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Hey my lovers, i`m back on , after a free weekend!:*:* I miss you so much! COme there to see me!:*:Kisses 🔥💻💻🔥

Hi Fellas! Azura boots with white sole, Explorer T-shirt, and Explorer Snapback are ready to make your short trips snazzy and comfy! Let's have a short trip with our new arrivals!

RT : 's new puppy Zella wasn't happy I closed the door on her so she decided she would drop my boot at my door & chew it. The face says it all

First weekend of fall...rainy I had to break the boots out (though I'd rather be wearing flip flops 😕)

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you wanna help kill odin for his shit but you know damned well you’d be useless in the fight.

Some people are just itching to start a fight. To make other people feel bad because they feel bad.

Had a tank like that tonight. Pulled an insane amount - without asking, mind - then turned around to blame me for a resulting wipe. Really aggressive. Very rude to the other party members who tried to talk them down. 

It got to the point where they wouldn’t listen. They refused to continue the dungeon until I admitted I was in the wrong. Which, you know, I refused. I’m sorry, I’m not going to admit to something I didn’t do just so someone who is being nasty can feel that sense of satisfaction. They just wanted to be right. 

We ended up dismissing them.

Our next tank was very nice. Chill and funny. Needless to say they got my comm. 

Don’t let people get you down, or ruin your day. 

Sometimes you gotta say “yikes”, and move on.


2018/09/24 月曜日。
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Flat Shoes,Clearance! AgrinTol Women's Casual Pointed Toe Rhinestone Low Heel Flat Shoes (38, Gold)

Flat Shoes,Clearance! AgrinTol Women’s Casual Pointed Toe Rhinestone Low Heel Flat Shoes (38, Gold)

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About Product:
☀ Gender: Women
☀Sole Material:Rubber
☀Style: Fashion,Casual
☀Item Type: Flat Shoes
☀Heel Type: Square Heel
☀Toe Shape: Pointed Toe
☀Shoes Heel High:2.5cm
☀Appropriate Season: Spring,Autumn
☀Occasion: Outdoor
☀Package: 1 Pair Women Shoes



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acharmingbird  asked:

Send “⁇” for a DRUNK text. / for Maeve womenofwestworld

drunk text meme || accepting // @womenofwestworld

Send “⁇” for a DRUNK text.

[text — maeve, 02:12am ] hey so i thought about it and i could be the father of your child. 

[ text — maeve, 02:13am ] i mean biologically i know it’s not possible — but then why not be her father.

[ text — maeve, 02:13am ] we should get her a puppy  

[ @reborntcdd ]

Get up. Clark is in danger. If it was a father’s intuition or something left over from when he had let that bastard take over his mind, he can’t say for sure. But he’s learned to trust it despite how much it makes his stomach churn. 

His son was in his room sound asleep. But that voice was still nagging, wailing at him. Clark is in danger! The storm cellar, the storm cellar!

Made a promise with himself to go check it out, not because he’s listening to Jor but to sate his own curiosity and let himself get some sleep once this is all settled

He shrugged on his jeans, boots, Carhartt jacket. There was noise from the root cellar, something pounding on the door. Was the ship doing something?

The voice in his head is unhelpfully silent now.

He unwrapped the chain, unlocking the doors as fast as he could. Throwing them open into the hole in the ground.

There’s a kid in the cellar. The ship was silent, a looming shadow in the moonlight. Jon clamors down the steps and reaches a hand out. If those alien freaks sent a second kid here somehow I swear– 

Well, they’d take care of him just like they did Clark. And he knew that deep down. But he was doing this best to ignore it for now.

“Hey kiddo. What are you doing down here?” Please, please, let this kid speak English.