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Fill your nights with delicious dreams. Nook KOBO

I find myself reading 3 books at once (unusual for me) ~ “The Shell Collector,” “The Matterhorn,” & this afternoon “The Institute” has captured my imagination.

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The redhead lay soaking in a claw-footed tub at Mrs. Grogan’s boarding house on Nichols Avenue in the District of Columbia. Her skin was flushed from the steamy water, but she was sure she’d never feel warm again.

Amok by Sebastian Fitzek 🎧 Hostages are taken at a radio station; the demands are broadcast live. Lots of of twists and turns in this exciting and drama filled thriller.

It's perfectly acceptable to achieve a reading goal of 52 books in a year in a (very amazing) six weeks, right?

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Mechanic with benefits


By Mickey Miller

Rate: 3/5


A city girl and a broken down car.

A one-night stand with a sexy mechanic.

True love?


How to find a wedding date at the last second:

1) Overheat your car on your cross country road trip

2) Make sure it’s storming

3) Have a one night stand with the sexiest mechanic you’ve ever seen

Liam is the perfect rebound to bring to my sister’s wedding.

And with my car still on the fritz, it can’t hurt to have a sexy mechanic along for the ride, right?

I’m not looking for anything serious. Not after my last horrible breakup.

Besides, Liam is such a cocky jerk. I can barely stand listening to him. Although I love looking at his handsome face and ripped, gorgeous body.

The man works well with his hands, and he’s great at running his mouth, too.

I can’t trust this arrogant mechanic. But maybe I’ll let him have another ride.


I’m an asshole and I know it.

And you know what? I don’t give a sh*t.

But one look at Haley turns me into a steel rod.

She wants me along for the ride. Luckily, I’m always up for an adventure.

I’ll say whatever she wants to her family if it means I get another night tasting that sweet honey nectar of hers.

There’s just one problem. Our fake relationship is starting to feel all too real.

I want to bring Haley back to Blackwell with me.

Now I just have to convince her…


Well… it was quite the romance, if trading sexual favors for a wedding date can be considered romantic. Haley is having a shit week and it just got worst when her car breaks down. So she meets the sexy but mean mechanic Liam and they fall immediately in lust. And have a very sex filled romance, where he will pretend to be her boyfriend. BUT she needs to agree to have sex with him whenever and wherever he wants. For example: at the church where her sister is getting married. Yup, they did it. So they both come to the agreement and off they go. The big twist? Haley is Liam’s ex girlfriend’s sister (dun dun DUN! And yes Liam figured this out before the church sex) Who just so happened to cheat on Liam, breaking his heart, and causing him to spiral out of control and THEN being discharged from his military career. But unlike the other books with this plot line the sister is a bitch and waits for her sister catch feelings before revealing all of this. Making it seem like he did it for revenge (which is why it has a 3 rating) and being the conflict of the story. All in all it is a low romance, high sex but could be worst.


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