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RECYCLED LOVE. A journey across India turns into death and danger, when a man escaping his past runs afoul of murderers, drug traffickers, an amorous Indian detective,... by available at RT

A complete sell out of 'The Religion of Self-Enlightenment' at my book signing in Eastbourne Waterstones today! Another book signing will take place on Saturday 17th August. Hurray!

A-May-ZING!! Jam-packed full of information. "I can hate marketing and advertising a little bit less because of a new book specifically designed to help authors market themselves."Andi Lawrencovana Buy your copy today

Reaper's Blood. All families have a skeleton in the cupboard. In Amelia's family, that mystery is her Grandpa, the Grim Reaper. Amelia needs to discover, control, and master her powers, which may be even greater than her Grandpa’s.

RT : 💕Only Twelve Days 💕 Delightful romance set in the 1970's Two lonely people meet and fall in love. But will their path to happiness be easy...

RT : Agnes Lockwood Mysteries Book 1 Cozy Murder Mystery Set on Tyneside Dr Nichols, the pathologist, and his assistant loaded the body into the van.

RT : Divorcees. Biz A novel of fun & romance 4 friends suddenly decide to open a new dating agency for divorcees... but how will it work out.

RT : Agnes Lockwood Mysteries 🔍 Cozy Murder Mysteries Set On Tyneside Theft Murder and Mayhem, but Agnes is more than ready to help the police with their investigations...

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*Mentally dating Will Herondale and Cal Calore* Wynter's Kiss ( A Paranormal Romance) eBook: Darlene Kuncytes, Linda Boulanger, Lex Hupert: Kindle Store
Wynter's Kiss ( A Paranormal Romance) - Kindle edition by Darlene Kuncytes, Linda Boulanger, Lex Hupert. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Wynter's Kiss ( A Paranormal Romance).

STICKS by Robert Osborn (Author), Monica Osborn (Author)

In a rural section of Southern Indiana, locals often noted the vibrant green color of the forest. Some said it remained so much of the year. Even well into the cold months of the fall.

Those foolish enough to venture within would relate how misfortune or injury seemed to find them, and there was the man who often met them and warned them away. There was a certain mystery to the forest. It had always been that way for as long as anyone could remember.

A logging company was nearing the forests western border. Until now, the company they worked for managed to secure any tract of forest land they wanted.

As they worked ever closer, the forest and those within it were becoming more aware of them. The old master of the forest recently died, and a new man was now in charge. This man was a former Green Beret Special Forces Officer. He accepted the position there just as those before him. His job? Protect the forest and those within at all costs. He wouldn’t hesitate to do so.


A Letter for Alice by Gary Bills…a new novel that gets to the imagined heart of Wonderland…and what dark secrets are there? #bookboost #bookchat #charlesdogdson #coffeeandbooks #fictionbookcafe #womansfiction #read #readersofinstagram #writers_around #writersofinstagram #animation #film #bookstagrammers #amreading #booklovers #bookshelves #bookshelfie #bookblogger #gothic #goodreads #poetsofinstagram

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