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Thanking everyone once again for your support towards mental illness & helping me to reach masses through .

With our united effort we can bring attention of mental health authorities to provide basic necessities

It felt amazing to be on the HT City - Page 3 on 10th October'17 recognized as World Mental Health Day.

Shabri Prasad Singh will be donating 50% of royalty for the support of patients.

I am delighted to share some of the most beautiful memories of the best day of my life.

We are hereby presenting the author "Shabri" of the live from the event of

Few hours left to understand the life struggles of a Personality Disorder patient.

1 Day to go to learn the ways to handle a Personality Disorder patient.

To all the invitees, please don’t forget to be on time at the venue for the Book Launch Event of .

We give our best regards to for being there with us all along this amazing journey.

We cordially expect the presence of all the people who are invited for the Book Launch Event.

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