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RECYCLED LOVE. A journey across India turns into death and danger, when a man escaping his past runs afoul of murderers, drug traffickers, an amorous Indian detective,... by available at RT

Stephanie never wanted to return to Willow Springs, but love might be enough to make her stay. Love Calls You Home by is available at 

A masterfully told, gripping tale of family, friendship, love, loss and ultimately, home. Utterly captivating! Clover Blue by is available at

Read about Viking England's greatest Earl, a story of a balance between 3 cultures and a great man's efforts to please 4 kings and champion his people. by get it now

Malicious pranks or a deadly obsession? Everyone knew the significance of the noose left hanging in the tree outside James Palmer's home. by get it now

The origins of the human race revealed. Something malevolent lurking out beyond the solar system. An epic adventure like no other! by available at

Djinn. Genie. No matter what you call them, they exist in the shadows, awaiting 2 words, "I wish." Liberian + Arabian lore become reality as 16-year-old Bijou moves to... get it now pls RT

To those who study plants, the Chamala represents the Holy Grail. Famous botanist, Doctor Liberty Belle Corcoran, may have the inside track in the search for the... by get it now

She should come with a label cautioning men of the danger of prolonged exposure to her. Trouble is, they’d all ignore it. She’s that irresistible. As addictive as a... by get it now

"My sort of life, it’s not easy. You see some sights. Dear me, you see some sights. The things I’ve seen ..." DOGGEM - A tale of toy dogs and dark deeds. by get it now

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