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You’re not ready for it. 📸 @2g_photography . . . . . .

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Im in absolute shock over this display. Just because they want to be INCLUDED with products in the store DOES NOT MEAN you should be segregating their items as if they come from a different place altogether. HAIR PRODUCTS GO WITH HAIR PRODUCTS FULL STOP!

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are you providing the facial animation for too in Cos that monkey gives a fine performance.

Super Nintendo SNES System Console With 2 Controllers $211.99 ➤

A unique silhouette and plenty of buckles make Teddy in Black a major hit for Fall! 🧸👢♥️ ​​. ​​. ​. ​. ​. ​ …

このブーツは以前撮影した女子から譲ってもらったモノですが 底のに泥が付いてる所がフェチ心を擽られますね😋 雨の中いっぱい泥道を歩いた感じが想像出来るしね‼️ そして汚れたブーツを舌で綺麗にするって最高だね✌️

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I got a gift in the mail today, a sexy new pair of ! I can't wait to put these to good use. 😈

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The issue with the loose patches of inner lining is solved today. I took them to the local shoe repair tradesman who re-glued the loose patches. Now they’re as good as gold again!

Hunterboots did offer to exchange them for another pair, but I thought it would be a shame to go through all that bother for such a small cosmetic imperfection. Besides, there’d be shipping costs involved and the shipping would also leave a huge CO2 footprint. So instead, after some lightning fast e-mail communication with their support staff, the Hunterboots company offered me a discount voucher to use for my next purchase. I’d like to give full credits to their extremely fast, friendly and great customer service & support team! The matter was resolved within 24 hours. That’s what I call utter professionalism!