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3 (Meeting family) and 7 (moving in) with Joe pls😍

So I decided to… take this a different direction than probably intended. Hope you still enjoy!!!

3 (meeting family)

  • You were nervous to say the least. You and Joe had been dating for about 6 months.
  • He knew you had been married before, and that the marriage had ended badly, your ex walking away with no support.
  • But you had been on your own for nearly two years. You made it, working extra jobs here and there, keeping your three children safe and a roof over their heads.
  • You had all boys, the oldest 7 and your little man. He was the man of the house, taking care of his 5 and 3 year old brothers as much as he could.
  • Joe was excited to meet them, he loved kids, but you had been hurt before and so had the boys, so you waited, and he understood.
  • There were times you had to leave dates or cancel because of the boys and Joe had offered to help, but it was always a hard no. You couldnt let these little children be hurt again.
  • So when Joe asked about a date you suggested a movie night at home, with the boys.
  • Joe had been shocked to say the least, but had agreed immediately. He had instructed you to have the boys pick the movie, he would handle everything else.

Joe parked his car and took a deep breath. He had come prepared with snacks, pizza and soda. He knew you went too big of a stickler on sweets if it was the weekend, so he had also brought ice cream. But he was also prepared mentally, he knew the boys were the focus in your life, and if they didnt like him, he was out.

With a sigh Joe got out of the car and gathered the items he had brought, before making his way to the door. He had only been to your home twice, just to drop you off, never making it past the front door. He knocked and waited, it took a few minutes for you to open the door.

“Joe!” You grinned, before looking at everything in his hands. “You know you didnt have to do all this, right? I could have gotten most of it.”

“Yeah, I know, but I wanted to.” He smiled back with a shrug before following inside and to the kitchen. The house was quiet, surprising him, as three boys would normally be loud.

“You can put everything on the counter, let me go get the boys.” You moved to backdoor and yelled, now Joe could hear the three children. The boys came running inside, the littlest you took up into your arms, the two older stopping to look at Joe. “Guys, this is Joe, my… boyfriend. Joe this is Kevin, John, and Taven.” You went from oldest to youngest, tapping the boys on the head.

“Hi guys.” Joe smiled, feeling awkward.

“Did you bring cheese pizza?” John asked as his stomach grumbled, the ice was quickly broken by everyone laughing. The night went better than expected. Taven falling asleep in Joe’s lap as you leaned against his side.

7 (moving in)

  • After joe meets the boys things move quickly.
  • Taven, John and Kevin all call him dad. Which makes Joe smile every single time. He also couches Kevin’s baseball team.
  • Joe is more likely to be found on a school night helping the two older boys with their homework than anywhere else.
  • Joe asks you to move in after 3 months of knowing the boys.
  • You say no
  • You explain that you dont want the boys to get their hopes up only for them to be crushed if the two of you dont work out. Right now with him not living under the same roof he is more just a friend to them, than a permit person.
  • It hurts for Joe to hear, but he understands.
  • After another two months he take the boys fishing so you can have a day alone. And he asks them what they think of him becoming permit in their lives.
  • John doesnt understand, as he thought Joe was always going to be in their lives now.
  • Kevin, the little man he is, is the one who tells Joe he should marry you.
  • “And maybe you can adopt us, so you can be our real dad, since ours is mean and isnt coming back.”
  • “Daddy! Daddy!” Taven would giggle and as he tired to hold a worm. Joe would smile, his cheeks aching, at the thought of really being a family.
  • With the boys help he would ask you to marry him, promising to you and your children to never leave you.

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Ok so I think chlorine and Clancy’s new letter are connected

Clancy’s letter: I’m better off within these confines.

Chlorine: I plan my escape from walls they confined.

This might be that Clancy doesn’t yet feel comfortable leaving dema yet and that tyler is at the point where he is ready to leave dema.

If you then listen to bandito the lyrics “This is the sound we make, When in between two places, Where we used to bleed, And where our blood needs to be”. It might also be connected, with tyler being able to finally leave dema but still being stuck between that point of getting better but still being in that place and being split between the two.
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Joe or gwilym stuff please? with like a friends to lovers situation going on?

You’re my best Friend

Originally posted by joe-mazzello

Joe Mazzello x reader

Joe is just an actor looking for some decent entertainment, y/n is just a low income stand up comedian, a match made in heaven one would say. But their just friends. Best friends.


Joe took a sip of his beer and made small talk with someone on the table across from him while the stage was being set up. The bar was quite nice compared to some of the others he’d been to while he was in England, and this one had entertainment. His friend had told him that there was a comedian who often performed there and she was supposed to be hilarious. Joe liked comedy, I mean, who doesn’t, so this was bound to be a good night.

The lights then dimmed, and the chatter in the room began to die down.

“Hiya Everyone!” Said a bright voice as a girl skipped onto the stage. She looked cherry and was grinning. She twirled around and a few men at the bar, Joe presumed regular punters, whistled and cheered.

“Yes yes I know I know! Back by unpopular demand…me!” She exclaimed and everyone chuckled. She was rather pretty, Joe thought, and she had so much energy, she was like a little ball of energy.

“Thank you thank you! I perform here quite a lot to be fare, and everytime I perform people always come up to me at the end and say ‘you were good, I hope your better next time’, and I mean that’s nice and all but you could not use that in any other situation, you wouldn’t go on a date with some one and say ‘hey my ex was really kinky! I hope your better!’” She rambled on and everyone roared with laughter, Joes laugh being one of the loudest. As the girl smiled, proud of herself, her eyes crinkled, and Joe thought it was the most adorable thing in the world. He could of sworn he could feel his heart skip a beat.

And the Jokes only got better from there. Her performance was extraordinary, and her story’s were outrageous, she was just amazing. At the end of the night she bowed and received a standing ovation, and Joe thought that it was well deserved.

As she walked off stage Joe knew he had to speak to her, so he fought threw the crowd of people trying to leave and made his way back stage. He couldn’t see anyone at all.


Joe nearly fell over in shock he was so startled. The girl was standing there laughing uncontrollably. She was gorgeous.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t resist! You were in the audience weren’t you?” she said through giggled. Joe blushed as he tried to get himself together. Then he nodded.

“I was looking for you, I just wanted to say you were great out there, absolutely amazing!” Joe said and the girl smiled happily.

“Aww, thank you so much, and is that an American accent I hear?” she asked curiously. Was she flirting with him.

“Yeah I’m over here filming a movie” he replied and she grinned.

“Ooooh, I’m in the presence of a movie star” she joked touching his shoulder. She was definitely flirting with him.

“Maybe we could discuss your movie over a drink”


Nothing happened that night. Well, nothing like you’d think. Joe and the girl had a lot in common. They were both very outgoing, funny people, and they became instant best friends, which sounded odd to say as they were both in their thirty’s, but it was the truth. They shared the same interests, they liked the same food, and they were both goof balls. And they were both hopelessly in love with eachother.

They were sat in the girls living room playing mario cart, and she was winning.

“This isn’t fair!!!” He yelped as she knocked into him, racing across the finish line. She screamed in excitement and did a hilarious victory dance.

“That’s the fifth time I’ve won Mazzello! What ya gonna do about it!!” She mocked getting up into his face. He waited a second and was deadly silent. All that was audible was the sound of them breathing. Joe grabbed the girl and threw her over his shoulder while she squealed, punching him in the back.

“Put me down you overgrown breadstick” she shouted and Joe snorted with laughter.

“Overgrown breadstick? That’s a new one”

She sighed as she hung upside down, the blood rushing to her head.

“Joseph, my darling, I’m a comedian, it’s my job to be absolutely amazing”

No one spoke. That was until Joe tipped her onto the sofa and then threw himself on top, trapping her. She groaned dramatically, and pretended to suffocate.

“Jesus Christ what do you eat?!?! I’m so making a rountine over this!” She threatened and Joe chuckled.

“And how will said routine go?” He asked jokingly, still not letting her break free.

“‘So my best friend Joe…” she began and he tried not to show the upset look on his face. There was that phrase, best friend. He shouldn’t be sad, he knew that was all he’d ever be, her best friend.

“Is a real prick sometimes..” she finished and he glared at her, she then retorted by sticking her tounge out.

“My best friend Joe…”, once again, best friend, he was nothing more, he was nothing less…he was leaning slightly closer to her face, an inch more by the second. She didn’t seem to acknowledge it.

“is so bloody annoying” she says smirking and he leaned in even closer, their noses brushing against eachothers.

“My best friend Joe-“

He pressed his lips onto hers roughly and suddenly, taking her quite by surprise. She didn’t kiss back at first, but then she did, and it was better than Joe had ever dreamed. Then he pulled away, realising he needed to breathe.

“Is really shit at mario cart” she finished, rather breathlessly.


Joe sat on his bar stool, taking a sip of his drink. His eyes wandered around the room, as they often did when he was bored, he was just waiting for the lights to dim, just like they did the first night they met.

And sure enough they did.

“Hello, ladies, gentlemen, fellow humans!! Thank you for having me!” Boomed a familiar voice, a voice that made Joe smile with delight.

“So my boyfriend Joe, is a real prick sometimes”

She said boyfriend.

“My boyfriend Joe, is so annoying”

She said boyfriend.

“My boyfriend Joe, is absolutely shit at mario cart”

This earned a laugh from the audience, and as much as Joe disagreed with the last statement, she still said boyfriend.