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RT In a political campaign, 72 hours is a lifetime. ➡

Tomorrow I start a new for ! Stay tuned! Any mistakes you know youd do-over if given a chance? Would you understand all the life changes produced? Would it be worth it?

Hot off the Press Heaven's Healer from Hell by T.S. Woolard A gift a curse to heal to kill See a different side of miracle healing Amazon US: Amazon UK:

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The USA no longer exists. After the 2nd Civil War, there are just 2 provinces, 2 tyrants, and 2 heroes.

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Te pasas toda la vida atorado en el laberinto, pensando en cómo vas a escapar día y un día que fabuloso será; imaginar ese futuro te mantiene con vida, pero nunca te escapas.

Buscando a Alaska

From the Mayas to sixteenth-century England to Botswana, history is chock-full of examples that prove that the most important factor for a nation’s prosperity is its institutional structure.

Integrative institutions (i.e., political and economic institutions that involve the entire society) are what enable wide democratic participation in politics and the economy. They prevent resources from being overexploited and individual people from enriching themselves without benefitting the rest of society in any way.

Integrative institutions are characterized by a variety of individual rights, such as the freedom to choose a profession, access to education, and competitive, less-controlled markets for labor, capital, goods and services.

Nearly all nations that have achieved a high standard of living have integrative institutions. They set incentives for education, performance and innovation, and create a wider income distribution, preventing small elite groups from abusing their power and any potential profit from unfair competition.

If you all could help me out, that would be wonderful!

So I had this book as a child and really loved it (as you can tell by the fact it is quite literally falling apart). I wanted to give it to my nephew, however making a new cover is not going to be feasible for me. I don’t have the title page or copyright information, so I have no idea how to find it other than asking other people. I’m pretty sure Question & Answers was in the name. If you guys could help me find it, it would really help me out!!


Gerry Conway - John Buscema

11 stories in SAVAGE TALES 1, 6-11 (1974-1975).

Writers: Stan Lee, Gerry Conway (8), Doug Moench, Archie Goodwin.

Artists: John Buscema (6), Steve Gan (3), Russ Heath.

Average: 5.5/10

New book by Kate!

This may only be blahally connected to the book club, but the our Captain is releasing her second book!

If you loved “Born with Teeth” as much as I did you’ve been anxiously awaiting her promised second book. She’s talked about it in many interviews and finally announced a release date for early 2019 at the Vegas convention.

And now look at this screenshot from Amazon:

Even though she said this book would focus on the loss of her parents, I’m sure we can expect a lot of beautifully described heartbreak in Kate’s eloquent style.

Are you equally excited? Did you enjoy “Born with Teeth”? What are you hoping to read about in “How to Forget”?

Let us know!

Weirdest thing you’ve ever used as a bookmark… GO!

I think some of my weirdest bookmarks I’ve had were an uncooked spaghetti noodle, a wrench (it was clean, promise), and I’ve totally used my cats before 😂

To be fair, the cats make themselves bookmarks more than I use them 😸

IG: novelknight

Part 2 of our series of puns regarding zines: “To zine or not to zine… that is the question.” Shakespeare focused on the important questions in one of his tragedies. He was an English poet, dramatist and zinester.

Teil 2 unserer Serie mit Zine-Wortzwitzen. „Zine oder nicht Zine… das ist hier die Frage.“ Shakespeare beschäftigte sich mit den wichtigen Fragen in einer seiner Tragödien. Er war ein englischer Lyriker, Dramatiker und Zinester.

illustration by Shakespeare @floymii

“Magic will find those with pure hearts, even when all seems lost.”
-Morgan Rhodes, Falling Kingdoms
➡️QOTD: Do you prefer series or stand-alones? What’s your favorite series/stand-alone? 📚
Late post cause today has been crazy! I love this scarf I picked up in Inverness, it’s very Clair Fraser and I love it 😍 Also, I’ve been dying to start Rebel Springs for about 2 years now but for some reason I never get around to it… at this point I might as well@just reread Falling Kingdoms! I remember loving it for its classic fantasy vibes and strong female characters 💪
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