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مرحبًا. مجموعة كتب دون مقابل لمن يرغب بها، التواصل عن طريق الرسائل الخاصة. الرياض فقط. وشكرًا.

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“If there are no books, there’s no human being” Jaime Pinsky 📚

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have you really lived if you don’t have at least one or two sci fi fantasy novels where you wished things had been different for the side characters

California stops automatic phone book delivery following pressure from Verizon

We’ve long known paper books are on the decline, but now we’re seeing the first death knell for the fattest of them all. California’s public utilities commission has ruled that it will no longer deliver doorstops residential phone books unless folks specifically ask for it – a move that’s expected to prevent 1,870 tons of material from entering the state’s waste stream. Californians, like everyone else, can search the White Pages online, but they’ll still be able to request a paper copy or CD-ROM if they’re feeling old-fashioned. For now, though, the state will continue to ship government White Pages and the Yellow Pages for local business listings (in a post-Yelp world, that seems antiquated). What’s especially fascinating about all this is that the pressure to cease automatic phone book deliveries came from none other than Verizon, which mounted a case back in October, citing the enormous human and natural resources required to get updated phone books into people’s hands each year. Of course, the estimated 1,870 tons of averted waste is a fraction of the 660,000 tons says these tomes create every year, but here’s hoping it’ll be enough to make other states take note. Read more
To the man with an ear for verbal delicacies — the man who searches painfully for the perfect words, and puts the way of saying a thing above the thing said — there is in writing the constant joy of sudden discovery, of happy accident. A phrase springs up full blown, sweet and caressing.
—  H. L. Mencken, A Book of Prefaces
The Magician’s Nephew (The Chronicles of Narnia, Book One) - C.S. Lewis

This is my first time reading The Chronicles of Narnia, and I’m really excited to dive in. The first book is really short, only 107 pages, but it did it’s purpose, which was to introduce Narnia and set up the rest of the books.

It’s this sort of book that made me fall in love with reading, it is literally magical. I think it takes a special writer to imagine up a world (or many worlds, in this case) with it’s own rules and logic. I did some reading on what other people thought about this book and some seem to think that Lewis is very one sided, but I have to disagree. For a children’s book I think he did a great job writing about good and evil, and he even has characters that struggle between the two.

I thought it was kind of cool that the children got to see one world end and another begin (the ending of Charn, and the beginning of Narnia). 

The animals debating whether Uncle Andrew was a tree or not was my favorite part. 

I was fond of the hints to the Bible; the fruit that was forbidden to eat, the evil character convincing someone to eat it, the “chosen” animals were picked in pairs, and of course there’s Aslan who represents God.

Here are my questions: 

Is it just coincidence that Narnia began on the same day that they arrived? Or did someone have to “enter” that world before it could begin? 

Why did the cabby think that he knew Aslan from another place, who is Aslan? (that will probably be answered further on I just can’t help but wonder.)

Does Aslan know (or have a hunch) that the apple he gave to Digory would be planted, hence creating a link to the two worlds?

Google wants to help find your next book to read
It doesn’t matter if you’ve got the biggest or best shop in the world if you can’t connect people to the things that they want. It’s an issue that Google is hoping to address in its electronic bookstore with the launch of Discover, a new way to show people stuff they want to read. The service is designed to replace the human booksellers you used to find in Barnes & Noble, offering up recommendations and reviews for stuff you should read. Read more
Amazon pushes its free shipping minimum to $49

Amazon has increased the minimum price of an order that qualifies for free shipping from $35 to $49, unless you’re buying more than $25 worth of books. The last time that the cost went up was the back end of 2013, when it was bumped by $10 from $25 to $35. Of course, shipping is free if you opt to pay $99 a year for Prime, which has whip-fast shipping as well as music and video streaming. As well as pushing people toward the paid service, TechCrunch points out that Amazon has been feeling some pain of late. In its latest financials, the company reported that its logistics costs had increased by nearly 33 percent in a single year. So, really, we’re all paying the price for our insatiable lust for instant deliveries.

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Amazon's political reading map shows which way your neighbors are leaning

Religion, bathroom routines and politics are three things you should never, ever discuss at the dinner table. However, if you’re curious about your neighbors’ political reading habits, then you should check out Amazon’s Election Heat Map. The bookseller rated the top 250 books with a “clear political bias,” with each state’s graphic turning red or blue depending on which tomes are selling the most. The company is clear to say that the results are more for the curious than a reflection on the result of the election, so if you fancy checking it out, head down to the source link.

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Despite the fact that I have a pounding headache from three panic attacks today, I’m willing to lose another night’s sleep to keep reading this lesbian fiction novel I got from the library. It’s not even dirty or anything (not yet, anyway; if anything changes I’m sure I’ll let you know). It’s just so real. Like the main character is all awkward around her family members when the other girl comes over for tea and the way she describes everything is spot-on. It’s kinda hard to remember that it’s not actually me experiencing everything. Wow this post is horribly written and a really random reading update, but hell it’s past 4am and I’m beat.