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Book of Shadows 4: In Memoriam is OUT NOW. Our favorite witches face high school horrors again. And a memorial for a friend where all hell breaks loose! On sale or read free in Kindle Unlimited.

RT Amid Convictions and Contradictions : Rubén Yudelevich Amid Convictions and Contradictions Rubén Yudelevich is, in his own words, “Chilean by birth, Israeli by adoption, innocent citizen, an... New and

The Mystery of the Christmas Thief : Mikala Peters The Mystery of the Christmas Thief "The Mystery of the Christmas Thief" takes readers and listeners on a journey that solves two... Whizbuzz for new

Patrick Brown’s The Gravel Road takes us on a journey through time as a young man endures & overcomes heartache, loss, tragedy, & ultimately a startling discovery that shatters his world - @ PBrownNovels KU BookBoost fiction novel

I think that I may have found a meme that sums up a significant portion of my life...

❤☆♡*•˛❤✰♡*•˛❤☆♡*•˛❤ Misty's Bondage Diary by Misty discovers that Trip and Dominick’s ropes aren’t just binding her body...  

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Excsuse me I’m just dying over here

I think I’m gonna have a heart attack I can’t believe this-

Hey Delilah next time write something about Vi and Cardinal ;))

Цикл: Погружение в Огранду

Авторы: Сергей Иванов

Пока стоит Лес (1991)  
Железный зверь (1996)  
Ветры империи (1995)
Тесен мир (2001)  

Огранда… Жестокая горная страна, со странным климатом и еще более странными обитателями. За многие тысячелетия жизни горцы-огры приобрели многие способности, позволяющие выживать здесь и позволившие им завоевать всю остальную планету. Но потеряли они не меньше…

Good News & Bad News

My short story, A Treasure Made of Death is going to be available for purchase much sooner than expected!

The original plan was to set up the preorder option and spend now until June promoting the crap out of it… Well… Turns out Amazon is a dick perfectly fine company. They don’t support preorders for paperbacks and since the paperback version releases in roughly 48 hours withholding the Ebook version for another two and a half months feels kinda pointless.

So… no promo’s =( That’s the bad news. =C

But sometime within the next two days, A Treasure Made of Death will be released on Amazon!! 

In celebration/consolation, here’s a cover reveal no one asked for because I haven’t had the time to hype it yet! =D
Top 10 toxic families in fiction
From Edward St Aubyn’s damaged addict to Roald Dahl’s ingenious bookworm, Hannah Beckerman picks her favourite tales of families at war
By Hannah Beckerman

We love stories about family because it’s the one thing we all have in common: however different our experiences, we all begin life in some form of family. Dysfunctional families in fiction reassure us that ours is not the only one fraught with tensions, conflicts, rifts and rivalries.