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Spotted in the wild... 📚🖊📚🥰

Jon Krakauer's Into the Wild is a nonfiction account of Chris McCandless, who adopts the name "Alexander Supertramp" on an adventure into the Alaskan wilderness. Go read our latest post for a complete review (link in bio)!

RT Traces Of Home (OPEN WIDE MY HEART Book 1) “Each character is well developed and you can picture yourself in the setting as each event unfolds.”

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I still don’t know

What does it mean

to be called beautiful

When the real beauty of you

is hidden in scars that you cover

in the fear of being called ugly.



I haven’t read any of Pitcher’s previous books; and although I did enjoy this and I think a lot of people with love it, her writing style just isn’t for me.

On the whole, I enjoyed the plot, I think you have to suspend a little bit too much disbelief when it comes to the idea of a teenager coming up with this elaborate plan and setting up the house etc. but I did like the idea of the characters all coming together and confessing their sins.

I also liked all the characters, Brett and Parker were particularly well written but at the end I was confused by Ruby’s sudden change, (SPOILER: one page she’s nuts, the next she’s fine).

As I mentioned, the writing style was not for me, it was very descriptive which lots of people enjoy, personally I prefer minimal description, so just depends on your preference.

Of the two YA thriller/mysteries I’ve read this week I much prefer McManus’ ‘Two Can Keep A Secret’

3/5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️


Sabahattin Ali çok güzel özetlemiş: Uğruna bir şeyler yaptığınız için pişman etmeyecek insanlar için çabalayın, sizin verdiğiniz bütün emekleri görmezden gelen insanlar için değil. Çünkü bir şeye boşa emek verdiğinin farkına varmak kadar kırıcı bir şey yok hayatta.