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Shades Of Green Earring White And Green Stone by gendhis4jewelry via etsy

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🎨 I would be so tempted to start colouring in 😀

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Rough coral silver 925 leverback earrings RAW in white, red, pink or green coral earrings 925 gift dangle bohemian beachie hippie artisan
Rough coral silver 925 leverback earrings. RAW white, red, pink or green coral earrings of 925 silver. Silver leverback gift dangle bohemian beachie hippie earrings These bright and eclectic earrings are all made from RAW natural elements. I used rough white coral pieces and made them with silver

Leverbackearrings in silver with coral
Wedding dress Romantic Wedding Dress elegant wedding gown Gatsby vintage inspired wedding dress. Sample sale!

For just $375.00
Ivory silk satin wedding gown. This vintage inspired wedding dress are crafted from premium fabrics silk satin. This is a sample sized as follows below. Normally $750, this dress is on sale for $375, worn once for a photo shoot. If you need additional measurements, please convo us as sale items are non-refundable. This dress is sized as follows and is for sale: Length: “ to front tier. Waist: 24” Hip: 35" Bust: 33" Shoulder: 15" No Need dry clean Please feel free to convo me with any questions. We will ship the item by EMS Post Russia, standard shipping usually last 12 -18 days. If desired, you can upgrades shipping in the cart to express shipping with Fedex last only 3-4 working days. Contact number is required for delivery. Free shipping is also available,in this case the delivery time is not regulated by post, usually one month. Please, contact for this option. International buyers are solely responsible for any incurred customs charges. Please note: As your dress will be made especially for you and your specific sizing and height we cannot offer returns.

21 Ways To Experience Joie 🐝

🎹In our usual experience of life we are often numbed by the mundane, cyclical, repetitive, numbing and uninspiring chores that we must complete and check off, of the seemingly inextinguishable lists, as tedious and dull as they maybe. It is unnecessary to enumerate the least favorite or even the most pressing amongst them, whether it is household chores, billable hours or family obligations, but, perhaps because of these unrelentingly obstacles to pleasure we encounter, during the ceaseless unraveling of the hours, we must discover the revelatory, moving and transformative experiences, that catapult us to higher levels of consciousness, to deeper realms of reality and to the furthest boundaries of dreams. Let us all become curators of small moments of joie le vivre. So here are 21 ideas for experiencing joy in between the moon rises and the sun falls.

1) One can feel ecstasy by the barest cast of avocado pit pink dawn light on new nasturtium leaves.

2) One might feel titillated by the musky, tobacco and vanilla whiff of a passing individual.

3) They might be lulled by the second cup of French vanilla coffee with a homemade peanut butter and raspberry jam cookie.

4) They might be bemused by a gift of Japanese rice cakes from their father.

5) They could be entranced by small bites of the vanilla crème caramel made by their mother.

6) They could perform a Thursday evening love spell with ostrich feather, palo santo smoke, tealight candles, rose quartz, seashells and a copper goblet of water.

7) They could devise secret initiation rites of a newly formed society of writers, artists and thinkers.

8) They could bring in cuttings of a few Indian pink oleanders growing near their law firm.

9) They could take a waning gibbous moon bath in a late October desert windstorm as it orchestrates the wind-chimes, to perform frothy music as well as extinguishes the tealight candle flame.

10) They can commence a study of irrationality present in nature.

11) They can prove that despite the biological hindrances, one may actually fall in love with the person they are with.

12) They could be guiltless in indulging in a decadent activity everyday, such as sleeping more, creating jasmine, sandalwood and rose aromatherapy velvet ribbons or lighting a few extra candles.

13) They could switch up creative activities on a whim, such as designing a macrame hanging with feathers, ribbons, jute twine, cheesecloth and driftwood, baking peanut butter and raspberry jam cookies, or playing the piano.

14) They could allocate hours to discovering the psychological aspect of color and light. Such as, why the desert nights, rich with the dissolved sunlight of the day and washed in the subtle light of the moon and stars, can be an incomparable and entrancing palliative.

15) They could learn to make silhouette art of their children, for ephemeral memories of time and place, as well as to discover answers from the silhouettes of material objects, especially of the truths that are concealed from the light.

14) They can develop a more nuanced idea of how lifestyle choices may impact the experience of reality. Such as how minimalism can create a lust for ideas rather than objects, or, of how minimalism may sometimes lose to the gravitational forces exerted by certain objects in your life, or, of how living mindfully with nature can provide meaningful insights into grace, resilience and dignity.

15) One could take a break from their travails to bury their nose in a fully rendered stalk of tuberose in their petite balcony garden.

16) They can shape the future by creating it, with plans, goals, lists, objectives, patents, screenplays and blue prints.

17)They can prime themselves to use breath as a powerful, intense and eviscerating tool to ground them unequivocally in the present.

18)They can practice visualization, lucid dreaming and imagery to enhance their awakened states.

19) They can become proficient letter writers, nurturing a wide range of correspondents.

20) They could discover, from their mother, that just as Isadora Duncan, proclaimed, their grandfather also believed in never looking back, “Peche Takiyo Na” in Bengali.

21)They could attempt to bring happiness, comfort or healing to others, to remind people of the inescapable suffering felt by humans around the world, such as the Rohingya refugees, so as to influence them to transform reality and terminate such despair. 🌴