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Bohemian Beauty 🔥 Shop this blouse in store & online .ya.n 🍂

i see a little silhouetto 💖💕💗 🎶gallileo, gallileo, gallileo, figaro, magnificooooo oh-ooooh🎶

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Boho Amethyst and Hematite Bracelet - Gemstone Bracelet
This unique stretch bracelet features 8 mm Genuine Amethyst and Hematite Beads with a bohemian style circular charm. The beads are smooth and soothing on the skin, and are believed to have many calming effects on the wearer (Read more below). Easily worn day or night, dressed up or down, this

Ready for spring? Get some new colorful, fun & bold necklaces! Make a statement - be you!
#statementnecklace #bebold #beyou #igjewelry #handmadeisbetter #jewelryforacause #funkyjewelry #jewelrywithsoul #jewelrywithapurpose #bohemian (at Tugende Design)

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