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Amanda’s Discovery 9

Summary: Logan questions the human on why he was let go.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9

Logan’s grip tightened around the strap of his bag, his nails digging into the hard fabric as the borrower fought to maintain an outward stoic appearance. This was crazy. Here he was, having willingly revealed himself to a human yet again, and now said human was looking at him expectantly. Logan was at least thankful she was staying put across the room for now. He couldn’t handle the threat of having a human so close again.

No, this was much better- Amanda was sat on the floor, and Logan was stood upon a shelf of books above the desk. Strangely enough, up on the bookshelf like this with the desk directly below, Logan actually found himself looking down upon the human. The perspective certainly helped ease his mind slightly.

Logan took a deep breath. “Why did you let me go?”

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Switched Perspectives (11)

By: @arc852 and @hiddendreamer67

Warnings: Mentions of Past Trauma, Deceit

(Check the reblog for the links to the previous chapters and the prequel!)

This is a sequel to A Third Perspective! Read that first or you will be confused!

Virgil started around the apartment, trying to find the supplies he needed. He found the beaker in the kitchen, up against the wall. He took it and brought it back to the room, placing it on the desk. The beaker was the main part of it, but he needed everything for it to be authentic. He snapped his fingers when he remembered the gloves and went back to the kitchen.

If he remembered correctly then the gloves should be in a drawer. One close to the one he had been caught in. He opened a few, but frowned when he didn’t see any. He ended up looking through all the drawers, still nothing. He groaned. Logan must have placed them somewhere else.

His next guess was that it was in one of the desk drawers. Thankfully, it was. And he also found another thing he needed, a notebook and pencil. However, getting curious, he opened the notebook only to realize this had been the notebook Logan had been using when studying him.

He couldn’t help but read what Logan had written and as he flipped through it, he got angrier and angrier. He knew Logan had done this before, when he had intended to show off his findings and Virgil. But that didn’t make it any better. Especially when he came across some of Logan’s more…opinionated ‘facts’.

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Switched Perspectives (10)

By: @arc852 and @hiddendreamer67


(Check the reblog for the links to the previous chapters and the prequel!)

This is a sequel to A Third Perspective! Read that first or you will be confused!

“Uh, Thomas.” Logan suggested quietly once the two were in the hall. “It’s not wise for me to be out in the open.”

“Oh, right.” Thomas turned a slight pink, having forgotten the borrower rules already. It was hard earlier to remember Patton had been a borrower at all; he had blended in at the grocery store so well in Logan’s NASA pajamas. The bare feet had been a little odd, but Thomas had learned that several borrowers went barefoot daily. Go figure.

“We’ll stop by my apartment.” Thomas assured him, hurrying down the steps to do just that. Thankfully no other neighbors were there. Of course, there were no other neighbors in the building, now that Thomas thought about it; Roman lived on the 5th floor, Logan on the 4th, himself on the 3rd, and the 1st and 2nd floors remained unoccupied. Weird.

“Okay, how do we want to do this?” Thomas asked, having never carried a borrower discretely before.

“Well…” Logan pondered the various methods of travel. “From what has been told to me, a pocket is often the most comfortable.”

“A pocket, huh?” Thomas wandered into his closet, searching for any shirts with a chest pocket. Finally spotting one, Thomas set Logan out in the living room and returned to his bedroom to change.

“How’s this?” Thomas re-emerged, dressed and ready for the day.

“Ah, perfect.” Logan only now felt slightly uneasy about this situation. After all, once they were out in public it would be impossible to talk to Thomas. However, this was all for the best. If they were successful Logan would never have to ride in a pocket again.

Thomas gently picked up Logan, setting him into the pocket. “How is it?” Thomas asked, trying to peer down into it.

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Amanda’s Discovery 6

Summary: Logan has a tense trek home as he tries to figure out what to do now.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7

Logan’s trek home was tense. There was a lot on his mind, obviously. He had been seen. There was no denying that fact now. He could not ignore it with the excuses he had used before, like emphasizing how Virgil was only seen from a distance or how the never ending notes technically proved nothing. Logan was 100%, undoubtedly seen in broad dorm room light. Not only that, but Logan had broken several sacred borrower rules in the process. He had willingly revealed himself, and he had also spoken to a human directly.

…and yet, the human had let him go.

It had been a hard decision to come out, but ultimately Logan had decided there was no reason to prolong the inevitable since the human knew of his presence. Logan came out of hiding simply to cut to the chase. Never in his life did Logan truly expect the human to keep her word.

Despite that, here he was- walking home unharmed. Why had the human let him go? Did she have some sort of master plan? Logan had suspected a plan behind the notes, but he could not understand the plan now. Logan had been vulnerable, helpless even. If she had chosen to capture him, there would have been nothing Logan could do to prevent that. What possible motive could there be behind letting him go? Logan was perfectly free to run far away now and never return. Which of course would be the most rational form of action. The moment Logan got home he should grab his brothers, confess to Roman, and evacuate the premises.

“Hey Logan.” Patton greeted him when he walked into the kitchen. “You’re back early.”

“What? Ah, yes.” Logan slowly put his bag down near the entrance, closing the door behind him.

“Is everything okay?” Patton frowned, setting down his needle work. He was currently in the middle of helping repair one of Roman’s boots. The sole had become loose after Roman slipped on the bridge of nails that the borrowers used to travel between the west and east wings of the building.

Logan looked at the shoe, so beaten and torn. Borrowers always used everything until it broke, and then some. Roman had to be using his spare pair of shoes that were in only slightly better condition. Surely it would be cruel to make Roman move wearing such footwear.

“Everything is- everything is fine.” Logan stuttered out a response, rubbing at his forehead.

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Amanda’s Discovery 5

Summary: The notes keep getting taken, but Amanda has yet to receive a response…until now.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

“Bye, thanks for the ride!” Amanda waved, stepping out of the car. She adjusted her backpack, heading into the elevator. Amanda was feeling wonderful. Her grades were up, her projects were going well, but best of all- the borrower note had been taken.

And the note after that. And the note after that. Several notes, in fact. One for each night the past two weeks. It was strange though, despite the fact her notes were accepted, there was never a response. Amanda had yet to see a borrower in person- well, for real- or even talk to one. Clearly the borrower knew to read; did they know how to write back?

That’s why tonight’s note had been constructed so carefully and requested a real response. Amanda didn’t want to seem desperate, but…well, she was getting desperate. She wanted something, some sign that the borrower was willing to meet her halfway. It was encouraging that the notes were still being taken because it showed that so far, she hadn’t scared the borrower off. Not only that, but they were clearly okay with her knowing of their existence because they kept taking the notes rather than leaving them untouched.

Amanda entered her room, tossing her bag on the ground. Usually the notes didn’t leave until the morning, but it was late at night. Perhaps it was late enough to have gained a response? It certainly couldn’t hurt to check.

Amanda went over to her desk, crouching down to look at the pile of office supplies.

“…oh my goodness.” Amanda breathed, her eyes widening. The note card was turned over. On the back, in large shaky letters the beginning of a note had been written.


But the last letter was scribbly, as if written in a rush. The marker was still uncapped, rolling along the ground after having left a small ink stain on the ground.

The borrower was still here.

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Written Love

Part 5

I also count this as one of my word prompts ;P thats how I also decided to continue this.

Hands, grabby, tony Stark, y/n, enjoy!


The sun shone, the birds chirped, and somewhere someone was pushing an annoyingly loud lawnmower.

You rolled out of bed, and stretched your arms out with a yawn.

Once the sleep from your eyes was wiped away you looked around, but something was missing.

With a smirk, you stood to your feet to sell the idea that you were looking around the room to someone watching.

“Tony…,oh Tony? Where are you?” You called softly.

Your feet padded softly against the bedrooms white carpet. As you left the side of the bed to wander by the dresser- out from underneath the bed, dashed a tiny figure booking it across the ground to the door.

You let him have a moment to get ahead before you ran off after him. In about three seconds you reached down, and grabbed him!

Tony let out an usually high pitched yelp as he was lifted by the waist.

“Hey! I was so close… This close!” He held up two fingers so close together you needed to squint to see the space between.

Chuckling you held your arms out wide. “Uhm, more like this far. We can measure if you want to be more accurate.”

Tony grumbled, and leaned his arm against your fingers. “Fine. You win.. again.”

His pout, (although he would never admit that was what it was), was adorable. You kissed his head and moved him to sit in your open palm.

“Don’t take it so personally, I am bigger than you.”

He brightened a bit at your rare kiss. “Alright, I’ll try. What’s for breakfast?”

You hummed and walked to the door. “I’m thinking-”

“Hey! You. Wake up!” Tony suddenly snapped, in a voice that was not his own.

You tilted your head in confusion. “I, what?”

The room around you began to blur, Tony’s face drew closer and his voice became more demanding.

“Wake up rat!”


You flinched, and woke up as a sharp spike of pain traveled up your back.

Gasping in pain, you rolled over and looked around, to see you were on a desk.

It all was coming back to you.. Tony, the tower, the intruder, your kidnapping.

Your own size.

Your own tiny insignificant size

While it was odd you would forget.. that, the dream had felt so real. You shook your head to clear it, and looked up at the man who flicked you.

He leered down at you. His face was the only one you could make out with the only light source, a harsh white lamp, pointed right at you.

“Good to see you awake sweetheart.” He began. His voice held an Australian accent, and made you worried that you were out of the country.

“Names Klaue. I need something from you- or rather Tony. And he’s going to give it to you, or, you’re going to wish you never met the bloke, yeah?” He gave you a patronizing smile and waved his hand forward.

A man stepped out from the dark holding a paper in one hand, and a marker tip in the other. He dropped the tip in front of you, and slid the paper over so you could read it.

Immediately you shook your head. “No, no I can’t.”

The man laughed a bit. He nudged Klaue. “Oh, You hear that? They can’t do it!”

Klaues mouth widened enough to show a few golden teeth as he laughed along.

“I’m afraid I’ll have to inform you, you don’t have a choice…” Klaues said, seemingly calm.

Then out of nowhere, he slammed a hand down besides you, making the desk shake. “Write it now!” Klaues snarled, lips curled back like a feral dog.

“No!” You yelled back, trembling. Tears were already forming in the corner of your eyes. “I-I wo-won’t!”

Klaue tsked, dragging his hand back. “That’s alright.. we’ll do it for you.” With a snap of his fingers, another person from the other side of the desk stepped forward and pinned you down.

You could hear the boss talking in the background as you kicked and squirmed to get their fingers off.

“That was fun, I should get my own tiny. Did you see their face?” He snorted. “We’ll have to do that again once the message is on. I got a nice big dog I want to use…”


Tony fidgeted as he listened to the Shield report. He wished he could just blast home and ignore all this, but then Fury would be on his case.


“…and when your done, check the lower town. We don’t want any of hydra slipping away… Are you paying attention Stark?” Fury questioned abruptly.

Tony snapped his head up. “Yeah. Sure.”

Fury eyed him. “What did I just say?”

“Something about, ‘Thank you Stark for funding us, and making sure we have guns that don’t shoot foam darts’.” Stark gave one of his flashy camera smiles. “Your welcome.”

A chuckle went around the table, but Fury wasn’t amused.

Giving Tony a warning scowl, he dropped a file on the table surface. “No casualties, dismissed. Dr. Freeman may I see you in—”

Stark didn’t stick around to listen, he tapped his arc reactor, and walked out to the hanger as his suit spread over him.

“Bye Everyone, have fun with your book club.” He called out, before taking off.



Stark landed on a balcony and walked in, the suit pulling itself back into the reactor as he strolled. His head turned in every direction, looking around for them.

As his suit pulled back, his arm revealed new writing. Stark looked down to read, and felt his blood run cold.

Sweat beaded on his forehead, and he found himself shirt of breath. He had to read the words out loud to make sure it was real.

We have y/n….. Deliver the shield Nuclear codes, or we kill them. You have one day. Arrive at 23 and 2nd Street, midnight

Hands shook as he grabbed onto the couch to steady himself. There was no way he could go to shield for this, and no way he could get those codes.

There was only one person he could think of. He raised his head up.

“Friday… Call Dr. Banner.”


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Switched Perspective (9)

By: @arc852 and @hiddendreamer67

Warnings: bruises, injuries

(Check the reblog for the links to the previous chapters and the prequel!)

This is a sequel to A Third Perspective! Read that first or you will be confused!

Roman panted, nearly getting lost in the dark again. He used the trick from his first time in the walls and just kept his hand running against the wall. By the time he saw the bedroom light, Roman’s legs were screaming at him to stop moving and just collapse right there on the ground. It took all of Roman’s strength to limp out into the giant room, leaning slightly on the wall for support.

“I’m back.” Roman gave a forced smile, holding up the card he found slightly.

Patton put his own note down, turning back towards Roman. “Great job kiddo!” He took the note from Roman, reading it to himself. Once again becoming confused as to what this could all mean. They were all different, after all. He turned back to Roman, intent on saying as much, but stopped as he took Roman’s stance in.

His mind wandered back to the note he had just gotten. “Roman? Are you okay?”

“Ah, well…” Roman chuckled awkwardly, though it ended in a slight wheeze as he felt the familiar pressure in his chest. “Not particularly, no.”

Patton reached out and scooped Roman up into his cupped hands. He looked closer at Roman, eyes going wide. How had he not seen it before? Roman looked…awful. His leg was at an awkward angle and limp. And his skin was discolored around his upper arms, just barely poking out of his sleeve. Without thinking, Patton lifted up Roman’s shirt, gasping at the amount of bruises on his chest and stomach.

“Roman…What-What happened?” He asked softly, still in shock.

“A…variety of incidents.” Roman phrased it carefully, still not wanting to throw Virgil under the bus completely. He tried not to cry out at Patton’s inspection only aggravated some of the wounds. After all, Patton was just trying to help. “Tripping over some furniture, falling off of some furniture, the usual stuff I suppose.”

Patton let out a little whine in worry. “Oh Ro, I’m so sorry. I should have noticed sooner!” Patton stood up, being extra careful knowing Roman was injured. “We can deal with the notes later, we need to take care of this first.” Patton placed the notes on the desk with the first one.

“Where do you keep your first aid kit?” He asked, looking around the room as if it would pop out at him.

“In the bathroom.” Roman pointed to the doorway. Patton’s worry filled Roman with a small sense of relief; after all, it had been a long time since someone had actively shown care for Roman’s well-being.

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Amanda’s Discovery 3

Summary: After waiting around for a month, Amanda decides to write a note to the borrower in her dorm room.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

Amanda couldn’t be happier when the office supplies started gradually disappearing. It began with a single paper clip, then a handful of staples. It had taken what felt like weeks to even get that far, and all this waiting was driving her insane. Some nights she’d come home to notice the pile was significantly smaller, and other nights her room would appear completely untouched. It was as if the borrower couldn’t make up their mind. Did they want her stuff or not?

That did bring up an interesting dilemma though. Surely there was a limit to how much office supplies a borrower could need. When that happened, how would Amanda be able to measure if the borrower was still around? She had to stop leaving quite so much food out after ants began finding her way into her dorm room. It seemed the leftovers just attracted pests.

…I mean, in a way, that’s what happened with the borrowers too. Not that a borrower was a pest, but they did seem to behave a lot like one. In a kind of fantasy way of course.

Amanda hummed to herself, tapping her pen against the edge of her desk. Now was the time to take some sort of action. She could write a note. Though she had been against the idea at first, her mind had shifted after over a month of no activity. Surely one note couldn’t hurt, right? Just one note. Carefully worded to not drive the borrowers away. No demands, no threats, just a simple…well, what could Amanda put in there that wouldn’t be considered a threat?

Amanda shook her head. She couldn’t keep getting anxious about scaring the borrowers off. If she really wanted to meet them, it was time to take action. Amanda would just write from the heart and see how it went.

Dear Mr. or Ms. or….um, what’s a nonbinary title?

Dear Borrower,  wait, is that rude? How would I feel if I got a letter addressed “Dear Human”? Well, I wouldn’t be upset, because i’d be fascinated by the idea the writer is not human, but i suppose others would be upset…

Dear to whom it may concern, oh great now i’m just writing a business letter.

Needless to say, Amanda had several first drafts. She grumbled to herself, crumpling up another paper and tossing it in the trash. Amanda paused, looking at the trash can and realizing she would have to empty it before tonight. Ever since discovering the borrowers Amanda felt a bit on edge in her own dorm room. She feared talking aloud about borrowers lest she be overheard, and she feared leaving any notes she had taken out where they could easily be discovered. That was a sure way to scare them off. Of course, hopefully this note would help fix all that.

Amanda sighed, taking her pen to the page and trying again. It took most of the evening, and only halfway through did Amanda remember the scale of her audience. This meant she had to keep the note shorter and her handwriting smaller to hopefully not overwhelm them.

Could borrowers even read? Well, Amanda certainly hoped they could.

Finally, after what felt like forever, Amanda had her finished product.

Please do not be afraid, borrower roommate. I know you’re here and I mean you no harm. I have known for a while and have told no one. My name is Amanda. If you feel like introducing yourself I would like to meet you, but I will also respect your privacy and boundaries if you choose otherwise.

She debated about where to put it, finally settling on the office supplies pile beneath her desk. Amanda considered writing multiple notes, but in the end figured it would be best to start with one. After all, she could always write more.

Now Amanda just had to sit back…and wait again. And maybe wait some more. Amanda sighed. Who knew finding borrowers would involve so much waiting around?

klinxtheweasel  asked:



- When he gets to know you he’s very loyal 
- Can be very cuddly and might accidentally fall asleep on you sometimes. 
- Being a borrower he’d leave you with cool stuff he finds on his adventures.
- Surprise kisses. 
- He has healing abilities so that’s useful
- Think’s you’re his entire world

- His paranoia might make him scared about doing things wrong and over corrects a lot
- Is very sensitive and could take things way out of proportion 
- Clingy 
- You’d have to work with him about meeting people and going to new places to get him out of the house. 

Amanda’s Discovery (2)

Summary: Just a typical morning at the Sanders’ hole in the wall.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

“Alright, everyone up!” Roman went around pounding on his brother’s bedroom doors, making sure they were awake. “Fun family breakfast time! It’s already mid-morning, we’re wasting the day away.”

“One additional hour of sleep will not be unbeneficial.” Logan’s voice groaned from down the hall.

“C’mon nerd, we’ve all had a late borrowing session before.” Roman rolled his eyes. “Suck it up.”

“I haven’t!” Patton spoke up, appearing behind Roman. The eldest jumped, turning around to face Patton with his hand on his chest.

“Don’t scare me like that, Pat.” Roman warned his youngest brother. Patton only giggled.

“I’ve been practicing my sneaking.” Patton informed him. “I want to be the best borrower someday.”

“Yes, wonderful.” Roman patted him on the head. “But let’s save the sneaking for the human beans, hmm?”

“What a preposterous notion.” Logan mumbled, stumbling out of his bedroom with serious bed hair. “One cannot simply ‘save up’ a skill like it is a resource. It must be practiced over time.”

“Logan’s been teaching me.” Patton explained.

“I see.” Roman gave a strained smile. “While perhaps Logan should remember it would be best for everyone if he ran things by me first.”

“Perhaps Roman would like to remember he is not my father.” Logan retorted.

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Amanda’s Discovery (1)

Summary: A college student who’s always been enchanted by the idea of tiny people is in for a surprise when she discovers four have been living in her dorm room walls.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

Amanda groaned, rubbing at her eyes before turning back to her computer screen, the only source of light in the room. A brief glance at the clock told her she was nearing 4:00 am, with no end in sight.

Why does programming have to be so frustrating? She thought to herself, her frown deepening as she waited for the program to compile on a machine that was slower than dirt.

Amanda reached over, finding she needed a break from the constant pop music playing through her headphones to keep the teen awake. She paused her phone, removing the headphones and rubbing at her sore ears. The device hurt her eardrums, and at this rate Amanda feared she’d go deaf by 30. Of course, it was better than playing the music aloud and waking up the building. Amanda had to be the only one crazy enough to still be awake at this hour.

She froze, a quiet scratching like noise catching her attention. Was there…? Oh good lord, her dorm room didn’t have mice, did it? Amanda didn’t even know the protocol for such a thing. Why was she always the one to get stuck in these situations?

Then again, it could just be her suite-mate getting up to use the bathroom. This second theory was proven false when Amanda didn’t hear the accompanying sound of running water.

So, mice it is then. Or at the very least, Amanda knew she wasn’t alone in her room. Amanda shuddered at the thought. She hated pests, ever since her childhood home had a bad bug infestation a few years back.

The sounds began to get closer. Amanda tensed, sensing that the creature was nearing the rim of light. A small shadow appeared on the wall next to her, and Amanda’s eyes widened as it became a distinct shape. Humanoid in appearance, but only a few inches tall.

“…no way…” Amanda breathed softly, entranced by the shape. A borrower. But…it couldn’t be, could it? That was just something in fairy tales and children’s books. As much as Amanda so desperately wanted it to be real, it simply wasn’t possible.

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Switched Perspective (6)

By: @arc852 and @hiddendreamer67

Warnings: Fear, panic, cages, bruising

(Check the reblog for the links to the previous chapters and the prequel!)

This is a sequel to A Third Perspective! Read that first or you will be confused!

“Soooo….” Roman said, eager to break the awkwardness. “Logan, how’s borrower life treating you?”

“Better than you, apparently.” Logan looked him up and down. “What happened?”

“Oh, right.” Roman was quick to make sure his bruises were covered. “I…fell.”

Virgil raised an eyebrow in surprise at Roman. He had expected him to tell Logan everything, but…he didn’t. Huh. “Yeah.” Virgil backed up.

He was getting tired of this sitting around, getting antsy and wasting time. He turned to Logan. “…I need to talk to you.”

“Well, go on then.” Logan frowned, a bit uneasy about the way Virgil was acting. “What do you need to say?”

Virgil glanced at Roman. “I need to talk to you alone.” And with that, Virgil grabbed Logan in a fist and headed towards Logan’s bedroom. Leaving Roman behind on the coffee table. Unlike an actual borrower, he knew Roman wouldn’t be able to make his way down the table and to the room. So he could have all the privacy they needed.

He wouldn’t bring Roman into this again, he didn’t deserve it. But Logan? Logan absolutely did.

“Wait, Virgil-!” Roman called after him, but the human was already out of sight by then. Roman huffed, glancing around the coffee table. There was no real reason for him to worry. After all, it made sense that Virgil would want to talk to Logan. But the way Virgil spoke, the way he grabbed Logan, and even the way Virgil had acted this very morning to Roman… the shrunken human gulped.

Roman didn’t want to believe Virgil was capable of anything sinister, but he couldn’t take that chance. Logan didn’t deserve to be hurt any more than himself. Not to mention, Roman didn’t want Virgil to do anything he might regret.

Walking over to the edge of the table, Roman sucked in a breath. He knew from his regular life this table was only a foot off the ground or so, but now it looked so much taller. Would he survive a fall from that height? Already his lungs were protesting such a feat.

No, that would be stupid. Instead, Roman turned his attention to the table leg. It was angled outwards as a design choice. Maybe he could just try to slide down that?

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