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This looks interesting: ANGEL OF DARKNESS Box Set by - "Fast paced thriller with suspense packed onto every page. Loved it." (5★ Amazon Review) (via )

Excited to present my brand new to the world! 'Days of Miracle and Wonder' tells the story behind 25 of the most incredible sporting victories. Available now on :

MONA LISA For all these years, how did we get it SO wrong? Careful examination of the painting reveals an atrocity we never remotely imagined. Read the that reveals what they hid from us all - click here:  

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There is no mistaking a real when one meets it. It is like falling in love. -Christopher Morley

Read Free on Love Is The Voice Of Heaven: Forever and Always we Live *** Top 5 Book *** by David Neil Irvin 44 pieces of inspiration & subjects covered: loss of a loved one, Angels, God and spirit

Pacorus is leading Dura’s army once more to war, in a conflict that will see him win his greatest victory, while suffering painful personal loss. Lord of War by Peter Darman "Novel based on Historical fact, a real page turner"