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by Kathleen Harryman was intense, intriguing, well paced and an absolute pleasure to read

– a captivating by John Rose Putnam ❈THE MISPLACED MOB❈ A young girl dead of a botched abortion Shots fired into the Sheriff’s patrol car A case not only dangerous, it’s personal FREE on Kindle Unlimited

"a love poem from a daughter to a mother..." Forged in Fire: Stories of Wartime Japan

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Beneath The Surface (Oak Creek Book 2)  by B.K. STUBBLEFIELD

“He clutched his head in his hands. His shoulders shook, but no sound came. Minutes stretched, interrupted only by the pop of burning wood.”

Ryan Collins had it all – financial freedom, an exciting career, and attractive women. A favorite photographer in the glamorous world of fashion, his lifestyle is the envy of many. Only a few know of the demons that haunt him.

When Ryan and Emily discover Oak Creek’s dirty secret, they become witnesses to a drug crime. With Ryan’s plans for a career change temporarily on hold, the physical and emotional attraction to Emily grows strong. But a twisted truth taught so many years ago spirals to the surface and strangles his heart. A romantic relationship just isn’t meant to be.

While assisting a friend with a documentary in the African wild, Ryan is forced to confront his terrors. As the battle within rages will he be able to permanently silence the voices this time? Will he find a way back to Emily, and the happiness he so desperately craves? Or is it too late?

She knew nothing of this world. Only the magic in her hands. Yet there was life all around her, growing in bloom. She nested in her dreams and found peace. They took it. She wove her future bright with promise. They took it. Now she has nothing but knows everything of this world. 

Check out the inspiration for this short poem in my novel Witch and the Fool, now at Wynter's Kiss ( A Paranormal Romance) eBook: Darlene Kuncytes, Linda Boulanger, Lex Hupert: Kindle Store
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STICKS by Robert Osborn (Author), Monica Osborn (Author)

In a rural section of Southern Indiana, locals often noted the vibrant green color of the forest. Some said it remained so much of the year. Even well into the cold months of the fall.

Those foolish enough to venture within would relate how misfortune or injury seemed to find them, and there was the man who often met them and warned them away. There was a certain mystery to the forest. It had always been that way for as long as anyone could remember.

A logging company was nearing the forests western border. Until now, the company they worked for managed to secure any tract of forest land they wanted.

As they worked ever closer, the forest and those within it were becoming more aware of them. The old master of the forest recently died, and a new man was now in charge. This man was a former Green Beret Special Forces Officer. He accepted the position there just as those before him. His job? Protect the forest and those within at all costs. He wouldn’t hesitate to do so.


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