dangled his legs over the lowest shelf, bracing himself for impact. Six inches might not be that much for a human, but to a two inch tall borrower it’s more like a fifteen foot drop.

Seeing that his friend had made it down, Bram scanned over the kitchen for anything else he could get ahold of. His eyes landed on a packet of oreos which had been left on the dining table. The humans had made sure opened end of the wrapper had been twisted shut so they didn’t go stale. 

He considered his options at that point, weighing up the risks.

The first and most logical choice would be to grab more cereal and go, the quickest and safest option, but where was the reward in that? They’d been living on the stuff for a few weeks now, he was getting bored of it.

His favourite option was to travel across a room and a half and then climb a table to try to get a single oreo from a noisy packet. This was at the risk of getting there at a time when the humans would wake up and see him. Knowing his luck this would be exactly what would happen.

If that happened, even the best case scenario was undesirable. He didn’t want to leave his home with Quince and he especially didn’t want to be the cause of it.

He shook his head and climbed down the line from his makeshift grappling hook, dropping down the levels of the cupboard shelf by shelf until he reached the floor. Maybe he’d get one another day if they were still there, it wasn’t the end of the world. Right now it wasn’t safe enough.

That’s what Quince would say. The thing is, Bram is not Quince. Bram has two brain cells dedicated to climbing and food respectively, and because of this the temptation of the oreos were too strong. 

They wouldn’t miss just one, right? And even if they did, they were much more likely to blame each other for taking it than a tiny person living in their walls, provided none of them were there to witness it. And let’s face it, Bram is a decently skilled borrower minus most of the intelligence. He’d be fine, and Quince would be so proud of him for pulling it off!

The smol began to scale the table, driven by nothing hunger and sheer reckless stupidity. Reaching the top, he scampered over to the packet, starting to untwist it from the way the humans had left it. 

The sound of scrunching plastic managed to drown out the sound of quiet footsteps. One of the humans descended from their room, trying their best not to make a sound incase it woke up the rest of their family. They were about to take a turn into the living room when a small rustling noise stopped them in their tracks. Their heart started beating slightly faster. 

What on earth was it?

They entered the kitchen to investigate, the lights flickering on.

There was a small person on the table, holding an oreo above their head. He had the look of someone who was completely ecstatic about winning something before finding out they’d actually lost. Not only the prize he’d worked so hard for. Everything.

It was about the same thing Bram was experiencing. He’d frozen in place, trembling in fear of the gigantic being that stared him down from the other end of the room, his body preventing him from doing anything but watch as it grabbed a cup from the counter and approached him. The human held it in the air for a few seconds, seeming to hesitate, giving Bram a short amount of precious time for his shaking legs to let him run.

The human flinched at the sudden action, trying to keep an eye on the scampering creature, slamming the cup down aiming to capture it but missing. It shreaked in terror, darting in the opposite direction of the cup, desperately trying to evade capture, reaching the end of the table.

Bram realised unless he jumped he’d have nowhere else to go, there was only so much room on the table and he’d tire eventually, and even if he did escape from the human-

…Everything he saw was blurry, the sound of his shallow breathing echoing around him. Gigantic fingers as thick as his entire body curled around the glass prison he’d just been trapped inside.

'N-No…’ he whined, a sick feeling building in his stomach. 'This…This can’t be-’ tears started to form in the corners of his eyes, his weary legs giving in as he dropped to his knees. This was all his fault. He shouldn’t have been so stupid. Now he didn’t even know what was going to happen to him, what could happen to Quince because of his actions.

Bram let himself cry quietly as he waited for anything to happen, his head held between his knees.

The human slid a thick piece of paper underneath the glass, startling the very small boy as they picked it up. Bram found himself face to face, or whole body to eye, with his captor. The human seemed very curious to find out what on earth they’d just discovered.

Quiet as a Mouse (chapter 2)

Chapter 2: A Mouse’s Amenity

Trigger warnings (being trapped, fear, panic, mentions of lab, mentions of experiments, mentions of being hurt, trauma)

“You are only as free as you think you are and freedom will always be as real as you believe it to be.” - Robert M. Drake

Sammy had paid a lot of attention to the human at first, getting a read for his character and schedule. This was all she’d discovered;

Daniel was a tall man, standing at 6'3" with a decent build (although it seemed to just be metabolism rather than working out), and an… Odd, yet comforting character. He was 28 years old, with deep green eyes and long brown hair (that was often left loose, but sometimes tied in a small ponytail). His skin was pale, with two moles below his left eye, circular glasses resting atop The bridge of his nose.

His expression was often thoughtful, interested, and the only times she’d seen him look any different was when he was on the phone, late for work, or had someone over. She sometimes liked to just watch him read, enjoying the silence. She was a little short-sighted, so she couldn’t read what he was reading very well, but it was nice all the same.

The calm environment made her feel much safer. The human who had captured her previously was a drunk, and wasn’t very quiet. He didn’t seem to possess an inside voice and often left her under his bed to have a party. It was terrifying and much too loud, often triggering a panic attack. Luckily she got better at controlling the attacks as time went on.

It was a nice change of pace, since Daniel spoke quietly no matter what, and his voice was a modulated and silvery voice, another thing she liked. Just hearing him speak made her feel more comfortable, so long as he was nowhere near her.

The reason she loved his voice so much is that it reminded her of her cousin’s voice. Her cousin Oliver, the person she looked up to the most out of anyone and the one who would read to her and hold her, comfort her and teach her many skills. Sometimes if she closed her eyes and listened to Daniel’s voice, she could imagine that she was back home, still in her parents safe arms.

And then she’d open them and be all alone.

Sammy shook away the thoughts, not wanting to become distracted whilst borrowing. Even if the human shouldn’t be coming down for a little bit, losing concentration could be fatal.

The young borrower hiked across the granite counter, towards a basket that held fruit. It reminded her of her brother. His smile, sweet as berries, was something she sorely missed and desperately wanted. She wished that she could go back to those days where Tanner refused to eat anything but fruit. She wanted to spend more time with her family whilst she had the chance.

Tears began to distort her vision, but she quickly wiped them away. Just think about something else, she reminded herself, hands shakily taking out her hook. A memory tried to let itself be known, but she shoved it back down, suppressing it. No. She didn’t have the energy to think about the past when she had the future to worry about.

She used the hook to climb up to the edge of the fruit bowl, before carefully picking a few grapes and breaking off the stems they were attached to in order to hide any evidence. Besides, she could use the flexible sticks to make things for her den.

Three grapes was enough for her, and enough to not cause any suspicion. She’d gotten the water yesterday, so now all she needed was some thumbtacks to make ladders in order to more easily traverse through the walls.

Sammy’s stomach growled and, even though no one was looking or had heard, her cheeks heated up with embarrassment. Perhaps eating a piece of a grape would be good right now…

As the young girl distractedly walked along, munching on one of the grapes thoughtfully, she approached the cupboard that all the knick knacks and doo dads were kept in, namely thumbtacks. She took her hook and managed to catch it on the handle after a few tries, pulling back with all the might her frail body could muster.

Now, opening a cupboard was pretty hard to do this way, but once the cupboard actually opens then it’s easy to move the door this way and that. Sammy didn’t fully open it of course, she simply left it ajar and carefully slid into the dark space.

Perhaps she should’ve been paying attention to her own advice about the traps, but in her absentmindedness she forgot to tread carefully. A squeak of surprise barely even escaped her mouth before there was a snap, and then Sammy was pinned on her back.

She hadn’t even registered what had happened yet thanks to how quick it was. She tripped on something, and all of a sudden there was sticky…wet.. liquid all over her. Was it blood? She smelled the liquid, relieved to find that she wasn’t bleeding, but the grape had saved her from being snapped in two and exploded all over the place.

Sammy’s relief was short lived however, because no matter how much she tried to get out, the bar over her wouldn’t budge, and the pressure was hurting. A lot. It was getting harder to breathe, and she wasn’t sure if it was because of the pressure or the oncoming panic attack.

She was stuck, well and truly, and it was all because she had gotten distracted trying to distract herself. The young borrower couldn’t hold it in anymore. She would either die right here or when the human found her, and both sounded equally unpleasant. As much as she found comfort in this human, he seemed like the sciencey type, and Sammy was terrified out of her mind just wondering what he could do.

All the tears that she’d been holding in for so long, pretending to be strong, and brave, and okay…they began to roll down her cheeks as she held in any sounds that could alert the human of her presence here. Please just crush my ribs quick, she begged to no one in particular, I can’t face another human.

Unfortunately for her, it wasn’t her lucky day.

Daniel had just finished up some paperwork for another library membership, and was going to go downstairs to eat some lunch, check on the traps and whatnot. As he tread lightly down the stairs, he found his thoughts lingering to the traps again.

Ugh. He hoped the fowl rodent hadn’t ruined any of his food. Would it be better to order something just in case he got sick eating his own food? Daniel shook his head, deciding that that was going too far. As much as he hated rodents, he wasn’t going to let them ruin his mealtime.

…perhaps he’d check the traps first though, to see if he could remove some of them or not.

The first few traps were empty, but he still had a couple more in the kitchen so he felt fine about it. Suddenly, Daniel noticed something. One of the cupboards he’d put a trap in had the door ajar ever so slightly. He crouched down, grimacing and preparing himself to see a dead rat.

Instead, what he saw instead filled him with a mix of horror, confusion, curiosity, guilt, and worry. If he had known that this was what was getting into his bread, he never would’ve put up traps. The frightened eyes and pained struggles caused his heart to clench, although he was still in too much shock to move. The thing he’d found in his mousetrap…

Was a tiny kid.

I’ve decided that for now the chapters will come up on Thursdays. Hope you enjoy!

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"No no no no no- please- not the jar- please, I'm sorry!" (Pet Borrower Logan with Human Patton?


Me: I love Logan! Also Me: (writes this). 

Honestly this is one of my favorite angst pieces I’ve written: “The Jar”.

Check out more of my writing at @hiddendreamerwriting!————————————————————————————————

“No no no no- please- not the jar- please, I’m sorry!” Logan’s pleas fell on deaf ears the borrower tumbling down into the glass enclosure. He groaned, hitting his elbow on the way down. Shakily Logan got to his feet, holding his arm close to his chest in a cradling sort of gesture. Logan looked up at his owner pleadingly, but the human just shook his head.

“Logan, you know better than this.” Patton sighed, screwing the cap on. The metal lid scraping against glass was too familiar, and Logan cringed at the sound. A few holes were poked in the top to allow Logan to breathe but he knew from experience it was scarcely enough. “I’m disappointed in you.”

The borrower was once again thrown to the ‘ground’ as the jar was lifted up, tucked away on a shelf in the bedroom. Patton gave a nod, satisfied. How dare he look so pleased.

“Do not abandon me like this!” Logan pounded on the glass, his voice muffled by the enclosure as he watched Patton leave the room. Of course, his cries did nothing. Once Patton had his mind set there was nothing Logan could do to dissuade him- how could he? Logan was nothing more than a borrower.

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Are there any kids in the classroom you know? Is it a high school, or what?


Nel: I know alot of the people’s names since the old lady at the desk calls em’ out every morning and calls it ‘attendunce’ or some udder’ hogwash. But I don’t know em for real because I ain’t supposed to go near beans. They’re very big, ya know! But…there is one lass I’ve seen who I kinda wish I knew.


Nel: She go by the name of Meredith. She’s pretty, yar?


Nel: And I dunno what 'high school’ means, but alot o’ the kids aren’t really kids honestly. Most of em’ look sweaty and are really tall, even for beans I’ve seen.

(Meredith belongs to my pal @sof-crimes-goblin :>)