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So good I had to share! Check out all the items I'm loving on from :

Жаркими ночами не нужно много одежды, но та, что есть должна быть сногсшибательной🔥❤❤ - 📷:

. Chris Wallace looks dreary and disappointed No further indictments are recommended by the . , Chris...

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You did not get a Thank You Card from a DEAD MAN as says Pathological Narcissism You are upset you did not get Nobel Prize You claim you said Tim Apple (Cook) You are upset when reporters discover your mendacity = Mendacious Are Governing Americ

Just spent hours choosing outfits for my Honeymoon and went to checkout and gone! ‘No basket id’. Was ready to spend £££ on my dream honeymoon wardrobe and now most of my order is sold out! So frustrating! 😩🤬

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"Женщина" - как много в этом слове! Поэтому мы носим его с гордостью🖤🌸 - 📸:

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Big fan of leopard print these days


Maybe not everyone is as lazy as I am (or as broke) but I literally love Co Ords! An outfit already, ready for you and you don’t even have to worry about colour matching or anything! Boohoo is definitely one of my favourite places to shop.

10: Woven Lace Top & Contrast Midi Skirt Co Ord.

I’m obsessed with this one! Reminds me of something of a princess would wear. (You know the Disney ones) and I’m literally a sucker for anything with a crop top 😍 The skirt comes in 3 different colours & retails for £22.50 (on sale)

9: Tie Detail Wide Leg Trouser & Bralet Co-Ord.

Coming in at number 9 is this beauty 😍 Now I’m not a great lover of pink on myself even though I do love the actual colour. I think for this I could make an acception though 😍. It comes in 3 different colours & retails for £21.00 (on sale)

8: Satin Bow Crop Top & Midi Skirt Co-Ord.

I love this one simply because it gets me excited for summer 😂 Which is really weird because I’m all about winter 🤔. This comes in 2 colours & retails for £15.00 (on sale)

7: Ribbed Tie Drawstring & Legging Co-Ord.

Another one I’m obsessed with. I love a good co-ord just for lazy days & of course it’s paired with a crop 😍 This comes in 2 different colours & retails for £18.75 (on sale)

6: Woven Gingham Twist Top & Skirt Co-Ord.

Is it weird I like the “picnic blanket” design as my boyfriend likes to call it? Another brilliant pick by boohoo 😍 This comes in 3 colours & retails for £18.75 (on sale)

5: Bandeau Pinstripe Trouser Co-Ord Set.

Anything pinstripe & it straight away goes into my wish list! There’s something so sophisticated about it 😍 This comes in 3 different colours & retails for £16.50 (on sale)

4: Tie Waist Culotte Co-Ord Set.

This little beauty comes in 7 COLOURS 😱 I think I love the simplicity of it + I need more bright colours in my life. My current wardrobe consists of Black & White 🤔 This co-ord retails at £13.50 (on sale)

3: 3 Piece Crop Culotte & Duster Co-Ord set.

I mainly love this because you get 3 pieces with it 😂 the best thing about this co-ord is you can literally wear it as a causal outfit or on a night out! This beauty comes in 3 different colours & retails for £21.00 (on sale)

2: Boxy Crop and Midi Skirt Co-Ord.

Another favourite of mine! I love the crop & midi skirt combo. The best thing about co-ords is you can mix & match them. The skirt comes in 3 different colours & it retails for £13.50 (on sale)

1: Cherub Print Mesh High Neck Top & Mini Skirt Co-ord.

Number one is the beautiful mesh design 😍 Personally I’m not one for mesh but there’s something about this co-ord that makes me want to buy it 😍 This top spotter comes in 2 different colours & retails for £15.00 (on sale)

“Kara, please tell me you didn’t.”

Blue eyes crinkled in a wince, “Uhm– I didn’t?”

“We don’t have enough space!”

“But Lena–”

“Darling, you know I’d agree if the circumstances were different–”

“Look at this! How can you resist this!” Kara squished the puppy’s face against her cheeks, both adopting a pout and disarming Lena slowly but surely.

Lena flinched, trying hard to not look at the two puppies (yes, that included her wife) giving her the honest to God puppy dog eyes. She knows she’ll cave. She knows she won’t be able to resist. But she has to! She needs to! Because–

“That’s the fifth puppy this week, Kara!”

Kara straightened from where she was crouching on the floor, the puppy still in her arms, and slowly stalked towards Lena– equal parts pouting and trying to be goddamn seductive. “But look at him! He doesn’t have anywhere to go and he’s going to be a good boy– aren’t you? Mm-hmm, you’re gonna be a good boy!” She adopted an exaggerated baby voice at the last sentence, addressing the puppy and wiggling it slightly to elicit excitement, which earned her a sloppy lick to her cheek.

Lena, grip on her resolve slackening a bit, adopted a stern face and gestured around the rest of their apartment– the old greyhound lounging lazily at the doormat near the door, the little and slightly malnourished Husky nosing a play ball, the Labrador with a missing front leg licking her bowl of water clean, and the one-eyed chihuahua sleeping somewhere in Lena’s bed– she’s come to love these pets Kara has taken to bringing home ever since the Animal Shelter downtown was revealed to be caught in animal abuse and illegal dog fight trade, the investigation still ongoing and Supergirl has taken it upon herself to find these lovely animals a home. “We seriously can’t afford another pup! Darling, you know I would wholeheartedly adopt him but Libby needs a lot of attention and we can’t give her that if we’re swamped by four other pups. Three others are already a handful.” Lena reasoned while crossing her arms against her chest, mentioning the old greyhound that came with a lot of health complications after her rescue.

Kara’s eyes turned disappointed. She sneaked a glance at the old greyhound before sighing and cradling the golden retriever in her arms securely, “I get it. I’ll try to find him another home. Maybe Alex would like to adopt.” She looked at the pup in question dejectedly, silently cooing and reassuring the hazel eyes staring back at her.

Lena bit her lip and watched the interaction silently– already feeling her resolve and sternness slipping gradually. She turned the decision over in her head, glancing at Libby who was softly snoring in her nap (Lena still can’t quite believe a dog can snore that loud) before looking back at Kara and the pup in her arms.

She let her arm fall to her sides then sighed, “Fine. He can stay the night.”

Kara’s blue eyes widened in delight, squealing happily. She put the pup down on the white couch– which made Lena cringe at the amount of dog fur that couch will have– and bounded over to Lena to cup her face and press kisses all over her face while muttering, “Thank you, thank you, thank you, I love you, thank you, thank you–” between kisses.

When Kara was done with her tirade, Lena pulled back slightly, green eyes narrowed, “Just for the night, Kara. I mean it.”

Kara only smiled endearingly, humming softly and pushing back Lena’s dark hair behind her ear affectionately. “Mm-hmm, sure babe.” Before placing one last firm kiss against her lips and scooping the pup where it perches on the couch’s back rest, watching the couple with its tongue hanging out happily, and mumbling happy exclamations of the pup’s approved stay.

Lena groaned, lolling her head to look the old greyhound in the eyes who only blinked back at her.

The unspoken knowledge of it not being just for the night laid heavy against the stare and Lena bit back another groan.

She really ought to learn how to say no to Kara.


Winter looks ❄️ Just a few of my fave looks I’ve rocked recently 🧚🏾‍♀️ Make sure you click “youtube” in my highlights for outfit deets or to watch the full vid ! - Which look did you like most? .
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It’s supposed to be getting warm around this time of year right? I’d like to think so, however you know the UK is cold the majority of the year, so having a few staple coats, jackets and hoodies could never go wrong.
Watch the full video of my @boohoo x @primark try on haul on my channel! 👉🏽

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Shamima Begum flees Syrian refugee camp after receiving 'death threats', lawyer says
Shamima Begum and her newborn baby are said to have fled a Syrian refugee camp after they were "threatened", her family's lawyer has said.

The teenager and her infant son were moved from the Al-Hol camp in the north of the country due to “safety concerns around her and her baby”, Tasnime Akunjee said.

Ms Begum, who fled from Bethnal Green in east London to join Islamic State as a 15-year-old, recently said she regretted speaking to the media.

The 19-year-old, who gave birth days after her a journalist tracked her down to a refugee camp in northeastern Syria, said she wished she had kept a low profile.

The Sun reported that Ms Begum had received death threats since speaking out about her plight of being stripped of her British citizenship, blocking her return to the UK.

The mother and her baby are said to have since been moved to another camp nearer to the Iraqi border.

Mr Akunjee told the paper: “I can confirm that it is our understanding that Shamima has been moved from Al-Hol due to safety concerns around her and her baby.

"We further understand that indeed she and her child had been threatened by others at the Al-Hol camp.”

The development comes after British officials ruled out any effort inside Syria to extract Ms Begum and her child.

Home Secretary Sajid Javid stripped her of her British citizenship in an effort to stop her returning.

Ms Begum’s family have pleaded for the mother and her child to be allowed to come back to Britain.

They say the teenager should face justice if she is found to have broken the law by travelling to Syria.

I was sexually touched by an older girl who was in the 6th grade when I was in kindergarten in front of teachers & other students who laughed about it when all this was going down when I think back on it ; this was at a private catholic school too but in the US. Shit is trash