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So! Here’s a small drabble of @hiddendreamer67 as a borrower!


You know, the most surprising thing about that situation was that it hadn’t happened sooner. With each passing day the borrower had become more and more reckless. There were several times where she was almost caught.

Is this really worth it? I’m cutting it a little close…. but I can’t pass up the opportunity to get that paperclip! It has so many uses!

Mandy’s eyes were narrowed on the metal material. Her human had a tendency to dump things he doesn’t care for in random places to pick up and put away later. He rarely noticed if those things go missing, if he did he’d chalk it up to him already putting it away. At that time, the human was out for his daily walk. They always lasted almost exactly half an hour. She was almost convinced that the human was -what do humans call it? Oh, yeah, a robot. Running on… Clockwork?

Mandy took a deep breath in before darting across the counter. She grabbed onto the paperclip triumphantly, before almost falling flat on her back as the door abruptly opening sends sharp vibrations through the counter.

Her eyes met with the human entering the apartment. She was out in the open with no cover and the human was right there.

She made a break for it to her closest hiding spot, behind the toaster. Just as she skidded behind it she felt heard the thundering footsteps of the giant start coming towards where she was a moment ago.

“Huh, I could have sworn I left a paperclip-” The voice cut off abruptly.

Mandy frowned at the sudden silence. What had made her human so quiet-?


There was abruptly glass around her, and she fell from the loud sound, clutching at her ears. She felt something slide under the glass and suddenly it’s picked up.

She glanced down at the paper under her and then at the who was picking her up.

“Fascinating…” He breathed, his eyes wide.

She felt panic start to rise a little. She had been caught. This human loved to study things. She’d out all of the borrowers that ever existed because she got too comfortable.

But, above all that, she felt this indignant… Annoyance.

“Excuse me what the hell is your problem,” She stood up, ignoring how she was shaking slightly as she stared the giant in the eyes, “I’m out here, just minding my own damn business, and you put a glass over me and cage me like some- some animal. How dare you.”

“I- what?”

“Put me down right now. Gosh! I was just doing my thing, taking a paperclip -that you don’t even need like you have fifty and what do you even use them for!-, and then you have the audacity to try and stop me? Rude much! Mind your business.”

The borrower was placed down carefully, “I’ll take the glass off if you promise not to run. You’re… Very interesting, I’d like to have a talk with you. Of course if you try to leave I’ll-”

“Yeah, yeah,” Mandy waved her hand, “You don’t need to intimidate me into staying. Knowing you, you’d probably make some elaborate trap for me if I managed to get away. I’d probably fall for it since I don’t plan on borrowing anywhere else because really who has the effort to learn the layout of a new apartment?”

“…Why aren’t you freaking out? Generally small creatures when cornered like this would be panicking.”

“I mean, I figured this would happen eventually. Why aren’t you freaking out?”

The glass was removed cautiously, “What are you?”

Mandy groaned, “Wow, yeah, going with the what question are we? Not ‘oh who are you’ it’s a what are you. Uh, rude much? First you trap me under a glass then you what me?”

“…I apologize? Who are you?”

“Mandy. You?”

The human almost seems amused, “Logan Sanders. Pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

anonymous asked:

I def see you getting a cold and sneezing loud or just falling asleep in the open in order to be discovered by a human

How dare you call me out like this, pegging me as the useless borrower I am 😂 No but honestly this is such an adorable situation, provided the human is nice. 💙

Send in a G/t scenario you can see me being in!

anonymous asked:

Ayyy it’s webs so I’m at the fair and I just want ur opinion on a borrower who lives with a traveling circus or fair :O

YES YES YES! I was actually thinking about this earlier today because Greatest Showman has been stuck in my head.

Do you mean the borrower sneaks along, or are they one of the acts? An oddity for humans to ogle act, just another misfit?

Also all the colors and aesthetics of the circus are super cool to think about in terms of Gt. Borrowers would be so good at trapeze.

madd-catter  asked:

Is it bad to have a borrower au for your non-g/t ocs? I want them to be smol

Fam I do that with every being I encounter ever. 😂 one of the first things I think whenever I write a story is “how do I make this g/t?” Even when it doesn’t apply.

Although on a serious note, making borrower aus (or any aus) for OCs is actually a really good idea because it helps you understand what’s the core characteristics of your character and how they respond to different situations, environments and difficulties.

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What about a borrower Virgil with three humans or a human Virgil with three giants who has insomnia and? The others think he isn’t sleeping because he’s sick or he doesn’t like it there?

Omg I am in LOVE with this idea, it’s so pure. I definitely want to do a short with this in the future. It’s just such a sweet idea. 💖 like going through all the others thought processes and trying solutions until they figure out the actual problem and try to help with his insomnia.


What if borrowers got cat buddies like this ❤️❤️❤️

yourfreindlyneighborhoodnerd  asked:

"You're freezing. Come here." With Human Patton and Tiny Virgil pls?

Look I made a thing! It’s p. cute I think. Maybe. 100% wrote it and haven’t reread it since so I hope it’s good (also I’m sick rn) ENJOY

It was the cough that got him caught.

Virgil had been fine, ready to go to school when his father heard him coughing. Immediately Logan began checking his temperature, asking enough questions to make his head spin.

“Dad, I’m fine.” Virgil insisted, but the way his body shivered gave away his lie.

“You’re freezing.” Logan’s eyes widened in realization. “Come here.” He scooped up Virgil, ignoring his son’s protests as he brought the borrower up to his face for further inspection.

“I’m gonna be late for school.” Virgil huffed.

“No, you’re not going to school.” Logan shook his head, already pulling out his phone to inform the office. “I’ll see if Patton can take the day off.”

“Logan, don’t-” Virgil interrupted himself with another cough. “-don’t tell Patton. I don’t want to burden him.”

“Virgil, you’re not being a burden.” Logan insisted, heading back upstairs. “We love you and want you to take the proper time to heal. Indeed, Patton will probably be excited at the prospect of helping you feel better.”

“Logan, please don’t make me miss school.” Virgil pleaded, looking up at Logan.

Logan paused, looking down at Virgil. “Your behavior is unexpected. I was under the assumption that children and teens enjoyed missing school.”

“If I miss class I’m gonna fall behind.” Virgil voiced his fears, looking down at his lap. “…and then you’ll be disappointed in me.”

“Virgil, no.” Logan lifted Virgil higher, meeting his eye. “I will do no such thing. I’ll be proud of you for taking the proper time to recuperate, and if you truly feel as though you have trouble making up the material I would happily assist you in getting back on track.”

Virgil sniffled, wiping his nose on his sleeve.

“In the meantime, it’s time for you to get some rest.” Logan instructed, setting Virgil down into his bed. “Patton will be home soon.”

“Okay.” Virgil pulled up his covers, smiling up at Logan. “Thanks Dad.”

Virgil fell back asleep for a while, drifting in and out of consciousness when he heard a soft knocking at his door.

“Hey kiddo.” Patton spoke softly, smiling when he saw the borrower was awake. “Are you feeling any better?”

Virgil tried to answer but only broke into another fit of coughing. Patton winced.

“I’ll make you some soup.” Patton offered, receiving a thumbs-up. He returned a little while later, balancing a tray with a big bowl of soup and a bottle cap next to it.

“Careful!” Patton warned, looking anxious as he handed the half-filled cap over. “It’s hot, don’t spill it on yourself.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t.” Virgil took it, sitting up. He gave it a cautious sip, sighing happily as the warm liquid warmed his insides.

“Family recipe.” Patton explained. “Nothing quite like chicken noodle soup to drive away those pesky viruses.”

“Thanks, Pap.” Virgil smiled up at him. “I’m feeling better already.”

NAME Naomi Littlefeather   pron: Nay-oh-me
AGE 20 (Birthday: May 30) 
OCCUPATION Shaman/ healer
SPECIES borrower
GENDER female
FAMILY Adopted father - Cammus Littlefeather
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION Soft brown eyes and long black wavy hair. She’s 3.5 inches tall (or 5'5 in the human AU)
PERSONALITY Calm, shy and easily startled, she is loyal to a fault and dependent on others.
VOICE She is mute
BACK STORY Taken from her tribe of nomadic scavenger borrowers, she was sold onto the black market. She doesn’t remember her time there or her past before that, she only knows that she escaped and has terrible dreams of experimentation and can project her feelings and emotions onto others. LIKES/DISLIKES Likes: Animals, nature, cooking and her friends. Dislikes: bullies, yelling and loud noises

anonymous asked:

“you’re my best friend. you’re supposed to deal with the second-hand embarrassment.” Logan to Virgil

Yeah I’m a little loose with my prompt/pairing usage now, heh. Anyways this is a world where borrowers are kept as pets, logince included.

It was supposed to be a simple ‘playdate’, as Patton called it. Patton thought bringing the two tinies together would be fun and help them let off steam. Virgil should have known better than to put these particular pets together. Logan and Roman had been bickering almost non-stop since they got here, and while Patton may find it almost cute Virgil was nervous that it would turn into something more serious.

“Patton, your borrower’s being cringey again.” Virgil groaned, rubbing a hand down his face.

“You’re my best friend, you’re supposed to deal with the second-hand embarrassment.” Patton giggled, looking excited.

“Patton, my sword.” Roman gave a snap of his fingers, and Patton handed the borrower his makeshift weapon that was actually a plastic sword found stuck through fruit in fancy drinks. It had been sharpened to a point, and he pointed the tip of it in Logan’s direction. “En guarde.”

“Surely you’re joking.” Logan deadpanned, looking unfazed. “I thought for once you were going to be capable of holding an intelligent conversation.”

“What, are you a coward?” Roman took a step forward, gently nudging the front of Logan’s shirt with the blade. “Too scared to face me?”

Logan glared at Roman, taking a step back and drawing the weapon that sat at his hip. It was a sewing needle, the blade much slimmer and sharper than Roman’s own.

“Wanna take bets?” Virgil muttered as Logan and Roman began to circle each other. “I’m trying to figure out who loses an arm first.”

“Uh…” Patton’s smile fell, beginning to look a bit nervous. “Hey kiddos, play nice, alright?”

“I’ll play as nice as he does.” Roman replied, his concentration fierce like a lion on the prowl.

“Likewise.” Logan murmured.

Roman finally took a lunge at Logan, the nerd dodging easily and clanging his metal blade against Roman’s.

“Poor form.” Logan observed, with a flick of his wrist pushing Roman’s weapon back.

“You should talk.” Roman hit Logan’s needle away as Logan made a jab at him. “Have you practiced at all?”

“I’ve had more pressing matters on my mind as of late.” Logan replied, sending a brief glance in the human’s direction. “Or perhaps you’ve lost sight of the objective.”

“I’ve forgotten nothing.” Roman parried his blade again, the two exchanging a few more jabs. Logan lunged at him and Roman easily sidestepped, shaking his head. “You’re weak, Logan.”

“At least I haven’t submitted myself to becoming a lapdog.” Logan’s comment clearly struck a nerve, as Roman’s next blow had enough force behind it to send Logan stumbling back a few steps.

“Roman!” Patton gasped, but Roman’s anger only seemed to grow.

“As if being a tool is much better, mr. pocket calculator.” Roman huffed.

“I adapted.” Logan insisted, coming back to take another swing at Roman.

“So did I!” Roman’s weapon clanged against his as he blocked.

Virgil and Patton glanced at each other, confused and worried. This was certainly new information to them. What were their borrowers talking about?

“You don’t even keep yourself armed.” Logan noted. “You had your weapon handed over; have you really become so dependent?”

“I crafted my weapon.” Roman huffed, twirling backwards to doge a blow. “Yours has no altercations. What, did your human buy it for you?”

“None of your business.” Logan felt the needle become a bit heavier in his hand, knowing Roman’s guess was correct.

“Seems I’m not the only one taking pity gifts.” Roman had begun to pant slightly from the exertion.

“I only take what I need.” Logan insisted, his breaths becoming shallow as well as he pressed on. “Or have you really forgotten the rules already?”

“As if the rules even still apply!” Roman swung his sword with such strength he nearly knocked Logan’s weapon out of his hand, bringing the hilt of it up and hitting Logan in the side.

Logan winced, the fire of determination in his eyes reignited by the pain. “The rules don’t apply? You’re a disgrace to borrower kind.” Swiftly the needle whisked through the air, nicking Roman in the arm enough to draw blood.

Roman let out a hiss as his arm burned, spurring him on. “At least I didn’t get us caught!” He used Logan’s moment of hesitation to knock Logan’s weapon off to the side, shoving the borrower to the ground and holding his sword to Logan’s chest.

“HEY!” Virgil pounded his hand on the table, immediately gaining both borrowers attention as they looked up at him in fear. “Knock it off.”

The tinies looked almost embarrassed, nervous even, as though they had forgotten they had an audience. Roman offered his hand, helping Logan stand before the two walked off to opposite ends of the table.

“Roman, are you alright?” Patton immediately leaned in, looking down at Roman with worry.

“I’m fine, Pat.” Roman’s tone was subdued, gently clutching his injured arm while his weapon hung limply at his side.

“…what the hell was that about?” Virgil asked, watching Logan walk over and morosely retrieve his sewing needle.

“Nothing.” Logan lied, cleaning off the blade and attaching it to his hip.

“That wasn’t nothing.” Virgil frowned. He nudged Logan’s side, but the borrower only flinched away from Virgil’s touch. Logan’s reaction only increased Virgil’s worry. “What’s gotten into you?”

“I do not wish to discuss it, Virgil.” Logan insisted, turning away from him.

“Roman, you’re hurt.” Patton lifted Roman’s arm gently, only for Roman to tug it out of his grasp.

“I said I’m fine.” Roman cradled his arm to his chest. “It’s just a scratch; why won’t you listen to me?”

“I- I’m sorry.” Patton looked unsure of himself, pulling his hands back to his chest. “Can I at least get you a band-aid?”

Roman looked to Logan, almost as if searching to see if the other borrower was going to judge him for accepting aid, but Logan gave him no response.

“…fine.” Roman relented.

Patton and Virgil shared a look, both wondering what had happened to their borrowers.

If Garrett Watts came across a borrower!

I always liked the idea that Garrett Watts came across a borrower and he would be the sweetest gentle giant ever! He would carry you on his shoulder, share his snacks with you, and I think he would make you mini stuff like a bed. Also might make you a mini Harry Potter costume, make you a mini wand, and other Harry Potter stuff.

Being around Baby Benjamin would be scary! Your sleeping then once you wake up Benjamin would be looking down at you!

If Garrett were to show you to his friend Shane, I think Shane’s reaction seeing a tiny like, “OH MY GOD EW!!” Then Garrett is like, “SHANE! They are a person!”

He likes to play video games and I don’t know how a tiny would play video games but Garrett will figure it out so that he doesn’t have you feel left out!

He has mice Echo and Popcorn and I’d imagine you pet the mice like doggos!

He be the BEST gentle giant!

Originally posted by shanescheeto

A New Avenger (chapter 4)

Don’t Touch The Smol!

“Tanner, why didn’t you go to Oliver like I asked…?” Sammy inquired all of a sudden. Oliver Oak, was their older cousin. Lke them- he too was an orphan- but he was also one of the greatest and most respected borrowers in the area, as well as being a teacher. He was twenty six, with platinum blonde scruffy short hair, dark green eyes, tanned skin (a little darker than what Sammy and Tanner have), a white shirt with a turquoise patch on the left shoulder, black pants with denim patches on each knee, black wellington boots, roman nose, scar on his back going from the shoulder down to halfway down his back (diagonally), brown messenger pack with a red button, red pin, regular fish hook on a dark brown belt along with a piece of glass (used as a smaller blade) as well as a pencil and notepad. He was extremely literate, calm and collected.

Their cousin had began making traveling routes, so that traveling borrowers can stop by and pick up letters. That sparked his entire idea… He began mapping out the entire area of what borrowers lived where, and who they were. He also had reports of the humans they lived with to make visitation or delivery safer. The young man had began a school of sorts, and now he had an ‘army’ of sixty four, made up of troopers, spies, medics, scouts, and bird riders.

Oliver was one of the first borrowers (known to that area) who had tamed and rode a bird- Rowan, his red cardinal. He lived in a hollow oak tree, between a park and a suburban neighborhood, which was absolutely full of poems, maps, reports, and everything. His troops were used to help endangered borrowers- if there’s been report of trafficking, capture, anything. He also goes round the entire area once a year to remake his maps and make sure that anyone he can help has been helped. A great man indeed…

“I-I was waiting for you…. I don’t…. I don’t know the way….” Tanner replied softly, hands hovering nervously at his chest. He was obviously uncomfortable being with so many people- people that were humans. Kind of… The young boy still wasn’t quite leaning on his sister’s hands, which made her expression soften even more. He was still afraid… “It’s alright, bud…. I’m not gonna hurt you…” She assured gently, before carefully lowering him back onto the counter and slowly removing her hands. In these situations she would usually stroke his back, or make a joke. But now was not the time… And petting him would surely have the opposite effect right now.

Sammy stood back up straight, swiveling around to face Tony and Peter with hands on her hips. Her tears had long been wiped away. Tony opened his mouth to speak, but was quickly cut off by the young teen. “Before you say anything- no. You are definitely not meeting Oliver… Not after what you just did.” Sammy interrupted, and Tony closed his mouth again. Before he smirked… “Pfft… Were you seriously that tiny? I bet that would be adorable…” The man quipped with a short and joking wink.

Sammy had never been one to get compliments- and as such she was easily flustered. Her face heated up and she grit her teeth. “I was NOT cute..! Shut up…” She huffed, stumbling over her words slightly. Tanner flinched a little from the counter, but he seemed to relax after a moment. That was definitely his sister…

Peter snorted slightly from where he was as Sammy took a deep breath and stayed calm. Now was not the time to go literally blind with rage… “Look. Thanks for not hurting him… And thank you for letting me stay- but I’m supposed…to…” She trailed off. “Oh. Right…. Now that I’m all human sized I can’t… Ugh..!” She groaned with frustration. “I always thought being this height would be cool, but this sucks..!” She slumped and slid down against the cabinets until she was sitting on the ground.

Tanner peeked over the side, head tilted. He carefully, but quickly climbed down until he was on Sammy’s head- before sliding down a piece of her hair until he was on her shoulder. “I-I still love you….” His voice came out a little squeaky thanks to the less-than-stable 'ground’ he was on.

Sammy stiffened slightly when her body registered Tanner standing on her shoulder… His life is in your hands, don’t mess it up… She reminded herself. What the young borrower had told her made her frustrated frown become a small lopsided smile. “I love you too, bud…. But I’m dangerous now…” As much as she didn’t want to say it, how could she take care of her brother if any move affected him that much? She could kill him on accident, or hurt him just by touching him… “You’ll go with Oliver, okay..? He can teach you to read and write… You’ll like that right? And I know you’ve always wanted to fly- he can give you bird riding lessons…” She encouraged, which caused Tanner to quickly shake his head before hugging her neck slightly.

“I wanna stay with you…”

“Wait wait wait…."Tony interrupted, hands out in front of him as he stood up, before gently letting them back to his sides. "Firstly, I get that Tom-Thumb over here is tiny… But you’re his sister..! How could you be dangerous?” He got a glare in return, and Sammy gesturing to her boots, and then to Tanner. “Still..!” Tony continued. “And secondly, bird riding lessons..?” He had a mixed expression between awe, and curiosity. Sure- Tony could fly by himself, but birds? That’d be pretty cool…

“Our cousin began the bird riding when he was 17. He’s been teaching for almost ten years… Even though his parents- our uncle and aunt- and his sister were unfortunately killed by birds, he wasn’t one bit afraid.” Sammy explained. Tony opened his mouth- “No, you still can’t meet him.” She cut him off.

Tanner slightly huddled away from Tony- who loomed above him and his sister. He was shaking a little, which didn’t go unnoticed by the billionaire. Tony took a small step forward and crouched down to be more at eye level- though he was still a whole head above Tanner. If anything he’d just became more intimidating… “Aw… Come on, buddy. I promise I don’t bite…” He grinned slightly at the boy, though he kept everything about his demeanor a little softer. Tanner flinched back and as a result Sammy kicked Tony in the stomach. HARD…

“Wrong choice of words, dummy…” The young teen said with a sarcastic roll of the eyes. Tony had doubled over, standing up and stumbling back slightly. That was one mean kick… He groaned, hand holding his stomach as he took in a sharp breath. Note to self- don’t piss Sammy off unless you’ve got on SOME protective gear. Peter stood up quickly, concern shimmering in his eyes as he went to make sure his mentor was alright. “M-Mr. Stark…? Are you alright….?” He questioned, despite knowing that Tony would be fine in a moment. The man nodded slightly, taking another deep breath before standing up straight. “I’m fine, kid…” He assured with a weak smile.

Sammy suddenly scooped Tanner up, who let out a small 'eep’ of protest, and stood. “Enough about that. You better not tell anyone about Tanner, or there’ll be much more than kicks to worry about….” She narrowed her eyes at Tony, and nodded to Peter as a way of accentuating her point. “No one. Don’t take pictures, don’t write about him. And don’t EVER force him to do anything he doesn’t want to do… Don’t curse in front of him. Don’t touch him unless necessary…. And lastly- don’t just leave his existence unknown, hide it… I can’t have a bunch of famous idiots spouting about our kind…” She rolled her eyes yet again, before sighing. “Understand?”

Tony and Peter met one another’s eyes, and nodded. “Sure thing princess..” “A-alright, Sammy…”

Sammy glanced down at her little brother again. He was shaking again… “Ah- sorry…. I just needed to stand up, and I didn’t want you to fall…” She explain herself quickly. Sammy would do absolutely anything for Tanner… He was such an innocent, kind, and intelligent young boy… How could anyone purposefully hurt him? Plus- on the black market where some borrowers were sold, he would be worth millions- thanks to him being a child, trusting, submissive, and shy. Buyers would want to watch him break down, or have that perfect pet… Sammy shuddered slightly, before getting an idea. “I could…” She glanced up at Tony and Peter again. “I could stop them all…. So many borrowers would be… Safe…!” Her face lit up, and she gently placed Tanner onto the counter again.

“Alright Tanner, you can stay after all. But…!” She held up a finger. “If you need help, then you come to me. Don’t put yourself at risk, or attempt to go anywhere that a human is, alright?” Tanner nodded, causing his sister to smile lightly. She cracked her knuckles, eyes holding a mischievous glint.

“Now… I’ve got some auction parties to crash…”

If any of you have questions on my characters- feel free to ask! They’ll be answered as soon as I see them :3

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