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A strange phenomenon gives them X-ray vision, making everyone appear as skeletons... Beyond Beautiful: A Redemptive Romance Story by Robert Goluba ➡️

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An unforgettable civil war adventure ★GENTEEL SECRETS★ ✔ SarahMallery1 bookboost ✎via Pizzazz Book Promotions

First time seeing CALGARY: Canada's Frontier Metropolis published in '82 by Windsor Publications and I'm glad I found it, lots of rad photos of history here in

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I had always thought that wringing one’s hands was a fictional gesture — the obscure outcome, perhaps, of some medieval ritual; but as I took to the woods, for a spell of despair and desperate meditation, this was the gesture (‘look, Lord, at these chains!’) that would have come nearest to the mute expression of my mood.
—  Vladimir Nabokov, Lolita

It’s NOT Anna Ker-ē-nuh

It’s ker-en-I-nuh.

I checked out Anna Karenina from library today, and only realized as the lady was checking to see if they had it (she had to ask a coworker how to spell it), that I’ve been saying her name wrong forever. (Though so has everyone I’ve ever said the title to who did not correct me. Admittedly that’s not a lot of people.)

Learn something new everyday.

Finally found Rage & Roadwork in this awesome 80’s omnibus

This Week in Wizard Activism: #AccioBooks Recs After Dark
By Jessica Rozycki
By the Harry Potter Alliance

Happy Saturday, Wizard Activists! You are cordially invited to our next #AccioBooks live stream on Tuesday, May 28th at 8pm Eastern Time. We’ll also be joined by our friends from New York Dumbledore’s Army and Black Girls Create! Here’s what else you might have missed in This Week in Wizard Activism: 

I think this is where the fiction genre so often does us a disservice — particularly in YA novels focusing on mental health issues. There is no quick-fix, nor a easily identified turning point or Reason for recovery. Yet the “formula” for YA books requires hope and solution and recovery within the span of (typically) a high school year or so. I’ve related to much in YA books, but almost never has the ending chapter(s) rung true.

(The Depths by Jonathan Rottenberg page 154)

What do you think of the Count of Monte Cristo?

“I think he is a charming man, a wonderful host, someone who has seen a lot, studied a lot, thought a lot, who belongs, like Brutus, to the Stoic school, and -” he added, allowing a voluptuous puff of smoke to escape from his lips and spiral up towards the ceiling, “someone who, in addition to all that, has the most excellent cigars.”

“But, have you noticed something unusual?”

“What’s that?”

How closely he looks at you.