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Women's White Sweater Top Boho Style Crocheted Scalloped Neckline & Short Sleeve | eBay

Queen Anne's Lace, real dried flower, boho style, terrarium necklace, pressed flower glass, natural necklace, forest necklace, teardrop

Raccoon Fur Pompom Hat $ 15.21 and FREE Shipping Tag a friend who would love this! FOLLOW chicglamnfun Active link in BIO Raccoon Fur Pompom Hat

Hydrangea, fern, real flower necklace, terrarium jewelry, purple flower, boho style, romantic jewelry, memory pendant, keepsake jewelry

Shell Multi-layer - Bohemian Necklace ➑️ @ $5.4only Free Shipping Worldwide πŸ”₯ Get yours ➑️ Thanks to our lovely shoppers for the pics ❀️

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Summer vibes, sweet prints, and a chic color scheme. You're just a few clicks away from all 3 of these journals🀘✌

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I’m still not very sure what this blog is. Because of Tumblrs new policies I am unable to show the things in my past blogs. I was formally know as Boho Style me, and a few other things.

You know this is actually very nice looking Bug. Its got character. Thats kinda what being bohemian is, giving something character.

Clear Quartz Lemurian Crystal Point Silver Plated Necklace with Silver Chain

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Chakra Lava Bead Bracelet - Unisex Bracelet - Gemstone Bracelet
This 6mm stretch bracelet features Lava Beads and 7 different genuine gemstone beads that are known to help balance out each of the 7 chakras; the 7 energy centers throughout our body. Each energy center is associated with a specific color and gemstone, which is believed to help create a balance

Perfect Chakra Balancing Bracelet For All!
Tree of Life Earrings - Drop Earrings
These simple earrings feature a circular Tree of Life, on stainless steel ear wire. Lightweight, these boho style earrings are comfortable and perfect for all day wear for even the most sensitive ear. Day or night, these earrings look great with everything.

Tree of Life Drop Earrings

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Natural Purple Brazilian Amethyst Crystal Cluster, 2 ounces / 57 grams Mineral Specimen

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Witch Ball, Clear Aqua Blue, Green and Purple Hand Blown Glass, Folk Magic Protection, Large Glass Ornament, Sun Catcher

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